8 Blog Post Ideas That Your Readers Will Love To Read

8 Blog Post Ideas That Your Readers Will Love To ReadBlogging is today's modern way of telling people a story and guiding them on any topic. As of today, there are thousands of blogs being created on every topic of life and beyond every blogger is updating his/her blog with new content on a selected topic.

But the problem they face is brainstorming the content ideas which we call blog post ideas. To come up with great blog post ideas every day and write about a new topic on the same niche is hard and takes time.

That's why I am here and giving you the secret of my own problem-solving technique which is allowing me to create new content every day for all of my blogs on different niches.

With this list of best 8 blog post ideas, you don't have to struggle for finding the next blog post idea which you can easily write on and have your blog get updates on a daily basis.

I am using this list to create new content and recommend you bookmark this page so you can visit and read this list of blog post ideas to generate or brainstorm hundreds of blog content ideas which will lead you to get more readers and awesome search engines rankings.

So let's get started:

1. Expert Roundups

Expert roundups on topics like blogging, SEO, content marketing, hosting and on any hot question in your respective niche can perform very very good as when your readers can read an expert roundup which is about their favorite topic and the best personalities in that topic are talking about their question.

I also use this method to create premium content and the best thing is I don't have to write anything but just an introduction to the expert roundup post. You can read my recent expert roundup on SEO and know how much big this content can make you. So if you liked this and want me to share how you can get experts to write their thoughts for your expert roundups then read below:
  1. Make sure your blog is standing at good rankings
  2. Make your blog theme professional looking and add about us page with success stories
  3. Choose a topic from your niche on which experts can suggest tips or give advice
  4. Go to Google Forms and create a free form
  5. You can add email, URL, name and answer fields on that form
  6. Send that form to the experts using their contact details like email or contact us page on their blogs
You should consider using a template to encourage experts to write for you and that can be like:
  • Hey!

    We are holding an expert roundup on ABC Topic.

    As you know we are a resource of ABC Topic and providing value to our readers through updating them with fresh and new information about ABC Topic.

    We are inviting you to be a part of our expert roundup and gain more exposure as you are an expert already, our readers will love to hear from you.

    You can get a free do-follow backlink to your blog and social media profile and plus this we will ensure you get the best position in the expert roundup blog post.

I use this type of template to send over to experts and ask them to be a part of my expert roundup blog post on any topic I am working for.

If you have a blog that is getting at-least 1K page-views per day then you can create an expert roundup and experts will definitely write for you.

2. Listicles

As of any other article type on the internet, listicles tend to do more and increase your audience in a dramatic way. People of all kinds love reading listicles on each and every topic.

Oops! I think should explain what is listicles and how we can spot them. So the explanation is: Listicles are the articles posted on websites and blogs with a title suggesting a list of topics, content, headings or methods or just the news and information.

Articles that are falling in listicles can be easily spotted on the internet and they start from "Top 10" or "10 Best" or relative blog post titles. For example, you can visit ListVerse a website famous for posting listicles and on the other hand, another great website is BuzzFeed which is spreading trendy topics on daily basis with news and entertainment-related content by using the power of listicles.

To me, its a science for content marketing and takes no time to create an outstanding blog that can generate thousands of readers and make them stick to the blog and come again and again for reading the new content. As listicles are attractive and attention seekers you should use this method to create blog post ideas and brainstorm some of the great topics in your niche, then create a list of things and write listicle which can generate you huge traffic. An example of generating blog post ideas having listicle mindset:
  • 10 ways to write great content
  • top 10 tips to engage your audience
  • 10 best products to buy now for your blog
  • 10 great solutions to get rid of jealousy
And the list goes on. You can brainstorm some really great blog post ideas having listicles in mind. So try it now.

3. How-to Guides

This is also a greatest blog post idea generate as it can be in every niche and all type of people loves to read this type of content and they actually search everywhere for such content.

All you have to do is first gain the best knowledge about a problem and then gain knowledge about how to solve or resolve that problem so you can actually help your readers find a good way of doing something.

Don't think that you can't create an how to blog post in your niche because there is must be something missing in every topic and niche of the whole world. For an example, to me, personal finance is a bad niche for writing how to blog posts or how to guides and I can write some of the best how to guides on personal finance which are written below:
  • How to get a personal loan
  • What is the procedure of getting a personal loan
  • What is a personal finance and why should I care?
So, this is how anybody can brainstorm a bunch of blog post ideas when he is on a niche which is not good for how-to articles but still can give you a long list of content which you can write on daily basis and stay your readers updated with fresh updates on your blog.

The only best way to generate free traffic (organic web traffic from search engines like Google and Bing) is writing how to guides as people really search for solutions and the internet is here to give them those solutions. So be a part of the online teaching community and give your tips on doing things as you do.

4. Interviews

Don't just interview experts or newbies in your industry and publish as a blog post on your blog. There's much work needed to be completed before you hit a celebrity or expert to answer your questions and format his answers into a blog post.

You have to create a set or relative questions around a topic and note them on a paper so you can then give little debate with your expert or celebrity and create an outstanding interview that can give real help to your readers.

You can do interview blog posts by asking relative and most exciting questions to experts in your industry and let them explain all those whys, hows and whats.

5. Case Study

This is the key-factor content market strategies to promote affiliated products on your blog and make huge money while you are telling the true story. All you have to do is just test out a product within your niche or industry and if the results are good enough then you are good to go for a case study blog post.

In a case study blog post you can explain what product you used to do that particular work and how that product or tool helped you. After that, you can explain the total blueprints and give a clear image of that product to your readers. So thus you will create purchasing decisions of your readers and make them convert into customers on your referred product from which you can earn your commissions.

Just make sure you are providing real and accurate information and not creating false case studies. People are awesome at spotting fake case studies so make sure you can write an in-depth case study with original content and research.

6. Beginners Guide

If you can dare then here's the best blog post topic idea which can lead you initial traffic on your blog. You can start posting beginner's guides on the first day of creating a brand new blog. As people from all around the globe love to read beginner's guides to do things like creating a blog, making cents online, downloading YouTube videos and more.

You can pick a small topic and have your say on that. But before posting beginner's guides, I recommend you do your background research and then write these guides as if you are not providing good and informative content which is a guide which should be real than your readers will leave your blog in their first visit. That's not cool??

Yes, the best way to conquer with your demanding audience and engage readers with your content you can give them value-able content and provide real solutions in a very basic way.

7. Product Reviews

There are dedicated review blogs for writing reviews about many different products but there's a catch. If you are blogging about an industry topic and you are not posting product reviews then you should start posting at-least one product review per month and increase your income. How it happens?

As you know that eCommerce is touching new heights and now everybody loves to buy things online. There are tools, products and different items of daily use in the home and in business that people buy online and they do research for those products and read product reviews before they actually buy one. As there are many dedicated blogs posting just product reviews, people don't really trust them and they want someone real (a blogger) to review those products and give actual information.

So, you can complete this gap and review some relative products on your blog which is an addition to your blog post ideas that your readers will love to read. You can also get your favorite products for free and give them a review post on your blog or charge product owners for publishing reviews. Keep in mind that if you start posting fake product reviews then soon your audience will leave you, so be genuine.

8. Guest Blogging

Last but not least.

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get free content and take your blog to the next level.

You can open your blog for guest contributions by creating a dedicated page about how other bloggers and content marketers can reach you for guest blog submissions and what are your guides and terms for publishing a guest post on your blog.

It is you who choose to publish a blog post or reject any article from submissions. There's no way to make it automate and sit back. If you accept every article which is low quality and is not a fit for your niche or industry then you may hit Google update which may result in low rankings or even you may face a de-index issue.

So beware and do guest blogging in a proper professional way.