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How to Make Money Blogging • Complete Guide

Let's learn How to Make Money Blogging - with complete guidance and purely working methods. If you don't want to earn money then you can happily skip this article or read it and get paid monthly.
Are you searching for some ways to make money blogging?

If yes, then you are at right place and perfect article.

As you can see this blog is now 2+ years old and I got many payouts from this single blog, and from the first day I started sharing my secrets here.

Today I will show you how exactly we bloggers earn money from our blogs, and how you can too.

Keep in mind: This article is just for inspiration and to motivate you make money blogging.
How to Make Money Blogging • Complete Guide
If you can do hard work by following below steps, you will start earning money within few days. Also! I bet you can earn money by doing blogging even if you are failed many times.

How a thinker become blogger?

Yes! That thinker was me.

I was like "what is internet"? and how we can watch videos/tv show on this Monitor connected with an PTCL (landline) cable and modem.

It was a beautiful morning when I got to know that is a search engine we can use for searching anything on internet. Guess what I searched on Google? the term was "How To Make A Webpage for Free" and I got many search results (10 on main page and 8/11 at ads) and created many blogs with own name.
It all was the story of 2011, you can read more at About Owner page.

Check the quick headings for blogging success

Here's the step-by-step guiding ways to tell you "how you can start earning money trough your blog". You will get significant information about all these headings (especially 5th) as you scroll down the scroll bar.

Follow below steps:
  1. Learn how to setup a blog
  2. Read how you can create unique content
  3. Generate more traffic and engage people
  4. Take your blog to the next level
  5. Find working monetization systems
Is it too much?

Don't worry I have tons of options for you here, you just have to read this article like you read books in nights of exams.

This guide is pure and without any affiliate or refer to earn link. You can enjoy success and only your success. Now read about first step towards blogging earnings.

1. Learn how to setup a money making blog

Creating a blog is now like a game of childrens, everyone can create a blog with no money and technical knowledge.

If you don't have one then follow below guide:
  1. Open a new-tab and go to
  2. Sign-in using your Gmail account and create your first blog there
  3. You can choose title and URL of your blog
If you want to read a descriptive guide you can check my previous article on How To Start A Blog on Blogger.

2. How to create unique content for blog posts

You have create one blog, and now you can start creating blog posts. Wait! You know about how to post? or how to create quality content that people love to read?

Open notepad and start writing about what you can write on. After having some keywords, you can then search on Google for relevant information.

Just make sure the content your produce for your blog is worthy and not available at other blogs. However you can't create content without inspiration.
Don't go for bullshit methods of creating content like buying, spinning or coping. Do hard work and search around the web, also try to read at least 10 articles per day from top blogs in your niche/topic.

You have to create the content on your own. It helps you in coming days and will lead you to the money making time. As you get more readers you will be asked "how you create the content?".

3. Generate more traffic & engage people

Traffic means money!!!

If you have traffic on your blog it will convert (send you money) and as much as you got the targeted traffic money will come. The pain is how we can get targeted traffic and how to make readers return on our blog?

Returning visitors can boost our traffic, so more people will be engaged:
  1. Add a subscription box in your blog
  2. Ask readers to follow you via social medias
  3. Encourage them to leave comments
  4. Reply to comments and solve problems
Getting tons of traffic doesn't mean to have great impact on blog earnings. You have to save that traffic for later use.

Give rewards or freebies to your new visitors and in return ask them to follow you via email newsletter delivery. So you can have a great RSS feed subscription, which will help you to get targeted traffic.

4. Take your blog to the next level

It's all about REPUTATION!!

Make it before diving into money making ideas. Reputation and authority are keys to success online, and depends on your hard work and dictation.

Take inspiration from well-know pro bloggers like's admin and others.

Keep clean and stay without ads for at least 6 months after you post your first article. Still you can earn money through your blog, for first 6 months - that time is to increase traffic and trust to make authority.

When you think, you have great following and great newsletter subs list with authority to write on any topic in the niche you are blogging about. Then you can do what is written below.

6. Monetize your blog with working systems

All set,

Its time to show people how you can earn money, yes I am here to show you how |we| bloggers are earning money and how you can earn too.

As you know there are tons of ways to earn money through your blog such as displaying ads, selling direct ad spaces and more, this article is not like-that here you can open more doors for making more money through your blog.

Without more guilty text, I would like to show the exact methods and strategies, so let's get started by reading below.

1. Display ads, Text ads and Direct ad spaces selling

After setting up any blog, all the blog owners thinks that the advertisement is the only for earning money online by their blogs. They even don't think about other ways available and many individuals are doing for making money blogging.
!! Advertisement is the greatest source for bloggers to earn money from their blogs with ease and without any headache, because there are many platforms available for handling the technical stuff such as Google adsense and others.

It is simple: you just signup and add the code in your blog, that platforms handle all other things like your mom :)
Here's how you can earn money by doing advertising the right way and then I will tell you about other methods too. First read about the types of advertisements on blogs:
  • Display ads / flash ads or images
  • Text ads
  • Direct ads
Now start with reading about display ads.

Where to start with display advertisement?

If we talk about display advertisements, the Google adsense come first.

As you can see below:
This statistic shows the leading display advertising networks in the United States
This statistic shows the leading display advertising networks in the United States as of July 2015, ranked by share of U.S. online audiences reached. Via

And here's how you can get started with the Adsense:
  1. Go to and click on signup button there
  2. Now fill the form professionally and add your blog URL there, payee name and add other details too
  3. Submit the request, if your blog comply with policy of Adsense, they will accept you in the program in 7 working days (maybe more)
Yeah! You was accepted by Google Adsense?

Let's open the Adsense dashboard and navigate to my ads tab, then create an ads code and copy that code to paste at any area of your blog.

If you was rejected by Adsense you can try other alternatives to Adsense such as:

    A Yahoo and Bing ads network with great interface and awesome features. It sometimes shows ads just like Google adsense does.

    A well-known ads network you can use for free. It also a great alternative of Google adsense

    This ads network might not a famous one. But it is useful as many pro bloggers are using it right now.
I recommend you to improve your blog more and apply again for Google adsense, because Adsense is a great way to earn money without and hassle.

Text ads for blog monetization

If you are not satisfied with display advertising you can check text-ads-network too. Also if you are happy with display ads and want to increase your earnings you can use try to add text ads. is only a trusted and tested network (in my case) for text advertising.
  1. Open Infolinks website and signup using your email address
  2. Submit your blog URL and wait for reply by Infolinks
  3. Integrate your blog and earn :)
It is also a best alternative and use able network to Google adsense. As it don't harm your blog or adsense account. You can use this network with Google adsense and other networks.

With more click-through rate you can earn more money. Only the headache is you have to generate huge traffic for getting some bucks from Infolinks.

Direct advertisement for blogs

This is a safest solution for generating money through your blog just for impressions.

It all depends on you who you want to use your blog and who you want to be in rest-line. You can choose what type of ads can be displayed on your blog and what type of ads can't.

Well! The networks and solutions for everything is available here on internet, also for direct advertising their are many networks you can use for free. is one of the best programs where people pay you dollars just by placing their ads on your web-pages (blogs).

All the advertiser buy your ad-spaces just by seeing a rough estimate of impressions your blog receives in one month.

The amazing thing is you can set the price for ad spaces and you can add as much ads-spaces you want, on any page of your blog.

Fixed price for your ad-spaces can make you a monthly paid person, like if you set $35 price for single space and you have 4 ad-spaces. Then in the end of any month you will receive an hoping money with digits $140.

Is that not amazing, you can set anything like you want and no-one ask you any question or broke you down.

If you want any alternative to BSA you can give a try to

2. Sell E-books on your blog

It is something writes can do easily.

If you are a professional in any field you can write an E-book for sure. I know you didn't done this before, but you can think - you can write.

An E-book is all about secret-realness and information in a story telling mood. People love to read offline digital books in PDF format and that files called e-books.

Take this example:
  • Suppose you are a health blogger and blogging for some years. People trust on you and you have great social media following.

    Now its the time create an book full of secret health tips with many pages (not too many) and sell on blog with giving some sneak-peaces to readers.
As you can see on many blogs: 
Sell ebooks online and get paid with your blog
They sell e-books for a fixed price and reduce the price when you select bundle.

For example: If you where agree to buy 3 books, they will reduce their price or give you three ebooks in the price of 2. It means you got one for free and they got a happy customer and two book sells in one deal.

If you want to sell your books without any headache of book hosting and money collecting, you can try some online stores for free such as

3. Give services to blog readers

It is a great way for webmasters and pro bloggers to get some money by converting readers into costumers.

Suppose you are a SEO (search engine optimizer) who have authority in the field and can satisfy new costumers.

You can start free coaching online with making videos on basic SEO tips and helping some newbies to rank their blogs in Google.

After having some testimonials, you can then start paid classes for advanced SEO training. As you trained some newbies for basic SEO and it was helpful for them, they will instantly join your paid classes.

After that you can create full courses and upload on or other websites. When someone buy your course you will be paid by the platform you use for selling course.

Don't want to sell your course/video tips? you can upload on after uploading apply for Google adsense and start showing ads on your videos. When the ads on your videos clicked by any watcher you will paid by Adsense.

There are many other services you can give to readers/clients as a Pro in your niche. For a webdeveloper/blogger the services will be categorized like:
  • SEO service (ranking in serps)
  • Web-design services (template/theme and other)
  • Hosting services and domain registration
  • Social media optimization (getting likes, shares, comments and reach)
So on,

You can give services to readers in any field, like if you are a pet-blogger you can give services like selling/buying pets, selling best foods for pets, selling mini homes for pets etc.

Your own choice:

Think what you can do as a hobby and on daily basis?

Because a doctor can advise about critical health issues and a fitness trainer can advise on common health issues not a tech-blogger.

If you are engineer try to blog about engineering and start consulting business for new students at engineering not at medical.

Don't follow others methods for earning money online by blogging. I know Loans and Car Sell type of keywords has high CPC rates. But if you are a event-blogger or any other you can't blog on Loans niche.

Focus on what you can do and I am 200% sure you can earn money and make money blogging.

Hope for the best and stay connected for more helpful posts and tips on making money online. Thanks for reading.

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