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Hootsuite Competitors: Top 8 Social Media Management Tools

You know? What is Hootsuite? and what it does?

Hootsuite is an industry leader at social media marketing software and social media dashboards era.

With an ease of all-in-one tool Hootsuite has the ability to give its users one platform for generating leads by using a totally different social media management tool on websites/blogs.

You know?

Only in six years the Vancouver-based social media company reached ten million users base as its greatest milestone of the business.
Hootsuite Competitors: 8 Alternatives to Consider in 2018
As many professionals are using this tool for doing well on their social media profiles.

As it is also a good tool, but what about you?

Are you agreed with others? Don't run behind others, find your own way and checkout other great tools too.
After some investigating and research work we found eight alternatives to Hootsuite (social media management software), based on their prices, popularity, features, and media mentions.

What we can do with these great social media tools?

  1. We can connect out social media profiles/pages like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others at one place
  2. After connecting we can schedule posts, reply to messages, see information about brand mentions and manage all of that accounts at one place
  3. We can choose any account option from free to Small business, Medium business and Large business to Enterprise or team as well for an unlimited access plan
Yes! You got me right. We can do wonders on our social media pages with below listed Hootsuite competitors and alternatives.

As I have researched and gained this information from around the internet. It is a 100% genuine and without referral links post. Trust me this is a unique and correct list for alternative and top competitors of Hootsuite app.

1. Send Social Media

 # 1 Social Media Management Dashboard

Account Pricing Plans: $39 to $199 for a full-month

Send Social Media is a good Hootsuite competitor to manage your social media profiles, SMS and Email account too. It is a great fit for these technologies and brings the results with brand monitoring to grow your business more.

With the option to schedule updates, engagement with your followers and sending bulk messages also at groups, it provides ability to do all this at once on 30+ social media network.

With great Short-Messaging-Service features, it becomes a useful tool send and receive SMS from around the world, as you can schedule the SMSs too. It is also a great fit for your email marketing needs. You can use its email templates for a good approach on email marketing campaigns.

Send Social Media Characteristics:

  • One can use all his social media profiles/pages with email marketing and SMS at one online too
  • Full-in-depth monitoring and analytics information from other social media networks like City Search etc

2. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck free and awesome

Account Pricing Plans: FREE

Are you a Twitter lover? Then Tweetdeck is your lover too. As it is a 100% free of cost  social media service providing you the great and useful tools for your Twitter needs.

You can use many Twitter accounts as it provides the option to use unlimited Twitter accounts. You can make it your own with its features like organizing activities, searches and lists.

Refining your researches is now easy with Tweet-deck filters and you can find what you want by using hashtags, topics and events categories.

Tweetdeck Characteristics:

  • Totally free and we can combine it with Buffer
  • Unlimited use of Twitter accounts
  • We can download the tool as a software
  • It comes with settings for pop-up and audio notifications

3. Buffer

 Buffer: A smarter way to share on social media

Account Pricing Plans: $0 to $250 for a full-month

The California's startup Buffer got fame in very short time. After some years of launch date the company/tool got two million active users and more than 2,500 where the famous brands and agencies like Fortune and Business Insider.

With a dedicated and working team around  multiple countries and also in many continents. You can ask any question and take advantage from even your last penny. The worldwide service is great to talk like a social media tycoon.

Buffer Characteristics:

  • You can schedule posts even on Pinterest account
  • They provide RSS feed integration on any paid plan
  • You can create a team on any paid plan

4. Sprinklr

Sprinklr: Social Experience Management

Account Pricing Plans: Custom plans pricing scheme

Sprinklr is a New York City based company providing social media experience management services.

This is a first social enterprise-public-company of NYC. As you can see many trusted and big brands such as Godaddy, Inter, Samsung 1K+ others are using this tool. You can request a demo and they have custom offers too.

Sprinklr Characteristics:

  • Targeting international customers? This tool provides multilingual services
  • Ability to work on Facebook apps, quizzes, web-apps and social ads tool with also polls option
  • You can monitor all your social channels from the time you start posting with in-depth analysis In-depth analysis

5. SocialOomph

 SocialOomph: Tools to Boost Your Social Media Productivity

Account Pricing Plans: $0 to $35 for a full-month

It stats its operations from Twitter-based solutions in 2009 and than increase the tool by adding other networks such as Plurk, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.

Want to grow your social media productivity? The Canada's company SocialOopmh is a for now.
As you can find people in your niche, schedule posts and monitor your social media activities.

SocialOomph Characteristics:

  • Advance system of DM management for filtering spam
  • Ability to add unlimited account even on free plan
  • Autoresponder function with ability to post updates from unlimited blogs

6. Sprout Social

Sprout Social: Social Media Management Software

Account Pricing Plans: $59 to $500 for a full-month

Cleaner looking social media dashboard along analysis of your updates. A India-based company SproutSocial is a best fit for having posts as draft/schedule and posting publishing updates to social networks.

You can also have a three members team to work as a company for measuring your social media ups and downs.

Sprout-Social Characteristics:

  • Easily connected with Google Analytics for an in-depth view
  • 30 days trial with brand monitoring

7. Social Studio

Social Studio: Salesforce Marketing Cloud System

Account Pricing Plans: $1,000 to $12,000 for a full-month

Here's the premium and extra quality social management tool "Salesforce Marketing Cloud's Social Studio". With the awesome features you can stay close to your customers and can track your ROI (return on investments).

It is more than just connecting and publishing updates to social media platforms. You can connect more products without so many social media networks along mobile, email and website.

Social Studio Characteristics:

  • You can send discounts for more sales when your customers where near at your store
  • Ability to post custom updates on Twitter and Facebook with ads for Twitter
  • Give tasks to different team members and track ROI

8. SocialPilot

SocialPilot: An easy way to take social media advantages

Account Pricing Plans: $0 to $14.99 for a full-month

Boom Boom, This California-based social media management service is our inspiration.

As it is a perfect competitor of Hootsuite, because it provides all the tools and in a payable price. Also its free plan is great for any startup.

With the option to help you achieve the customer reach and brand awareness at social medias. It becomes a great and wonderful tool for social engagement and getting sales in time.

SocialPilot Characteristics:

  • Bitly integration with support of 300+ apps
  • Can be integrated with Play Store and App Store accounts
  • Comes with an Google Chrome plug-in and easy posting campaigns
Other social media management tools to consider as competitors of Hootsuite:
  1. Tweepi: Flushing unfolloweres and taking care of social media comments
  2. CrowdBooster: Improve your performance using statistics of your website/blog
  3. SocialFlow: Tracking real time conversations from social media accounts

Final sayings:

As you know updating any social media account is becomes headache sometimes, because there are a lot of social media networks, and we have to be on all for our business growth and brand awareness.

If we want to be in business we have to engage more people at our social media pages. Here! Above services can do wonders.

We just create single post and the scheduling tools post that update to our all social accounts at once. It is great?

If you have questions related to social media management tools, you can ask here in comments.

I will answer as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading.
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  1. Thank you for your great list. I would also recommend app. It's intuitive and free.

    1. Wow!

      It is clean and perfect tool, thanks for commenting here.

      Regards, Admin

  2. kuku is bulshit, add more than 150 profiles the site wont open again. pure waste of time.

    1. Oh really?

      Any source or it is your own test?

    2. Hello again, just checked the tool ( and its nice social media networks managament tool.

      As its a freemium tool, users don't trust their policies.

      Hope they will change them to have strict trials and don't give services for free.



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