Reality Behind Abdul Wali's Journey to one Crore in one Year

You know who is Abdul Wali? Have you read his inspirational success story from a Rerhi Wala To Crore Pati?

Well! He is a nice guy teaching online with his hard-work from Pakistan. Because he is a uneducated man teaching online. Guess what? He is teaching about making money online and with this Photoshop, Web-development and many other things.
Reality Behind Abdul Wali's Journey to one Crore in one Year
After reading about his success story, I am here to tell you about reality behind this story. This is not a shit. He earned that money by his hard-work, but not in one year.
Yes! It is wrong, but (maybe) true as he said:
In July 2008, I bought a mobile shop by borrowing money from some of my friends, for the first time I used computer in that mobile shop and learned the basics from different people including the one from whom I bought the computer.
Yeah! He started his entrepreneurial-journey from "vendor" to using computer for first time. As he is an computer teacher. So! We can say: He started learning from July 2008 not 2015.

So! Is that clear? He is not that guy who made 1 crore PKRs in just 1 year. If you are not satisfied and got me wrong then read more.

As he said:
Once he found a folder in his friend's computer named "How To Make Money Online". After reading that book he done a deal with his cricked fellow by investing his friend's money in a netcafe. (it was 2009)
By owning a netcafe he used to learn more about online world.
After searching and researching he created his first blog on Cricket niche, and got his first online payment of $117 in July 2010.
It means he started earning money from 2010.

Still he is not able to write basic English to search more things in Google. So! He decided to improve his English and after that he created in 2011 (remember he is still earning by adsense).

After registering a good domain name he took online teaching as a blogging niche. By spending day/night efforts on his blog, he got huge list of students and blog readers.

After that he started teaching on Udemy and other platforms. He also sell CDs/DVDs of different courses.


Abdul Wali is a great man.

I respect him as my big brother. This article is for my readers to know that you can't earn one crore in this short time.

You have to gain information and spend your sweet time before getting anything done like Abdul Wali. He is an inspiration, so take his story like you have to. Don't be a fool.

Yeah! You can earn money online like he done. But what about his hardwork and deductions? Find your way and be an inspiration :)

It was Abdul Wali's hardwork and patience which make him rich. You can also do what he did. Congrats to Sir Abdul Wali for his success.

If you got me wrong here. You can comment your words. I will love to reply you. Thanks for reading.