7 Things To Keep in Mind if You Want To Make Money with Your Blog

Many new bloggers think that he/she can start earning money from first day of blogging. But this is not true, you have to work hard for getting paid with your blog. By the term "Hard Work" I mean you have to make your blog better and better with continuously work for six months. Yes! six months are enough to ready your blog for earning money online. Here I want to share with you some great tips on the title of 7 Things To Keep in Mind if You Want To Make Money With Your Blog. These below top 7 tips are best for your online success. Read it carefully and follow all for generating income from your new and single blog.
Make Money Blogging

1. The Theme/Template of your Blog

Theme/Template: diversion blog or gives an utility clients will most likely create better profits. Think: What are people searching for in their recreation time? Maybe look for one application, any game, something that makes distracted. Give a professional look to your blog with some coding and images.
  • From short, easy to remember preference. Ideally should have keywords, or it may be a personal creation, a 'Private Label'.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization: It appears self-evident, you need to worry about your blog/website and its pages are properly indexed, if you want to receive visits from Google, Bing and other search engines. Your content should be public and SEOptimized.
  • SEO or search engine optimization: You must help users find your content (easy navigation system). Where possible, the title and description of your blog should clearly indicate what is in your website key terms used in post titles and permalinks incorporates headers in your blog posts, highlights key terms or phrases in bold, tag your items, use attributes "alt" and "title" on images, add plugins if needed. Internal SEO, links to your own content is also important.

3. Social Networking

Social Networks: Social networks are best platforms for bloggers, we can get lots of visits on our blogs from some major social networks. Connect with leading social networks. Using Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others can help you get more traffic to your blog, maybe possible regular visitors (Loyal Readers).

4. Backlinks

Backlinking: Exchanging links, writing guest posts on other blogs can be good alternatives. However, it is even better to write interesting content that makes others link you spontaneously. Inbound links are very important if we want to improve our rankings in search engines.

5. Fresh Content

Update your blog frequently: Google has said that the more content, more likely to get better profits. Obviously, the more you write, the more likely you are, but it seems that the frequency will also matter to Google and also to other search engines.

6. Monetize Your Blog

Try different advertising networks to monetize your blog for huge profits. Google Adsense, Yahoo! Contextual Ads and Infolinks are often the best alternative, but you can not rule out other. Always ensures that the content of your blog meets the policy (terms of using) owner.
  • Place ads in key places of your blog. Ideally, near the head or within the entry. Try different locations and you track your ads to see what format or location gives better performance. The user does not have to scroll to see the ads.

7. Stay Updated

What is spoken in the Twitter Trends topics in Google Trends, on Facebook or on the news websites? What was the last phone that was released recently? What is the game or movie time (for cinema tickets and TV shows) ? Create new content according to trends could attract hundreds, and even thousands of visitors to your blog/website.

Finally, you must consider that a blog can be a good way to generate income if you take it as a full time job, but it's very unlikely that you become rich. The magic bullets do not exist. The content, the number of visits and persistence are key when thinking about making money with your website/blog factors. But it also requires patience and perhaps a little luck.