Top 5 Websites To Create Animated Images - Gifs - Movies

In this post, I want to provide you a list of the Top 5 Websites To Create Animated Images. Animated images are often used by professional bloggers for little demos and other work. Creating an animated image is not an easy task, but with the help of some great websites, we can now do it easily.

Another question is where to create the best and finest animated image? I have an answer for this question "Read below a List of the Top 5 Websites To Create Animated Images".

On the internet, anything is possible now read below.
Top 5 Websites To Create Animated Images - Gifs - Movies

1st. GifNinga

With this website, you can easily convert any video into an animated image. You can create an animated image using 5 images and also you can adjust the timing and speed.

Only you have to hit on create button and wait for the results. This site also has an animated gif creator, animated gif splitter and image resizer. Go and check this out.

2nd. Stop Frame Animator

This is an awesome tool for creating stop-motion movies. You have to choose the best background for your next stop-motion movie from nine awesome backgrounds.

Now you have to choose a character for your movie, keep in mind you can use only wooden manikins. Also, you can add other props like beach balls and chairs. Also, you can add background music.

3rd. Gickr

This is another great website to create awesome animated Gifs. This site allows you to convert online videos from YouTube to Gif, also you can convert Flickr images into gif.

If you want to create a Gif animated image using your own images then select any 10 images and convert them. This site also has a Gallery to choose some great files.

4th. Draw Island

So! This site allow you to draw animation with your hand (I mean mouse). You can select pre-defined shapes and also you can choose a canvas from 4 canvas sizes.

This site also offers two canvas sizes for creating simple GIF animations. When you're done drawing, just click the "Save" button to download your drawing or animation image.

5th. Loogix

This site has a number of cool effects, which include motley, movie, recursion, guggle, black-white, explosion, blur, swirl, radial blur, negative, and painting.

It means you can easily create any animation using Loogix. With uploading a number of images you can upload one and then add some great effects then your animation is ready to download.

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