8 Signs on Your Blog Posts to Stay at Top in SERPs

You got the blog you got the power in your hands. Place it right at a good destination and rest with goodness. You can attract all lions (readers) in your king house (blog) with a great to speak language.

Style is what we all want to do in our lives. Then why you don't style your writings in blog-posts?

Style them and make them readable to your precious readers. Show them your strength on writing a blog post.
8 Signs On Your Blog Post to Stay Up in Search Results Last Longer
For getting good standing in SERPs (Search engine results pages) you have to write professional and killing articles. For your success you have to do it accordingly.

Be fit at your seat and read this ultimate guide for making viral and amazing blog posts with ease.

1. Break the line break - Write more in short lines!

Don't break the king's rule, just break the break line and do what you think is better to. My point is to give your readers a reason for reading your blog post rather than others. See a snapshot of one of my previous blog post.
ABTs blogpost snapshot

The three key-points to note!

  1. In-text link to your previous and related posts. So reader will read another blog post and you can achieve a good stand in bounce rate of your blog.
  2. Adding social sharing buttons to your blog's left-side can be a use full trick. I am using a genuine text to get my visitor's eyes on sharing buttons "Use It!".
  3. The 3rd point which is not red lined. Short paragraphs. :) 
Don't leave here! I have amazing case study to show the hole 8 signs on your blog post to stay up in search results last longer. See another screen shot of that blog post.
ABTs blogpost snapshot2

More points to have in blog posts!

  1. Use of calls to actions: We can create many types of calls to action like subscription boxes and sidebar images. Here I am talking about text-call-to-action. This works great in some niches like health and how-tos.
  2. Adding related content which have eye catchy headlines so you can get more page-views.
  3. Use at-least 2/3 lines of ending paragraph. Make sure your starting and ending point same as title of your blog post.

2. Make Use Of Description areas!

In a research by Nielsen Norman Group ( October 1, 1997 ) it said:
We found that 79 percent of our test users always scanned any new page they came across; only 16 percent read word-by-word. (Update: a newer study found that users read email newsletters even more abruptly than they read websites.)
Well! That was 1997. But here in 2015 people are more likely to just scan text on search engines and click on a link they find is perfect for them.

You have to keep your description areas simple and clean. People love it. Don't go more snappy in wordings. Use only uniqueness. See a snapshot of this post (in writing mode).
ABTs blogpost snapshot3

Four areas that can be used for description of your blog posts!

  1. Title area: It is a must to optimize area of your blog post. Research before giving a title to your blog post.
  2. Tags/Labels: A navigating and categorizing method used to give ease to readers of blogs. Use it professionally for more categorizing your blog posts.
  3. Permalinks: Another great way of getting more chances in rankings to high part of serps. Optimize it and it short.
  4. Search description area: Fill it with text 160 in characters. Or you can use it for more typing. Keep it clean to read for searchers.

3. Gain Traction by Publishing Frequently!

I have said it too many times. Publishing blog posts more frequently means more traffic and money. If you publish blog posts on daily basis than you can gain more traction rather then publishing one post a week.

How Often Should We Publish A Blog Post ?

This is a well asked question. I have a beautiful answer to this question.

You can see many bloggers don't publish even on weekly basis. They consider publishing blog posts on monthly basis.

NO! They don't publish crap content. Every time they hit publish button their blog posts goes viral. Here is how the have such points in their posts.
  • They write hole month and then after having a great to read and long to scan copy. They hit publish button. You can find many useful text in their blog posts. They use to write more than 3800 words for a monthly basis blog posting schedule.
We recommend you to publish at-least one post a week. This can make sense in your niche. Always go for long writings. Also! Keep a note in your mind about trends of your industry. If you have a news blog you have to post many times a day and same goes to techie bloggers. But! Health related and other type of niches don't want more updates. You can update that type of blogs once a week.

4. Write High Authority Blog Posts

Writing frequently and longer is a perfect way of getting success in your industry. But! You know what is authority means >?
8 Signs On Your Blog Post to Stay Up in Search Results Last Longer
You have to give right information. Yes! You can write a "after spin" blog post. But users of your blog will leave your blog at 3rd or 4th blog post. Because copied or curated content is a not good term in making a blog fresh and legit.

Instead you can do hard work. If you can't post frequently than try to give authority and real blog posts to your readers. Which they find good in rating and can share them with their friends.

Write about trendy things in your own way/style!

       If you want have a some viral and authority blog post at your blog than try to break any news firstly on your blog. You can also introduce new ways of doing something that is trendy.

For example: Whats-app is a viral and great app for iOS and other smartphones. You can tell users how to use it for their business and clients. How they can use it for making more money. Any thing you can teach people just write about it.

5. Write With Google Algorithms in Your Mind

What you think about after doing hard work and all that goes in crap-bucket?
Write With Google Algorithms in Your Mind
Well! This is true. A single Google algorithm update can kill your blog. Google is using many big and small algorithms for giving more relevant content to online searchers. As Google’s Vice-President of Engineering, Ben Gomes said:
“Our goal is to get you the exact answer you’re searching for faster.”

Format your posts as good as you can!

  1. Blockquotes are good for readers and also you can add captions to images.
  2. If you want reader to read a line must in paragraph BOLD it.
  3. Use heading, subheadings and minor headings.
  4. Always write 2/3 lines in a paragraph.
  5. Numbered lists and bullet-ed point.

6. Give Readers Urgency. As they have it while searching!

Provide urgency content so people will love your content and will come back for more.

You know what it means by Urgency Content?

Probably yes! Think about that time you are searching for something. For example you are looking for a car insurgence company los Vegas. What type of content you will read for this search?
  • I am damn sure. You will click on direct link to a company's website.
Now think about your own blog's readers. What they want ? What you can provide and how you can provide urgency to them.

How to provide urgency content?

Just follow 5th tip and you can easily do it.

7. Write On Your Audience's Demands!

It depends on what type of audience you have and what they want you to publish on blog.

Asking questions and giving answers to asked questions is a good way for getting your readers back. You can make a page for getting fruitful blog post topics from your audience. You can also add a sidebar widget with a poll in it and than can write about results in your next blog post.

There is a good thing on internet, you know what is it ?

The community love!

People love to be in a community where other people wants to help newbies. For example if you are running a health related blog you can make a good community with any question/answer board or script.

People will ask questions and you can give them answers with a link to your blog.

For example: If someone ask you about what is a perfect fruit for losing weight than you can answer it with the name of that fruit. Then! Give a link to your blog post for further reading.

Just make sure you have the ability to write any blog post in some hours or minutes :) 

8. Write Case Studies and Your Own Experiments

Seriously! People wants real and worthy case studies. So! They can easily get in any business they like.

If you are a professional and have a good a bad past experience with some businesses or online works. You can make some blog posts on that cases.
  • You can review a new product (use it first)
  • Buy a WordPress paid theme/plugin and make a review article about its features
  • If you are a SEO. You can write about "how you dominated a authority blog."
Many times we accidentally got success in some steps. Yes! Many times we fail. You can write about fails too.

Because truth is a key for getting famous your blog and make it legit for individuals. Don't write case studies from other blogs. Write your own experiments and see results :)


I think now it's all clear. I have put together all 8 signs to have in a blog post, for making it stand from crowd on the first line in Google serps for a longer time period.

If you have any query about this post you can leave a comment. So! I can help you in more words :)