How I Increased My Blog's Traffic by 83% in one Night

How are you dear? Its 12:00 AM of today's night when I am writing this article just for you, as I got 83% high traffic by implementing some quick techniques (which I will show in this article) last night.

This is not a fake story here, nor a random post with some basic traffic generation tips. Its my case study which I discovered last night, when my blog's traffic was dramatically goes on top of Eiffel tower.

If I compare that traffic curve with previous months, I can say it was the highest number I get in 2016. That's why I am here writing this article for you my loyal reader, so you can learn something great for getting more traffic on blogs.
How I Increased My Blog's Traffic by 83% in one Night
I also increased my earnings, because earnings depends on your blog's traffic and the type of traffic. If you got new visitors to your blog you will get leads. Absolutely returning visitors can give you the money but not as the new ones.

So! Always try to get new visitors and don't forget to cover your returning visitors too. Let's read about traffic generating steps and get ready for the huge flow.
Increase blog Traffic by 83% in one Night
Today I am going to show you the exact, tried, tested and proven strategies to get high traffic on your blogs.

Read what you can do/earn with high traffic:
  • More traffic means more money
  • More traffic means more customers
  • More traffic means more authority and value
  • More traffic will increase productivity and pros will follow you
  • People will ask about your traffic generation methods and much more
There are many other rewards come with traffic, therefore I am here to share my love with you all. May this case study can help you a little, so let's start reading my first strategy.

Quick-blog-commenting method

You can't trust me on this tip, but really it works (at least for me) and I bet it works for you too, if you implement it religiously like me.

No! This is not that way you are thinking right now. It is something different and you can't find this trick anywhere else.

Well, commenting on blogs is a finest method to generate quality backlinks. It also brand your self. Here's an example on "how to leave a worthy comment"
Hi dear admin, I got few questions about your article. Tell me where you find above information (any source) or show me the exact stats, so I can create my presentation. BTW Thanks for the article.
Above comment seems to be legitimate, read how a spam comment will look like:
 Hello admin, I like the post, read my recent post (link to your post with anchor) thanks

Usually I delete these type of comments from my blogs, and approve only legit ones. Because that type of comments (2nd example) makes no sense at my blogs and may ruin my SEO efforts.

After learning the types of blog comments, now read where to comment or you can say what type of blogs you can use/select for quick commenting method.

Here the relevance comes in. You just have to find some niche blogs which are in your same niche. To be relevant, you have to comment on relative blogs. For an example:
You are a tech blogger and want to comment for getting visitors, where you'll comment? Probably on a tech related blog not on health niche blog.

In my case, I'll only comment on those blogs which are fulfilled with content related to SEO, Writings, Traffic generation, SMO, Make money etc.

I can't take a risk by commenting on fitness blog with a backlink to my blogging niche blog. It means don't comment on irrelevant blogs, and do comment on relative blogs.

How quick commenting method works?

Here's the main thing.

To get targeted and loyal readers you have to get them from other blogs.
I just realized that: Having traffic from authority blogs (even from comment links) is better then having some click from Google.
That's why now I started commenting on my same niche blogs. (no I never spam them)

It's a very simple method, just create a list with some top and quality blogs in your niche. For this you can Google like me:
10 blogs for home decor
That's the Google search results page for search term top "10 blogs for home decor".

Forget the year and open the list >> open blogs and check the comment section. If the comment form is available then list that blog in your quick-commenting list.

You can take note of all that blogs (which provides option to comment) using notepad in your device.

Now, don't make any schedule for commenting as Matt Cutts said:
If you just doing regular organic comments and not doing it as a “OK, I have to leave this many comments a day every single day because that’s what I’m doing to build links to my sites,” you should be completely fine and it’s not the sort of thing you should be worried about it all. via
To be to far from link-spam shit, don't comment on daily basis or don't comment on all blogs you listed in notepad file.

Our goal is to drive traffic from blog commenting in quick manners, right? so do it for this.

Like you can set an eye on listed blogs in your niche. When they update their blogs with new blog post, its time to shout comment.

Beware: Don't leave any comment with backlinks or without reading the body text. Add some questions in your comment and give a reason to admin for approving your comment.

As a blogger,

You are well aware, that how a new blog post got quick readers. To take advantage from that readers, you have to follow some blogs like you follow your girlfriend.

Do it just 2/3 time in a week and don't spam any blog with bullshit comments. Always comment with a question and like a newbie.

Some tips in the end:

I hope this will help you for getting some visits.

With just one night work I have increases traffic rate of my niche blog by 83%.

But all that comments where responsive and got reply by admins. As I have added different questions in comments and I comment on that blogs after reading the main point of new blog posts.

I choose new blog posts for commenting as I may have a chance to be first commentator on fresh blog post and the first comment can get higher click through rate. Which means I get more comments in some hours.

Make sure:
  • You have your name with a link back to your blog (not blog name with backlink)
  • You read the main point (body text) of blog post you want to comment for
  • You have one question to ask admin (if you don't have you can find by reading the article)
And also make sure you have words to say on comments. As if you leave same comment on 3/4 blogs it will considered as spam.

Try and get readers. Thanks for your time, I will update this article with more tips. Pray for me and comment your views on this article :)