10 Interesting Facts About Blogging

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About two-thirds of marketers say: That a blog is backbone of their businesses.

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10 Interesting Facts About Blogging
Did You Know ?::: "We-Blog" name was made by Jorn Barger and its a merge of two words, Web and Log. "Blog" was coined by Peter Mertholz.

10+ Interesting Facts About Blogging

1. Facts about Counting of Blogs

There are more than 1.55 billion blogs was created till date. A new blog is created somewhere in world in half a second. There are about 31 million people in the US who used to blog.

2. Facts about Age Group of Bloggers

Here is an interesting fact: Approximately 53% bloggers have dominated blogging in the age group of 21 to 35. It means, the youth is addict to blogging and online working.

3. Facts about Blogs Readers

Most people read blogs at morning and twice a day. Most blog readers read blogs at 7am to 10am. Blog sharing peaks at 7am and blog commenting peaks at 7:30am/8am.
Did You Know?::: The first blog was created: Links.net by Swarthmore college student Justin Hall.

4. Facts about Blogs Languages

More than 60% of blogs are in English language. Rest of blogs are in Urdu and other famous languages. English language is best for blogging in future.

5. Facts about Blogging Stats

20% of blogs are updated on daily basis. Only 40% blogs are active on Internet. Blogging 20 times a month will earn 2 times more traffic and money than the others.

6. Facts about Social Media for blogging

Bloggers on an average uses 5 social media platforms to promote their blogs. Most used social medias sites are Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
Did You Know?::: More than 80 languages are utilized in the blogosphere.

7. Facts about Leads by Blogging

Internet marketers say: They gain a 68% increase in lead generation over others that don't. According to B2B marketers: Blogs are the most valuable type of content on the internet.

8. Facts about Trusted Blogging

If you update your blog 20 times a month, than people will trust on you. Also they will purchase the products your prefer. Blogs will give you credibility and authority on the internet.

9. Facts about Blogging Platforms

7.1 million people blog on blogging sites like Blogger.com, WordPress etc, and the rest blog via social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. More than 65 million blogs are created by, using WordPress CMS.

10. Facts about Time Spending on Blogs

25% of Internet time is spent on blogs reading and social networking. It is best for professional bloggers, because they can earn money by reviewing products and referring others. It means: blogs can assist you in money and popularity.

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