5 Reasons: Every Blogger Should Know a Little HTML and CSS!

Well, I’m here to tell you that even a little perception of HTML and CSS can make a big difference in your race of blogging success. And acquisition of knowledge tech isn’t just for the product assistants and imprint designers of the creation - whether you’re a little employment holder, a sales overseer, an occurrence coordinator, or even a conjurer, you can kind duty from some HTML and CSS chops.
HTML & CSS (design and build websites)
Uninjured too good to be true? It’s not, and I’ll give you five examples to verify it.

But, first, let’s pass in review what exactly HTML and CSS are. The brief and saccharine translation is: HTML and CSS are the foundations of the web.
  • HTML -“HyperText Markup Language”—is the tongue used to tell your web browser what each part of a website is. So, using HTML, you can set bounds to headers, paragraphs, links, images, and more, so your browser knows how to conformation the web page you’re looking at.
  • CSS -“Cascading Mode of Style Sheets”—is the tongue that gives those web pages their look and formatting. In other words, CSS is what you use to make sites look nice with imagination fonts, rich ensign, magnificent backgrounds, and even slick animations and 3D movables.
Easy, right? But you’re probably still wondering: How am I supposed to use these coding languages in my job? Well, here are just a few of the surprising things you can consummate with just a few lines of these easy-to-learn languages. Belief me - your boss or possible employer will be impressed, your colleagues will be merry, and you may be well on your way to a more fulfilling and lucrative race.

Here are five things you will be able to do with your HTML and CSS skills as a blogger:

1. Concoct an Awesome Email for Your Customers

Email is winding out to be one of the best online marketing tools out there. And you can make an email that your customers will actually look forward to getting by organizing and styling it using the HTML and CSS editors available with most email marketing services.

Bring into being a Stentorian Incorporated Newsletter

Now that you’ve impressed with those magnificent emails, take it to the next horizontal with a newsletter template. HTML and CSS will be your concealed arms once again as you lay out and customize the template to fit right in with your incorporated fire-brand and mode of expression.

2. Tweak Your Company’s WordPress site

A surprisingly high percentage of incorporated websites are built on WordPress. And this is good news for you when you know some HTML and CSS, because you can use them to add easy in mind and make changes to your company’s site. That means no more delaying around for your overworked web team to update the duty register of the year!

3. Teach Your Co-aid (or Boss!) Some Code

Discourse of overworked co-workers, how about sharing the HTML and CSS love with your colleagues (or even your superintendent)? Then everyone on your team will be able to update and mend the website, emails, and newsletters. Aha, the joy of delegation!

Make Your Technical Team Worship You

The developers in your laboring life will thank you if you see even a hint of HTML and CSS. You’ll know how to tell them what needs to be changed on the crew site (instead of referring to everything as a “whatchamacallit” or “thingamajig”) as well as be more mindful of the limits and possibilities they face every day.

4. Show Off Your Skills With a Consummately-Tuned Tumblr Blog

Want to license that adoring team behind and turn your passion into your declaration? It’s easy enough to set up a Tumblr blog to show off that side push you’ve been laboring on. If you want to send a dazzling display of your freelance photography or well-delineated concoct work to that means that’s hiring, you can! Just a bit of HTML and CSS can take a Tumblr template from so-so to stentorian.

5. Fabricate a Professional Take again Site-From Mark with a scratch or with scratches!

Go beyond just a Tumblr blog and really show some initiative by coding your own online nearness from flinch to complete. It might uninjured daunting! but, it’s actually surprisingly easy to bring into being a unblended but huge-looking-website with basic CSS and HTML. And boy, will you rap the socks off possible employers/competitors when you tell them, you did it all with your own mind.

Take Your Concoct Skills to the Next Horizontal

So you’re already a Photoshop seer, and you can even bring into being some touching website mockups. Well, get some HTML and CSS under your belt, and you’ll be able to turn those mockups into thorough sites. You can become the “unicorn” (a designer who can code) every crew is looking for right now.

Final Words: Start Learning More—and Earning More!

Like I said at the flinch, HTML and CSS are the foundation of the web. So, they’re also the foundation for taking your tech skills to the next horizontal. Having a take in the hand on the fundamentals will make acquisition of knowledge another programming tongue (like JavaScript, Ruby, or PHP) a whole lot easier. And the more you know, the more job opportunities will open up for you. Image via HTMLandCSSbook