How To Reduce Blog Loading Time - Increase Blog Loading Speed

 Increase Blog Loading SpeedIncreasing blog loading speed is one major must to do thing in blogging, if your blog load faster then also you have better rankings, better Alexa and better SEO. There are many ways to increase blog loading speed in a very short period of time. But if you use some effective techniques for reducing blog loading time then it will be nice for future of your blog. If your blog takes too much to loading than your blog visitors will close it before reading any article in it. This will boost your blog's bounce rate and also search engine bots will give your blog a down vote. Keep in mind that blog readers and blog crawling bots loves the faster loading blogs. I see on the internet there are many bloggers who have excellent blogging skills but don't have readers. Content is king, if your blog gives your blog readers a faster UI. Here I want to discuss some effective and best tips on reducing blog loading time for better SEO and better UI (users interface). If you want to reduce your blog's loading time or want to load your blog faster than read below tips and guidelines.

How To Check Blog Loading Speed ?

First of all check your blog loading speed. If you think, that your blog take too much time to be fully loaded then implement our strategies. Here I want to give you a best tool to check blog loading time.
  • You will get mobile insights and computer insights of your blog.
  • You can get information about problems with your blog.

Click on above link. Enter your blog URL in the box saying "Enter a webpage URL" and press Enter or click on "ANALYZE" button.

Tips on How To Reduce Blog Loading Time

1. Minify JavaScript and CSS Files - For WP users. Yes using this trick you can make your blog load faster. Just copy all JavaScript from your blog and upload it one .js file. Do same with CSS. Too many .js and CSS file URLs will increase your blog loading time so avoid using many files. Use necessary widgets and plugins.

2. Optimize Images, Re-size Images - Don't use too many images on your blog and in your blog posts. Use color codes avoid using background images. If you want to use some images then optimize all images and resize for faster loading. Tip: If you are on WordPress then use SmushIt plugin.

3. Avoid Popups, Don't use So Many Ads Spaces - If you have popups on your blog then remove it. Don't use subscription and advertisement popups. If you want to earn money with your blog then go ahead and start earning but don't use so many ads spaces. Use 2/3 ads units per page for better loading speed.

4. Show Minimum Number Of Posts On Blog's Homepage - This is must to do step for reducing loading time of your blog. You can easily do it with some clicks. Show 5/7 posts on homepage of your blog. If your blog looks better then you can show 3/4 post on homepage this will surely boost your blog loading time.

5. Use Smart Coding in Blog Theme/Template - We can see on the internet there are many websites and blogs daily. But if we like any webpage's design then we will visit it again and again even we will bookmark it. And the best thing about a webdesign is loading time. If you have a best looking theme/template on your blog and it also load faster then your blog visitors will love it. So while choosing a design for your blog make sure that it coded with great coding skills.

6. Compress CSS and JavaScript coding - If you are using so many JavaScript and CSS coding in your blog and don't know how to minify JavaScript and CSS then compress all coding. Yes! you ca easily compress CSS and JavaScript using online compressing tools. Here I want to give you two compressors for compressing CSS and JavaScript in your blog.
  1. JavaScript Compressor Online Tool
  2. CSS Compressor Online Tool

Final Touches

Hope! you like this article. Keep in mind that if you want to earn faster then you have to give your blog readers a faster readership. Make good content on daily basis and use above tips for increasing loading speed of your blog easily. If you have and questions or suggestions then feel free to leave comments using comment form below.