Top 6 Surprising Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the #1 key to success for most digital marketing influencers and all of them are using it to deliver their brand more reconciliation of readership and power to rank in search engines.

Still, some bloggers and internet marketers think that guest blogging is dead and no more works for branding and rankings on search engines. 

Well I will say yes, its dead and not work for the people who can't give their best to it. Yes, if you can't really give your best time to guest blogging it will not help you to standout or have your brand recognized in a wider audience. It is dead for bloggers who can't really create great content or not able to approach best blogs and publishers to get their content published on the right spot of the internet and online marketing world.

There is also a myth about posting content as a guest poster and that is why we should spend our precious time on writing for some other blogs then creating a new blog each day? and the answer is laying down with 6 benefits of guest blogging:

Top 6 Surprising Benefits of Guest Blogging

1. Backlinks

The most amazing and the best ever benefit you can get by posting guest blog posts is getting backlinks for your personal blog or your business website.

Even, when guest blogging was founded (we don't know the date) everybody thought that this is the key to dominate search engines as all the search engines working on backlink profiles and ranking websites on their backlinks quantity then quality.

However things has been changed since so many coders and internet scientists born to give it a quick jump. Now we really don't have to build much backlinks to rank our blogs or blog posts. We can rank them without even a single backlink, but when we have some quality and real backlinks created with legal ways will defiantly boost our rankings by following all the rules of blogging. We can have these type of backlinks on our guest blog posts:

  • Social media profile links
  • Personal blog or business website links
  • Video or Video channel links
  • Links to our recent blog posts for better link juice to our links on that posts

As guest blogging was about creating backlinks on authority websites and giving them the quality content in exchange, this is also applicable here today and all of us doing it just to get a backlink to our blog or business website.

By the way the bad thing is guest blogging for link-building is now very difficult as blog owners are not being agreed to add do-follow links in the blog posts offered by their guest posters. To reduce this issue and have your link there on a authority blog which can boost your leads and rankings its recommended to pay their fee and ask for a live, do-follow and forever live backlink.

Its good for you and for that blog you are going to publish guest post on. Another thing is guest posting backlinks are worth millions than commenting links, but you have to create a successful guest blogging strategy to win hearts of bloggers and readers.

2. Social Media

Social media networks is really dominating the internet marketing and now most of the eCommerce giants and the startups are using social media networks and apps to get their clients and users on their platforms with more targeting options and less spending.

Following digital marketing trends, guest blogging is here to benefit you from your social media profiles. How? well there are two major things we all wants people to do at our social media profiles and they are:

  • Follow us
  • Share our content
  • Comment

As we are talking about guest blogging, the best part of this method is to get more social media followers. All you have to do is just create quality content and post on an authoritative blog which can drive traffic to your blog post.

So that you will get more social media followers and if you keep them updated with more engaging content then they will stick to your profile and follow your foot-prints. So that you can convert that followers to your own site visitors, readers and loyal clients to your services.

3. Leads Generation

Lead generation via guest blogging is one of the mysterious things which most of the digital marketers are still not aware of, and they are spending dollars on this via CPA (cost per action) platforms and through online advertisement.

If I say that you shouldn't waste your money and use your time instead of money to get 100% qualified leads via blogging, what you will say? I think you will say that it takes much time to get one single lead via blogging so that you will spend money and get leads rather than waiting for months. Sure, its a great answer and accurate one.

However, still you are wrong. How?

The answer is you can do guest blogging rather than blogging. Yes, guest blogging is more powerful weapon to generate leads than blogging about your product on your business website. It is the key to make customers trust you and think that you are everywhere that means you are real and legit. As you know people buy things online after seeing their reviews and checking offers from other businesses, but they end-up buying things from a platform they think is #1 for any selective niche or industry.

How they will think that your brand is loyal and your product is great? they will read blog posts and reviews about it with different topics, so that they will find you and you again and again - which is the power of guest blogging and this way you will get more and more leads without spending money but using your mind and blogging skills.

4. Web Traffic

Why link-building? what is the benefit of social media followers and how we will get more leads? for these three and all related questions my answer is: Web Traffic.

Yes, the only thing which can give you customers and loyal readers is web traffic generate from the guest blog posts. I know its not easy to get traffic from a guest blog post but its not impossible. If you can write a good quality article and publish that article on a relative niche blog with high traffic or at-least good traffic then you may receive some hits to your website. When you will get some hits, now its your time to get your customer by showing him a call to action or suggesting your product in his second page-view on your website. Why second page-view?

Because I recommend that you should keep your products on the 2nd page or at-least give the visitor some time to think what you are offering and how it will benefit him. You can have a popup box on time (after 15 seconds of page-load) or show a review article of your product on your website in first visit of a new visitors. This way you can easily convert that visitor to customer.


When you submit and publish a guest blog post, there's a chance that your article will have some comments in its first days after its published and those comments will be from the relative readers, bloggers and experts. There are x types of people who will comment on your guest blog post:
  • Audience of blog on which you are publishing a guest blog post
  • Relative audience of other related blogs
  • Industry experts
  • Your friends and people who care about you or the blog where your article is published
Maybe you will get some anonymous comments too but here we have to stick to the industry expert' comments. As that comments are gold for us and we have to reply to that comments to make them visit our website/blog and checkout what services we are giving for respective industry. We can also ask industry experts to comment on the guest blog post and suggest their tips or add a call-to-action and let them ask more questions so that you can answer them and have more quality in your guest blogging strategy for more benefits to you as it will increase your authority and worth of voice.

6. Brand Awareness

Last but not the least. I know every bloggers uses this line for the last point but I am sure that you will love this line at this article because every brand owner wants his product to be everywhere so he/she can easily target more and more customers or followers. If you are one of those brands which are relying online for getting new customers and spending money on digital marketing with email, advertising and other promotional methods then you should be aware of one free method of increasing brand awareness.

All you have to do is create a list of best performing blogs in your niche or industry and contact their owners or editors to know whether they are accepting free guest posts or sponsored content. If they are accepting any of these two methods then you should hire a content writer and ask him to write an outstanding article on relative topic to that selective blog then add some images and resource links with you bio and website link then send it to the blog owner or its editor.

If they are agreed to publish if for free then its great but if they ask for a fee, don't hesitate to pay fare price as people love reading blog posts about products and services of every brand. If you can give your customers a way to read about you in a positive manners than you will be able to increase brand awareness and have more sales.

If you are still thinking about guest blogging and benefits of guest blogging than don't forget to leave a comment with your questions and I will answer you asap.