Amazing Facts and Figures About the Global IT Industry

Amazing Facts and Figures About the Global IT Industry
The global IT industry is a multi-trillion dollar one.

North America and Asia account for around two-thirds of all spending in this industry.

This shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise – companies in more developed nations tend to have more resources at their disposal.

Key segments of this industry include:

Here are the key-segments of Global IT Industry and you should note-down these facts for a successful business plan:
  • IT services, such as the installation, repair, and maintenance of existing systems.
  • IT hardware. At the moment, we’ve reached a stage where tech is advancing at an exponential rate. It will be interesting to see what developments are made in the next few years.
  • Software, or the brains behind the tech. Software that incorporates artificial intelligence is capable of accomplishing a lot of things. We’ve come a long way since the basic DOS programs that could maybe perform a function or two.
  • Data Center Systems. This is another area where significant advances have been made. The TechJury team that created the infographic below found that data storage requirements are increasing at 40% per annum rate.
These stats are interesting if you own a company or are one of the big names in the industry. But what about the little guy?

The person that needs to work for a living. What are the career opportunities in this area like?

Infographic on Facts and Figures of the IT Industry:

Amazing Facts and Figures About the Global IT Industry Infographic

You can see that in the infographic as well. The earning potential is pretty good, and considering how the industry is advancing, career prospects are as well. Median salaries in this industry are double what you can expect to find in most other industries.

Also, it’s expected that the industry will grow by 13% between 2016 and 2026. That and the serious lack of skilled professionals in the cybersecurity industry make IT a very promising career option for the future.

If there’s one thing this industry lacks, though, it’s ladies. Around three-quarters of professionals in this industry are male. The gap is closing, but it is closing slowly.

Do you want to learn even more about the industry?

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