5 SEO Signals To Avoid - That Doesn't Matter Anymore

5 SEO Signals That Doesn't Matter AnymoreHey folks! I'm here with a news "5 SEO Signals That Don't Matter Anymore". After Google's regular algorithms many SEO signals are disturbed. Many don't work anymore. With the help of SEO signals we can easily get higher page rank of an website but the headache is what SEO signals are working fine and effectively ?. Before finding working methods (SEO signals) we have to find UN-natural and useless SEO signals therefore I wrote this article. Many newbies at blogging and also many professional bloggers are doing SMO (Social Media Optimization). SMO at starting point had many benefits for bloggers bot no more now. We have to work hard for effective SEO of our blog/site read more below.

5 SEO Signals That Doesn't Matter Anymore

  1. AdWords Spending:
    In SEO war there are many SEO consultants tell you that spending in AdWords can boost your site's SEO score. But believe me "Spending in AdWords is not better for SEO". You can't get any rank for spending in AdWords. We can see many URLs are not even indexed at Google search engine and shown in AdSense ads. So don't do AdWords Spending for SEO of your blog.
  2. Specific "keywords" Ranking:There is a group of many bloggers who are spending there useful time in focusing on a specific Keyword. As a blogger I can say we can't restrict our-self to a specific keyword. Yes we can write many posts on a topic are niche blog but we can't do many posts on a specific keyword so avoid it. Focus on trending topics don't waste your time.
  3. Backlinks "competitors backlinks":
    Backlinks a common SEO myth. I think all of you know about backlinking for SEO. There are many SEO tools out there that let you know about Competitors backlinks. You can easily see your competitors site's backilinks. Many of new bloggers are thinking that more backlinks is sandwich for SEO but this is not true :) . Healthy sandwich (backlinks) are a need for your blog's future. So don't waste your time finding competitors backlinks and make more authority backlinks.
  4. Keywords Density:
    Keyword density is the percentage of times a given keyword appears in text on a blog post. We can use many keywords in a blog post but doing keyword stuffing is not good for your site's health. With only keyword optimization we can't rank a blog post. Please don't write many keywords for many time in a blog post. Use a strategic formula for adding keywords in articles. As if you are talking about "SEO benefits" then use relative keywords such like SEO tips, SEO effects, SEO goodies etc.
  5. Social Media Optimization:
    At this time we can easily get tons of visits to our blogs with the help of Social media. Also we can generate money. But social media is no more effect your blog's SEO and rankings. Make more fans on Facebook, more followers on Twitter, more circles on Google+ and make a mailing list this will help you in SMO. But keep in mind with help of social media we can't get higher rankings in search engines.
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Final Words

So! Now its up to you. If you want to give your blog a new life and great future then avoid doing above SEO techniques (signals). The above 5 SEO signals are very old and used by many SEO specialists, but now its time to avoid doing them. So share it with other bloggers :)