Trending SEO Tips in 2024

Here's a guide for you "The Trending SEO Tips in 2024". Yes! We have to focus on what is trendy now. If we run with the world then we can win hearts of many people. But running with the online world is not easy as we think. We have to work very hard for achieving our goals. As a blogger we have to give attention to latest SEO trends in 2024 for getting most out of it as web-traffic and online money.

Trending SEO Tips in 2024 - Read Once

SEO is not a game: Many bloggers (even pro bloggers) thinks that having a website with fresh and quality content and some high-page-rank backlinks is enough for getting top position in search engines (Google). But I say that is not a right thought: Because there are many other things in SEO which have some great value. I just stumbled from Google by searching SEO 2023 Trends and got some great tips and questions. Read below to know more about SEO in 2023.

1. Using Social Media Signals

Social media is works fine for now. Social signals are not dead, but it have some different ways to work. By the "Social Signals" I mean the numbers of your post got sharing by the people. I personally recommend you: make a good social profile on all big social media networks for getting tons of traffic and social points. Many search engines uses some-kinda artificial intelligence for the sake of powerful algorithms. If our blog posts got amazing sharing over the social media networks then we can get trust of algorithm bots and search engines will give us a plus point to rank our post on the above to others. Read about SMO

2. Latent Semantic Indexing & Long-tail Keywords (LSI & LT)

I think you are well aware with the use of Keywords in blog posts. But! You know what are the LSI and LT keywords ? Probably you don't. I will do a blog post on this topic in next month. Here I just want to tell you that you can get your Blog SEOptimized using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) & Long-tail Keywords (LT). Forget the way you add some keywords at the end of all blog posts. Just add some LSI and LT keywords related to your blog post title and its all done for now.

3. Mobile Ready Site/Blog (responsiveness)

When 1 out of every 5 people in the world own a smartphone and 1 out of every 17 people own a tablet. Why you don't have a mobile ready theme/template of your blog/site ?. If you want to earn more money and traffic then use a responsive design on your blog and give users a best and easy interface. If you don't give your blog a responsive look, then Google will give you a -Point instead of +Point because of your blog's bad user experience. Google also recently launched a mobile-friendly site testing tool and here you can learn how you can easily get a responsive WP site.

4. Create SEO-friendly URLs (this will work)

Using SEO-friendly URLs we can get more higher page rank. Also we can get more CTR in search results. As people can see the URL of your post and after reading it they will immediately click on your post. This is a effective SEO tip for 2024. You know? this is a one time work, just set custom URL setting as you can read below.

Finally: That was a article about "Trending SEO Tips in 2024" and I will update this article as much as I can. Keep in mind: If you have content for humans and not for bots then you can easily drive more traffic on your blog. So! You can get latest tips for the SEO in 2024. Stay blessed and Happy Blogging.