Learn Bing Optimization - 5 SEO Tips for Bing

Let's learn Bing optimization for better future of your webpages. Because Bing is now competing with Google. Recently I follow some SEO techniques according to Bing SEO specialist and successfully getting a nice number visits on All Blog Things. As you know in search engine field Google is on the top spot, but Bing is now on 2nd spot and ready to compete with Google. We can't say that Bing can beat Google, but Bing can change future of search engines. There are lots of factors Bing using to rank a webpage. Here I will discuss some factors and give you great tips to maximize your traffic from Bing. Learn Bing optimization by reading below full article.
 5 SEO Tips for Bing

What is Bing ?

Bing is a perfect web search engine. Bing (known previously as Windows Live Search, Live Search, and MSN Search) is a web search engine (advertised as a "decision engine") from Microsoft. via

Bing is a search engine that brings together the best of search and people in your social-networks to help you spend less time searching and more time doing. via

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How to do SEO for Bing ? Read top 5 Bing SEO tips

  1. Length of Content:
    According to Bing SEO specialists Bing algorithms seem to place a higher value on content that is over 300 words. It means if you have lengthy articles on your site/blog then you can get higher rank in Bing search results.
    • Make sure your article have 500/600 words. Its best for better rank.
  2. On-page SEO:
    You are doing this already for Google and Yahoo! indexing. Bing also loves On-page optimization. Use title tags for your keywords with uniqueness. Bing pays much more attention to title tags when indexing your webpages, so do it well.
    • Use H1 tags. Because Bing will index them firstly.
  3. Linking:
    As you all know Google rank a webpage according to its backlinks. Many times we can see a webpage with tons of backlinks not ranked higher and another webpage with 4/5 backlinks ranked higher. Why this shit happens ? Ans: If you have high PR backlinks from relevant websites then you can get higher rankings so avoid making low quality backlinks. If you want to get higher ranking in Bing then make more outbound links.
    • Make more high quality and relevant outbound links.
  4. Keywords:
    This is another big ranking factor in Bing. As Bing it self says us "Target no more than two keywords per page" I recommend you to follow this Bing rule and keep focus on 1/2 keywords in a article with long-tail keywords.
    • Use keywords in URL of your articles.
  5. Meta Tags:This is another great thing in Bing SEO. We can get more higher rankings if we add a little but healthy description of our articles using Meta Tags. Bing also recommend you to use description tags for better rankings.
    • Add Meta Tags to all your webpages.

Final Words

So! This was newbie guide on "Learn Bing Optimization - 5 SEO Tips for Bing". Hope you like it. Bing is a great search engine don't forget it, just try once. Stay blessed and share this article with other bloggers around you. Image via searchengineland