Adsense Link Units: 5 Examples of Profitable Implementations

Let's learn how you can make the most out of limited space on your blog with adsense link units. If you want to have more engagement on your blog also more money trough advertising then use link units and see the change.

There are many ad networks available for handling your links advertising system, but with Google adsense you have to add ad-code for displaying link ads. If you implement ad-code professionally then you can get higher CPC (cost per click) rates and your users will not leave your blog.

I personally recommend you: Use link units for earning more money from adsense. These units are basic but best for higher earnings.

Adsense Link Units: 5 Examples of Profitable Implementations
If you do a quick search in your Adsense account then you will find that the link units are giving you better CPC rates then other ad types.

Adsense Link Units: 5 Examples of Profitable Implementations

1. Mashable Uses Link Units Above-the-Fold for making most of Link-Units

As you can see in below image. Mashable is a very popular website on the topic of Tech and Social media news. You can get latest news from this website. In making money Mashable also use Google Adsense. Here we are talking about adsense link units placement so see below screen shot for knowing the strategy of Mashable's monetization.
Mashable Uses Link Units Above-the-Fold for making most of Link-Units

2. a website for getting information

"About" is a website people visit only for 20 to 30 seconds if they find answer of their questions then maybe the visitor will not leave this site quickly. But what about others? who want to leave as quick as possible. is have a best team for monetization work it also uses Google adsense (the link units - see below an example) a website for getting informataion

3. Discuss Cooking is a cooking topic website

This is another great example for adding link units to your blog. I really inspire by this site. As you know adsense's link units has ability to give you high CPC rates and high quality of targeted ads. Discuss Cooking is basically a cooking forum for cooking lovers. As you can see in below image it uses link units just like its menu bars.
Discuss Cooking is a cooking topic website

4. a blog for Filipinos

PinoyMoneyTalk is a blog discovering stock markets and its best at. Link ads can perform better on this site therefore the team of PinoyMoneyTalk decided to add Google Adsense Link ad units at sidebar of the blog. As you can see PinoyMoneyTalk uses a vertical ad unit instead of horizontal (200x72). a blog for Filipinos

5. TechHim Indian technology blog

TechHim is technology blog so you can think that how it can generate more money. Usefully! The techhim team also uses link advertising and depends on Google Adsense. As you know TechHim is an Indian site and Indian users will don't click on Adsense ads, therefore the TechHim team uses a perfect strategy as you can see in following screen shot.
TechHim Indian technology blog

Final words

So! After seeing some good examples of Google Adsense Link Units Implementations. You don't have to search for "where to use Link Ad Units".

I think now you can easily got my point getting ideas in your mind. Don't wait just do what you are thinking right now. For getting more profits you have to do some smart work. Happy Blogging!
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