10 Best & Free Social Media Management Tools in 2024

Social media marketing is breaking the ground of internet marketing and traditional marketing.

Many big brands and small startups are playing with social media marketing to get more sales and increase brand awareness.

If you are a social media manager for some company or a freelancer whose job is to manage social media accounts for different clients or even if you are managing different social media accounts for your own blogs and website then you may be in need of more hands.

The best social media management tool is all you need to create more helping hands and automate your social media marketing. Now the main point is there are hundreds of social media management tools available for free and with paid membership plans and we can't select the one which can help us in our work.

10 Best Free Social Media Management Tools 2024
To help you choose the best and most suitable social media management tool I have created a list of the best social tools in the industry and given you their basic details.

So, without breaking anything more here learn how these top 10 free social media scheduling tools for 2024 can ease your social accounts management work:

1. Adobe Content Scheduler

Everybody needs a free tool to schedule social media posts and get rid of the need to open new taps for all the social media networks just for posting the same content on a selected time which is perfect for reaching your audience (most of your followers).

As Adobe is providing more than just a tool, their free social media scheduler is one of their best services to help you be productive.

In the free plan of Adobe Social Media Scheduler app, you can enjoy:

  • 2GB storage
  • Ability to create posts on mobile and web
  • Access to thousands of templates and design assets
  • Adobe’s Stock photos
  • 2K+ unique Adobe Fonts
  • Basic Editing

The only bad side of this tool is you get to post 2 free posts every month and then you have to pay for adding more than 2 posts in schedule. However the paid plan is not that pricey, you can get it for $9.99/month (when paid annually) and enjoy unlimited possibilities.

2. Hootsuite

https://hootsuite.com/: While many other bloggers are saying that this is not the #1 thing for social media management tools, I must say that they are wrong.

Because Hootsuite is not paying them for referring customers they are saying the wrong words about it and still using it for themselves. I recommend you take Hootsuite's trial plan without paying a penny and check it out. It's the best-ever social media management tool. It is an enterprise-level social media management tool and more than 10 million people have used it.

With many comprehensive and standard features, it can help you manage your social media accounts from one place and schedule your updates. Hootsuite is Trusted by 800+ Fortune 1000 companies and this is why I say that it's the best one.

With Hootsuite, you can track the performance of your social updates and know your ROI (return on investment). You can know more about your conversations of every social media campaign by knowing insights like conversations by keyword, hashtag, and location and in multiple languages.

With its 30-day free trial, you can enjoy the best-ever social media marketing and management dashboard service. So try it now.


https://www.ifttt.com/: With a mission to connect your every social app and business app works seamlessly for you, IFTTT is making a platform for social influencers and marketers to spend less time on sharing their content and updates on social media accounts.

They are offering many different kinds of tools to manage your social media and other business apps. If you are getting bothered by sharing content and updates on different accounts and want a tool to post every update for yourself then this tool is here.

All you have to do is just connect every social channel with your IFTTT account and post an update to any of your social account, being the coolest free social media management tool IFTTT will post that update to every connected website and app.

It means you can easily automate your social activities and don't have to waste your precious time on opening new taps, pasting URLs and then sharing an update and if you use a voice assistant then you will get more tools to use for it with IFTTT.

You can even use modern devices with IFTTT like Philips Hue, Amazon Alexa and more like that to really automate everything and be the best ever tech guy in your town. No doubts that IFTTT is free and don't ask you to pay for their services, yet its the best tool to automate your social media accounts and easily manage them.

But for getting insights you have to use other tools, so read below.

4. Meet Edgar

https://meetedgar.com/: As you know that all the best social media management tools require some type of work from you and they need you to at least post something so that they can give you insights or post to other networks on your behalf.

But this not the case when you use MeetEdgar, it is one of the best kind social media management tools which is making it a lot more easier for everybody to manage every social account.

All you have to do is just share and schedule posts you want to get published on different platforms and Edgar will set the evergreen sharing which is the power thing in this service.

With Unlimited content library, Native video support, Color-coded categories, Shorten links and clicks tracking, Uploading and editing in bulk, Browser extension, RSS feed support and Auto-expiring content you can set all your social media to account management needs on autopilot.

This is the best ever social media management tool for viral blogging and when you are posting evergreen content that is not going to expire and this tool will let you get more and more traffic on your website by re-purposing your content.

5. Agorapulse

https://www.agorapulse.com/: Like our above mention this platform is also leading other networks for scheduling and automating the process of social shares.

You can set everything on autopilot by using their robust evergreen content publishing system and you can add your evergreen content in groups at ones and then select hours of the day and forget it.

It will do the rest and make sure you are getting traffic to your website and more followers because of the evergreen content re-sharing. Agorapulse is also giving you a social inbox like other best free social media management tools (its not free) so you can answer to your clients and users answer from one place.

With social media calendar and social ads reporting you can get insights into your social media updates in a clean and beautiful way.

If you love to have all your social accounts at one place and manage them from one place then you can use Agorapulse for scheduling content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other two big fishes LinkedIn and Google+ are also available. Many influencers call it an all-in-one social media management tool and it's worth a try.

6. Buffer

https://buffer.com/: Buffer is a competition to Hootsuite and many other social media management tools as this is the platform that is most famous in eCommerce and digital marketing industries.

With its free to paid plans, you can schedule updates for all the famous social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. You can also set RSS feed updates to auto-update your new blog posts and get social analytics for better understanding your audience.

With Buffer's video and other visuals uploading system, you can easily upload your media and schedule it. They also have a social media calendar to organize your updates and set schedules as you want to publish on your accounts, pages, and profiles.

The best thing about Buffer is you can avail the world-class customer support to know more about Buffer and get more help to understand how Buffer works and how you can make more out of this tool.

7. Quuu

https://www.quuu.co/: It was started as a content suggestion tool to suggest content and then publish on autopilot to your social channels.

However, it's now able to give you more powerful tools like scheduling your own posts and also using their best ever feature "Content Recycling" you can automate your social sharing.

Their social media scheduler is not a basic social media scheduler and they are offering content suggestions inside their social media scheduler which is making Quuu unique in other best social media management tools list.

However, their content recycling system is also best and you can share updates then click on leaf and your updates will be added to your content library making Quuu able to post your evergreen updates more often on your selected terms and you can set an expiry date for seasonal updates. So its also worth a try when you want suggestions and social media management and automation together.

8. Socialoomph

https://www.socialoomph.com/: If you are looking to automatically boost your social media productivity and use a simplified tool for this then Socialoomph is perfect you.

It will deliver your messages and updates to all of your social channels at once and you don't have to check whether it was posted or not. From Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Tumblr to RSS feeds and your blog posts you can set everything to update on every channel and get insights.

They are serious about social media management and they are offering many rare insights like Twitter mentions, Keywords and also they are offering social media updates by email which is a unique and best feature when you have a staff to use your social media management tools.

With their RSS to Blog and auto-feed feature, you can even do more. Just give it a try.

9. Dlvrit

https://dlvrit.com/: It was a basic RSS to Social tool and after gaining some user base it was updated with mot exciting tools and now it is best for a small business owner to manage all the social media networks at one platform.

You can connect Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media networks to post automatic updates on 12+ networks. You can also easily set your RSS feeds for auto-sharing from blog posts to social media accounts.

Wit custom short links and auto hashtags you can make more use of Twitter and get insights. You can also use their free Browser Extension with Optimized Schedules and easily Queue Posts.

Dlvrit also provides Engagement Stats, Automated Text Editing and Recycle Content to keep your social media management straightforward and cleaner with the latest updates from your evergreen content.

10. Sprout Social

https://sproutsocial.com/: This is the best solution for Enterprises and Agencies as it is allowing you the power to collaborate with your team and complete tasks.

With their next level reporting of conversations, updates, new contacts and more like that you can easily know whether your updates are converting or not.

From publishing, engagement to analytics you got the power to manage your social media profiles with Sprout Social and use their free trial to test out the services.

Here our list of 10 Best Free Social Media Management Tools in 2024 is ending and we hope that you are loving it and going to check out some of the above best social media management tools.

If you want to know more about social media management then comment below and ask your questions or you can stay connected with us and we will keep you updated with the latest information and tips.