How Students Can Make Money Online in Pakistan? (quick guide)

Yup! Students in Pakistan can make money online without investment.

Many Pakistani peoples thought that making money online in Pakistan is not an easy task.

Many consider its a scam for Pakistanis.

But we can see many our Pakistani internet users got success in making money online without any cost.

If you are a student and want to earn some money for school or college time and fees then this article will help you.

Without any investment you can earn money in Pakistan.

I know some questions are coming in your mind that:
  • How Pakistani Students can Make Money ?
  • How Students can Make Money without investment ?
  • How other peoples in Pakistan got success in making money online?
Here I have want to share with you some great methods to earn online for free.

Every student can be a money making machine in Pakistan.

Male and female students can do this job easy as ABC.
How can Students Make Money Online in Pakistan ?
Stay calm and read full article.

One of our loyal readers ask me on Facebook "how can i earn money in Pakistan on internet" so read this and get information about earning money in Pakistan on the internet.

1. Earn Money With Google Adsense Via Blogging

This is an easy and classy method for earning a passive income in Pakistan. You can easily make money by doing some work online at home. Yes! you can generate money at home with these two famous and effective methods. Get ready to know how to earn money online in Pakistan for students.

Blogging: There are many platforms available for making a free website or blog. You can choose anyone from doing blogging. But what about earning? If you choose the best platform then you can definitely earn from them. The question is What Platform is Best for Blogging in Pakistan ?. Read below for knowing.

Best Topics to Blog on: Technology, Health, Finance, Social Media and Helping for Free.
  1. Go to Google Blogger and sign in with your Gmail account.
  2. Create a new blog with a great title and URL.
  3. Choose a Template for your blog.
  4. Start posting on your blog. Note: Don't copy anything from other websites. Do this nonstop for 6 months, and focus on making getting good traffic on your blog.

So the above four steps are must to do steps in making money via blogging.

The question is How Students can follow the above steps?

Don't worry just click on links in the above step lines.

Step5: After having a fully arranged blog its time to monetize it. Go to AdSense
Step6: Click on the signup button and fill form professionally with your blog link.
Step7: After seven business days your Adsense will be approved and you can use it on your blog.
Step8: Open Adsense account and create some ad units by clicking on My Ads tab.
Step9: Choose ad styles and scroll down then click on Save and Get Code button, Copy coding.
Step10: Go to Blogger and select your blog > Layout > Add a Gadget select HTML/JavaScript and paste ad unit coding. Save the template.

Don't stop posting new and fresh content.

Keep tracking your earnings in Google AdSense account.

Want more help for AdSense? then join Google AdSense Official Blog.

2. Freelancing a Great alternative to Blogging and Adsense

This is a great alternative to blogging.

Because! many students in Pakistan want to earn easily and quickly and with blogging you can earn money quickly.

You can start earning money from first day of working online.

You just need to have some skills just like Photo Editing and some like that. If you have some skills to provide online then Freelancing is best online job for you.

Freelancing: The best online job ever.

All students in Pakistan can join freelancing websites to work from home.

You just have to do some work on the demand of buyer.

Join some freelancing websites such as,, and Here we want to talk about
Step1: Go to and signup using your Email account.
Step2: Write about you on Profile area.
Step3: Create a gig for buyers. Create gig about what you can do professionally and easily.
Step4: Upload a video and write frequently about your Fiverr gig, and Publish it.
Step5: Share your gig on social media profiles, in Facebook groups, on Google+ etc.
Step6: Soon you will got some orders do your work and get money in your Fiverr account.
Step7: You can payout your earning with PayPal if you don't have a PayPal account then apply for a free Payoneer Master debit card

After that verify your PayPal account with Payoneer debit-card.

What Things You Need To Do This ?

  1. A computer or laptop with a Internet connection.
  2. Knowledge of English language. (for writing and reading).
  3. Time for work. (3 to 4 hours a day).

Final Touches and Thoughts

That's all on How can Students Make Money Online in Pakistan ?

If you are a student and does not satisfied with this article then please don't angry with me.

Just leave a comment I will give you some ideas for free.

We are Pakistanis and our aim is to help other peoples in hole world for free using our hearts.