How To Use Google's Mobile-Friendly Site Testing Tool

As you all know that nowadays Mobiles are becoming most used devices for surfing internet. If you look around then you will see about 70% peoples are more interested in browsing internet throw mobile instead of an laptop or desktop (computer). Because! Mobiles are handy and also fastest, with the new technology mobiles can do anything easily and perfectly. There is also a must to do step for web-developers, if you are a web-master then you have to create a mobile friendly version of your site for earning more money and generating more traffic.I have published a template earlier for Blogger responsiveness if you have downloaded it or you have an responsive version of your site then must have to test your site with the newly launched Google's mobile-friendly site testing tool.
Google is now helping searchers find mobile-friendly pages

Google is now helping searchers find mobile-friendly pages

Yes! This tool is not only for web-masters. Google search users also can take advantage of this tool by searching anything on Google search, and they can get a signal for knowing about mobile-friendly version of a webpage. Users will see a Label “mobile-friendly” in mobile search results (this label may show only on mobile or low size devices) See a demo of this Label below.
So! This is an example search result for Google users to find mobile-friendly sites easily.
Web-masters you know? that Google will add this Label into ranking signals. Read a statement by Google on its official webmaste-central blog.

We see these labels as a first step in helping mobile users to have a better mobile web experience. We are also experimenting with using the mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking signal.

You can also use a new feature in your web-master account for getting know about issues on your site responsiveness. Google team added a new page in web-master-tools calling Mobile usability report open it and see a full report about your site's mobile-friendly version. This tool will give you a full report of your entire site not just about one page. So! you can easily fix reported issues.

How To Use Google's Mobile-Friendly Site Testing Tool

Now its time to get started. This tool is also a free tool like other great tools by Google. You can use this site testing tool in any way. You can test any site with this tool. mobile-friendly-test-tool allow you to test your site for responsiveness. Read below to know more about this tool.

Only you have to open this tool in new tab
Now type your site's URL and click on ANALYZE button (wait for 100% analyzing)
Instantly this tool will show you a image of your mobile-friendly site like below.
mobile-friendly test of ABT
We are Mobile-friendly, DO YOU?
Happy! to see that ABT is mobile-friendly according to Google's new site testing tool. You can generate this type of report for your your site.

If your site is not have a mobile-friendly user interface then this will show a report like below one.
A site not mobile-friendly
img via
So! with this tool you can easily got issues full report about issues with your site responsiveness.

Having mobile-friendly site is nice for more earnings and more traffic. As you can see we have responsive template on our blog therefore Google bots give us credits by showing our blog as mobile-friendly. You can also use a responsive template on your blog for getting thumbs-up from Google bots. If you are on WordPress then see my blog post for giving mobile-friendly touch to your WordPress blog.

Finally: This tool is currently available for free and in English language (other languages will come soon). If you have any question about Google mobile-friendly site testing tool then go to Help Forum and ask your question. Also you can comment below for getting more information about this new tool.