Top 5 Alternatives to Google Adsense

Without any doubt, we all know Google Adsense is a leading platform in online advertising.

Top 5 Alternatives to Google Adsense

You can easily get an Adsense account if your website/blog complies with Google Adsense Terms. But if you are rejected from Google Adsense multiple times then you should try the below Top 5 Killer Alternatives To Google Adsense for getting most of your blog.

Google Adsense is a leader in making money field most website/blog owners use it for earning passive income but in our review, Google Adsense is not for newbies, Before applying for Google Adsense you have to get an excellent reputation on Google search engine, You have to make your blog SEO friendly and users friendly, Also you have to write professionally.

Ha! there are a lot more strict policies of Google Adsense so if you are searching for an alternative to Google Adsense then your on the best page for this search :)

So today I want to tell you the Top 5 Alternatives To Google Adsense for Bloggers and website owners, see the below list for more details.


The #1 alternative to Google Adsense is created by Bing and Yahoo in collaboration to compete with the rival Google Adsense for publishers.

This network is available for everyone to apply for and get accepted and it is easier to get a website approved in rather than in Google Adsense. So, it is a fruitful alternative.

It is providing you similar ad types (actually the same designs) that you see in Google Adsense and it provides you high CPC and CPM just like no other network could provide.

2, Buy Sell Ads (BSA)

Buy Sell Ads is not a PPC (Pay Per Click) program it's a direct banner ads program for people who got rejected emails from Google Adsense.

Also, Buy Sell Ads does not have a very strict policy for approving a website as Google Adsense, You can freely apply for Buy Sell Ads without any limit if you have a nice looking TLD (Top Level Domain) blog/site with lots of visitors and unique content then you can apply for Buy Sell Ads they will accept you in a very short period of time.

Requirements :

  1. Your blog/site must be fully launched, Not under construction.
  2. Your blog/site must getting 50k visitors in a month.
  3. Your blog/site must be in English language.
  4. Your blog/site must have professional look.
  5. Hacking-Cracking, Casino and illegal sites not allowed in Buy Sell Ads network.

3, Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion is also the best PPC network just like Google Adsense, Its best alternative to Google Adsense and Buy Sell Ads.

Also its earning is more than Google Adsense and Buy Sell Ads, But there is a problem with this top network its have strict policy's like Google Adsense, but if your site/blog comply with that Tribal Fusion's policy then you can earn lots of money,

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Requirements :

  1. Your blog/site must have good look (design).
  2. Your blog/site must have a top-level domain like .Com, .Net, etc not or
  3. Your blog/site must have fresh and updated content not prohibited and illegal.
  4. Your blog/site must have 500,00k monthly page views.

4, Infolinks

The very best and the most interesting ad network that is the best alternative to Google Adsense is Infolinks which let you show contextual ads and help you easily target high CPC keywords. All you have to do is just include relevant keywords in your articles and Infolinks will pick them to show ads.

You can read our guide on Infolinks.

5, Qadabra

Qadabra is the best banner ads network, Qadabra doesn't have a strict policy like Google Adsense, Tribal Fusion, and Buy Sell Ads you can freely signup up to Qadabra and start earning from it, If your blog/site is rejected by the above alternatives to Google Adsense then must try Qadabra, Even if you have very low traffic on your blog/site you can use it for earning some money.

Your Turn

Now it's up to you, you can choose any one ad network from the Top 5 Killer Alternatives To Google Adsense list above, If you are not satisfied with this list then leave comments.