Blogging for Beginners: 10 Pro Tips Before Starting A Blog

Blogging is something that can make your future bright and help you learn more about how internet works and how you can make more money online.

As in the blogging world, you can and write just about everything in real world and online life. As of today starting a blog is not that awesome thing as it was a decade back.

Now you can start a blog without paying a cent to hosting and script companies. There are hundreds of ready-made CMS and blogging platforms to start your first blog.
Blogging for Beginners: 10 Pro Tips Before Starting A Blog

There are free domains and free hosting providers, but the main thing is how we can get our blog in front of the right audience and how we can grow it. Everybody wants to earn money blogging and thus people are really working hard.

If you can follow these pro blogging tips and work on your weak points then I am more than 100% sure that you will be successful in your blogging journey.

So read this blogging for beginners guide with my top 10 steps you can follow easily:

1. Find Your Passion

Don't try your luck on high traffic topics and create some viral content.

Always try to find your passion and have at least 5 topics on which you can write every day for a longer period of time.

Like if you are interested in Sports then think about what type of sport you love to play. If its about Football then start a football-related blog.

On that blog, you can cover the latest football matches and give your reviews about players and teams. Make predictions and get your friends to share that blog posts on their social media profiles.

Here's how to find your passion so that your blog will not fail:
  • Leave everything and sit at your comfort zone
  • Take a deep breath and close your eyes
  • Now think about your most favorite thing
  • It can be anything, so just rank your favorite things and note down top 5
Now choose what is the best thing which is suitable for blogging and has a niche. You may be interested in eating cookies, but that's niche. You can talk about backing cookies, that's an awesome and high demand niche in the blogging world.

2. Choose A Name

I would say you have to search for a domain because choosing a domain name is not a more effective word.

As there are thousands of names already purchased with every TLD (top-level domain extension) and now basic and grammar word domains are not really available. You have to brainstorm a better domain.

It should represent your idea and the domain should be:
  • Unique
  • Memorable
  • Easy to spell
  • With TLD extension
Why TLD only?

Because in my experience only .com domains perform better even with low-quality content. So always try to find your blog name under the .com extension. Otherwise, other extensions are there.

3. Popular Blogs

It may surprise you, but you should take some time on finding relative blogs and create a list of popular blogs on your topic.

You should try Googling about it. For example:
  • Your topic of blogging is Football
  • Search on Google "Top Football Blogs"
  • It will show you a list of top 10 football blogs
Read through the list and open one by one. If you think that some blogs are related to your topic then note them in your own list and find others.

Create a list of top 10 popular blogs in your topic and start reading articles on them. Try reading at least 5/6 articles from each blog and understand their content type.

4. Select A Niche

Now as you are known for your topic and popular blogs under your idea. You have a great blog name. It's time to niche down your ideas and find a profitable blogging niche.

Why your topic of blogging is still not a niche? Because:
  • It can't create hundreds of blog posts
  • It's just an idea or topic and on your blog you have to post blog posts on many ideas and topics
  • Others will have a plus point on your blog and they will rank better since they have more ideas in the same niche
So, how I can select a niche when I already have selected the domain and topic of my blog?
  • You have to do a little research on popular blogs under your idea
  • Check what type of blog posts they are publishing on a daily basis
  • How their readers react to their blog posts and where their users are spending more time or leaving comments
  • Check their top blog posts with SEO tools and use Google keyword planner for getting their secret keywords
This way you will be able to know that what type of content you have to create and that type of content is your niche and the fool-proof plan of your blogging success.

5. Choose Your Blogging Platform

This is the real tough decision which you have to make. If you do research on what is the best blogging platform then nobody will tell you about an exact thing and many of them will be curious to send you on a web host with their affiliate link.

Every professional blogger is recommending WordPress as the best blogging platform. I also love WordPress as it's the easiest CMS (content management system) and it gives you wings whenever you need to fly.

However, for beginners at blogging I recommend to use Google Blogger platform. They are providing you the best ever services and you can easily customize every little bit of your blog.

If you know a little about coding and thinking to create next big thing then WordPress is your buddy. However, blogs are best at Google Blogger network as I am using it from since many years and happy with the network.

There are few reasons why I recommend Google Blogger:
  • No limits of blog posts, comments and pages
  • Most easiest blog template editing
  • Every tool is already installed and ready to use
  • We can add authors and even publish via email
  • Many free templates and we can add widgets too
  • The most exciting thing is we get unlimited bandwidth
So there's nothing like a problem when your blog starts getting thousands of visitors per day. Google Blogger will never let your blog go down.

The best part is your blog is hosted on Google servers so there will be no server down time and you can take your backups in low memory files. You don't have to pay for hosting and just with a domain you can have a great looking blog, even they are giving you free sub-domain.

6. Create A Content Plan

You have to create a content strategy and have a content calendar.

Why? because:
  • You have to frequently update your blog
  • Make solid readership and get your reader's trust
  • Don't run out of ideas and blog post topics
  • Engage your readers and reduce the bounce rate
These are some basic reasons why you create a content strategy. A basic content plan is here:
  • Update your old content
  • Always visit your list of popular blogs
  • Check what is trending now and also find evergreen topics
  • Try your best to write on evergreen topics but first publish the latest news
  • Do keyword research and find low competition keywords
  • Create a list of at-least 50 keywords and try to cover them all by creating blog posts on one or two keywords in one month
This will sky rocket the readership on your blog and your readers will be engaged to your content.

7. Generate Traffic

Now that's a hard part. But this is when you can take your blogging journey to the next levels and get people to know about your blog.

There are some basic ways to generate traffic on your blog:
  • Try leaving comments on relative blog posts on other blogs
  • Ask your friends to visit your blog and share blog posts
  • Submit your blog sitemaps to big search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!
  • Use your targeted keywords in meta tags
If you can then try social media marketing and invest some dollars on creating a following on Facebook and Twitter. It will help you gain traffic for long-term.

8. Create Your Slogan

A tagline or a slogan is something which makes it easier for your new readers to know what type of solutions you are providing or what type of problems you are solving through your blog posts.

For an example, you can use these type of taglines:
  • Get latest updates about football matches
  • Helping football lovers to stay updated
  • We guide footballs to be the next big names
I know, I am not that cool this time for creating a slogan.

Just give yourself a try and finding or creating a slogan for your blog will become the best and enjoying part of creating your first blog.

9. Monetization Strategies

Who wants to leave money on table?

Probably nobody and when your blog have enough traffic and people are really active at your blog then why you shouldn't monetize it and make money blogging?

There are some really simple and best ways to generate revenue on your blog:
  • Using display advertising with Google Adsense or BuySellAds
  • Publishing product reviews and getting paid via commissions on purchases or publishing paid product reviews
  • Creating sponsored content or collaborating with other brands
These are the very basic ways of monetizing your blog.

You can also put a "Subscribe via Email" widget and start creating your email list then send them the deals and make money through your affiliated links.

10. Blog Theme

As we say: Last, but not least!

Having a great looking blog with high quality content are two great ways to make your readers get back to your blog and have a long lasting readership.

But the pain of designing a great blog theme is a lot more than you think it is. So the best way to design a perfect blog theme or have your blog look amazing, you can buy themes or use free themes.

Here's how you can buy great blog themes:
  • Use Themeforest for WordPress and Blogger Themes
  • Use Fiverr or Freelancer to get your custom theme designed by a professional
If you want free themes then search for Free WordPress Theme or Free Blogger Template and you will get tons of freely available themes which you can use by giving proper credit to the designer and they will never charge you.

Final words: This is what I recommend to to you in a blogging for beginners guide and I hope that you liked my recommendations. If you need more you can comment below and if liked this article then do show your love by sharing it on your social media profiles. Thanks for the read!