How to Grow Professionalism With Guest Posting

Guest posting is a rigorously best option for creating stranded quality backlinks.

It is a perfect way for growing your professionalism in blogging in no-time.

Blogging is not a narrow world, you can run as much as you can.

With professionalism and guest posting you can engage more readers to your blog along backlinks and trust of the readers. It means you will earn more money easily.
How to Grow Professionalism With Guest Posting
Are you ready to know about how you can grow your professionalism just by wrapping a pair of guest blog posts? If yes then read out this entire post.

Creating Backlinks by doing Guest-posting is Valid?

Well this question is a must-to-ask question here. Because we all want a backlink to our blogs for our efforts on any guest blog post on any blog of someone.

As we can't give our hardwork a blank benefit. So here's the answer by myself:
By following the rules of guest posting and ensuring that your article is full of information. You can succeed to exposure of growth in blog traffic and professionalism. In subsequent of following the rules you can make your guest posting worthy for your future.
Know you want me to tell you the rules of guest posting?

Here's the rules of Guest Posting to follow

There are several rules (according to me) what you have to follow for getting your guest post accepted from high quality blogs. Please follow my rules and you will see success everywhere:
    1. Know your limits and liabilities before creating any article
    2. Contact with them you want to do guest post for, ask them what they want in your article
    3. Post on your fellow niche blogs. For example if you are tech blogger than write for tech blogs only not on health blogs
    4. Read others guest posts on blog which you want to target for your article, and add links of that blog's old articles in your copy
    5. Don't add too many links, and don't add your profile or blog's link in body of your guest post (you can if it is important to add)
    6. Make sure the article you want to create for a website is different and in niche of that blog
    After all above points, you have to have a blog of your own.

    It will show the publisher that you are a professional blogger not a freelancer or in writer's block. Because! Many bloggers don't want big fishes to dig in there small river.

    Find blogs (accepting guest posts) in your niche

    Before creating any article for any purpose, you have to search some blogs with the tag of "accepting guest posts" in your niche. So you can easily got your articles accepted and published on a right blog.

    Here's how to find blogs in same niche you are:

    Google is a best source for finding any thing except your old socks. I would like to show you, how you can Google guest blog posting opportunities.
    • The simplest method for searching related blogs for guest posting is: Add your topic first and in question marks add write for us or something like that.
    Just open and use search strings like this "health+guest posting" or health "write for us" as you can see what I got by searching health+guest posting:
    health+guest posting search results
    and here's what I got by searching health "write for us" on Google:

    health "write for us" search results
    So! What you got from the results?

    It means the search term health "write for us" brings me good results. You can use this technique at your side for searching any type of blog.

    After that, see what I got from opening a page for guest posting on a health blog:
    LoveLiveHealth screen shot
    I got this by visiting a link from Google serp. I like it and then go back to visit another page. By doing this I got a list of 5 blogs for guest-blogging.
    1. Radiant Health Magazine
    2. The Alternative Daily
    3. Love Live Health
    4. The Alternative Daily
    5. Think Health Magazine
    But wait! Don't start writing for that blogs. Research about more information, just like I do. After having a manual selected list of some great health blogs, I do one more step to know the best one.

    Spyfu is a great website to know more about a website, like:
    • Backlinks
    • Keywords in Google serps
    • Competitors
    • A graph of Google updates hits
    And much more.

    What you have to do is, just open SpyFU and add link of selected websites one-by-one.

    Meanwhile if you think any website is a bad choice then delete it from your created list. Do the search again and you will get 1/2 sites for giving your hardwork get published at right place.

    You got the website? Don't send your copy. Learn more before sending guest contribution.

    Things to do before submitting a guest post

    It is necessary to know whether the admin or editing team accept your post or not?

    To know about this you can ask them. As you can see below
    form to know more about owner and guest posting
    This is a form available at LoveLiveHealth blog's guest posting guidelines page.

    You can tell them why you are good at guest posting, and send them your previous guest-blog-posts or your personal blog link.

    After reading your email, if they where interested to accept your article. They will reply to your email to respond you on answer of your email.

    If they say "We are happy to accept your Guest post" then you can start writing for them, else forget them and find another blog ;)

    You are ready to write an article to submit as guest post? Be creative and write viral guest posts, so you can make you rich and powerful.

    Final sayings

    If you are good at writing in English then you can make more points.

    Try to be good in presenting yourself, so admins of blogs will get you a professional human. Don't hesitate to ask question.

    Either you have the options to grow your professionalism or to forget the success. Dare it, you can do it.
    • Don't copy others content
    • Be original and add value to your writings
    • Follow pro-bloggers and their blogs
    • Be active on your old guest blog posts
    If you don't get the point, you can ask me here in comments form below. I will be happy to answer to your questions :)