How To Make Money On YouTube Using Adsense In Pakistan

Here I want to teach you "How To Make Money On YouTube Using Adsense In Pakistan". This really a very easy method for online money making. We all Pakistanis can earn tons of money through YouTube and Google Adsense. As you all know Adsense is provided by Google Inc. therefore Google Adsense is a trusted online advertising company with great optimization features. Adsense used by many online businesses and weblogs. We also use Adsense for optimizing our blogs and getting good results. YouTube is a second largest search engine, many peoples watch videos on YouTube on daily basis. As you can see on many YouTube videos ads are dancing. You want to add some ads on your own YouTube videos and earn some money ? Let's move-on and start learning YouTube and Google Adsense.
How To Make Money On YouTube Using Adsense In Pakistan

Make Money With YouTube Using Adsense In Pakistan

So! You guys are ready ?. Let's learn How To Make Money On YouTube Using Adsense In Pakistan free of cost. Yes! you can earn a passive income only working on YouTube. Read below.
First of all you have to open YouTube, in Pakistan YouTube is banned since 2012. Whatever people can open it easily using proxies and VPNs. But with these methods we can't login to YouTube. Therefore we have to have a perfect method to open YouTube in Pakistan.

1. How To Open YouTube in Pakistan Using ZenMate

In this case ZenMate comes first. With ZenMate we can open YouTube in Pakistan and also can login. Download Google Chrome and install it on your computer after that go to this link and add zenmate to your Chrome browser and then enable it (see below image)

How To Open YouTube in Pakistan Using ZenMate

Now as you normally do visit using URL bar of Google chrome. Congrats! YouTube is now opened now login and read below.

2. Uploading a video for monetization on YouTube

After login now you have to upload a video for monetization (You can easily upload any video on YouTube by clicking on Upload button at homepage of YouTube. Go and make a video any type as you like don't download any video from internet make your own. You can make any video using some software's and your own camera. Also you can make a slideshow video of any type.

3. How to Make Your YouTube Account Monetizable

This is a science behind making money in Pakistan using YouTube. As you know YouTube is banned in Pakistan, after ZenMate we can open it button can't make our videos monetizable so therefore we have to change out location to a acceptable country (United States).
  1. Go to "Channel Setting" (Open any of your uploaded video and click on Channel Setting option
  2. Now you are on "Account Information" now change your country Pakistan to United States
  3. Now save your account.
  • Enable your account for monetization: Go to this link and click on "Enable My Account" button as you can see in below image.
Enable your account for monetization
Now after clicking on enable my account button you should see a dialog box. Check all options and click on "I Accept" button. Now simply click on Monetize button and your account is ready for apply to Google Adsense.
An email will sent to your email inbox with the information of YouTube videos monetization.

4. How to Apply for Google Adsense (a guide with images)

Now its time to associate an Google Adsense account with your YouTube Channel.
1. Go to Channel Settings page and than click on Monetization
2. Now you have to select right option for you. Click on 5th option saying "How Will I Be Paid?" In this box click on link saying "associate an Adsense account"
associate an Adsense account
4. Now click on "Yes, Proceed to Google Account sign in" 
Yes, Proceed to Google Account sign in
5. Now click on "Continue" button.
Continue for adsense
6. Now its time to submit your application to Google Adsense approval department (team). This is a important part of application so be careful while adding your contact information. Give your original information because latter Google will contact to you on your provided contact information for the sake of PIN. 
submit your application to Google Adsense approval department
7. After filling the form click on "Submit" button. You will be redirect to YouTube page saying "Your Adsense account is on review to pending the confirmation". Now wait for confirmation Email by Google Adsense Approval Team.

Congratulations: You have created a Google Adsense account now you can start earning money trough your YouTube videos.

To Be Continued............