10 Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Attract Right Clients

Real estate marketing is changing with digital marketing solutions and all of the real estate marketers are turning to online world.

This is making huge impact on how people used to market their real estate businesses and hunt clients with right strategies.
10 Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Attract Right Clients

Having everything in mind I want to share with you some of my personal thoughts and ideas which I have studied from many real estate market research papers and case studies.

So let's get start with what works and how you can easily do real estate marketing for attracting right below who are willing to buy plots, houses and more or who are looking for the buyers.

1. Take Professional Photographs

If you are doing a business related to selling properties and targeting right below for this business then the most important thing which you always have to have in your mind is taking great quality and highly professional photos.

Yes, people do consider looking at pictures and then they decide and create plans to buy any real estate property or not. You can do it by:
  • Hiring a professional photographer
  • Hiring a real estate photographer (famous in your industry)
  • Buying a DSLR camera and trying different techniques (you can find on YouTube) to take your own photographs
  • Creating a book or an online gallery of your properties
These are some basic steps you can take to make sure your business is going to work and not get failed.

2. Create A Squeeze Page

Creating a squeeze page for your real estate business helps you to easily generate leads and then you can handle the rest of the work.

How you can create a squeeze page? here's the answer:
  • Go to Blogger.com or WordPress.com
  • Create a free blog and install any one-page theme
  • Now add titles with big and bold fonts and add engaging words
  • Add a video testimonial and include a CTA (call to action) button at the end of the page
Don't create too long pages. You just have to introduce your business and include on or as much as you can testimonials of your clients.

Then ask the visitor to call you with one click of the button (CTA) and you can include about us and contact us details too.

Marketers often call this type of pages "Lead Pages, One-page websites and more" and if we talk about low-cost and most effective real estate marketing tools then this technique is best from all of them.

You can add your photographs and property in that page and tell your squeeze page visitors that what kind of properties you have for them.

3. Use Real Estate Marketplaces

You don't have to create an all new website and invest on advertisement to get people to your business website and then read what you are providing in real estate services (squeeze pages are not websites).

Simply use a classified marketplace where you are allowed to post ads for free and here is the criteria for choosing the best platform:
  • Use classified marketplaces which are dedicated to just real estate, not like OLX
  • Check if they have a great website design (however it doesn't matter) but you should check if they are deleting spam and approving ads on criteria or people are doing spam there and they are not updating the website
  • Check if they are providing you a service for showing your ads to most of the people looking for such kind of services as you are providing with paid ads
What you have to do is just post your available property for sale on these websites and include your lead page URL too.

You can use their contact us form to get more details and let them create a business plan for you. There are some companies providing custom solutions, so ask them.

4. Do Content Marketing

For making authority over the market you must have to do some content marketing and do it professionally on a scale.

What content marketing for real estate business is? here's the answer:
Its something like creating content (articles, photos, videos and PDFs) for others who are publishing them with sufficient audience and they can be blogs, websites and platforms.
What you have to do is just watermark your photographs and make them useable for commercial use without asking for permission or you can include them in articles which you can publish on other blogs.

You can also write content for blogs and include your squeeze page link (ask them before sending the content over) and also you can create free PDF guides on buying or selling or just include some tips and upload that PDF eBooks on free reading platforms.

This is the most exciting and trending way of marketing your real estate business online. So try it now.

5. Social Media Marketing 

How we can forget social media in real estate marketing? this is properly the easiest and best free way to market just about any kind of business to the right audience.

As our main purpose is to target right clients for selling real estate properties, we have to use right kind of social media platform and in my views and as per as professionals thinks "Instagram" is the right social media network to get lots of leads.

How to use Instagram for getting leads? here's the answer:

  • Use hashtags and include your squeeze page link in every post
  • Like other relative posts and comment on them
  • Always take fresh and attractive photos which can get shared by other users
  • Include a little watermark on every image you post and that watermark should have your contact details and details of what you sell
Post 2/3 images on a daily basis and keep your Instagram account fresh with latest updates. You can use Twitter and Facebook too, but Instagram is super effective in this kinda business.

6. Create A Page on Google

Getting your business of the ground at online world is the most difficult and yet the easiest task which you must have to complete.

As whenever someone search about a relative services, product or thing you have to make them see you in Google.

So to do that you can easily create a business page at Google and this can be done by:

  • Going to google.com/business and adding your details
  • They will send you a confirmation later to confirm your address
  • After that, you will have your own official business page hosted at Google servers
  • This page will start showing in the search results with the right keywords and to right people
This will increase your chances of beating the competition and getting more clients without spending money on ads.

7. Use Billboards

No doubts that billboards do convert. But we have to use them accurately and creatively.

So what we can do with billboard advertising to get seen by the right clients and increase leads? here's a technique:
  • Use local billboards to advertise
  • Get clean and wide photographs without junk
  • Have your company name and services mentioned on the banner with big fonts
  • Use light colors for the background image and dark colors for text
  • Advertise on billboards with having a distance in mind, don't put ads on every 2nd billboard.
You can have a billboard showing your ad on every 20 to 50 kilometer and this can be good if you are 2/3 big cities.

If you are a small real estate business owner who is providing his services in one city then billboard advertising is best for you as you can get more clients with little spending. You can purchase 3/4 billboards in the whole city and locations like public parks, bus stops and landmarks can be good for you.

8. Purchasing Newspaper Ads

Yes, this may surprise you. But it still works for real estate and matrimony businesses. Yes, insane but it works for these two businesses.

So, jokes apart. If you are serious about getting more clients then use of newspaper ads can get you done this.

There are some benefits to purchasing newspaper ads for real estate business:
  • They can count exactly how much people will see and read your ad and they can ensure local advertising
  • Nowadays you can advertise in offline newspapers and have your ads on their websites too
  • Some newspapers can provide you with on-going  promotions as some people read today's newspaper the next day and some on next week
Yes, it happens. So you will keep on getting calls for up to one month.

However, this is the oldest and most effective way of marketing houses for sale. So use it and scale your business.

9. Providing Referral Offers

Having a handsome referral system can sky-rocket your business and you have to do it carefully.

You shouldn't try to fool people with any kind of referral offer. What you have to do for better business is:
  • Give a gift card or discount to people who refer their friends to your business
This is the only way to organize a competition for your competitors and make them think for while.

Also, keep in mind that this way you may encounter low sales. So do it professionally by closing a deal and after getting paid you can offer your client a 5% or lower cashback when he/she successfully refers to his/her friend to your business.

10. Give Commissions 

Last but not least, as everybody said!

You can start hiring freshers without any experience and study background. Ask them if they can go out and talk with people.

If they say yes, train them and let them get clients from different parts of the city you are operating in and tell them that they can earn as much as they work.

You can give them 1% to how much you can afford on per client commission. This will be enough for a college student who is looking to get experience in the field and also need financial help.

Like if a student got successful in cracking a deal for $100K and you have to give him 1% of the sell, he will get paid for $1K which is enough for his studies and more than he can earn with a daily 9 to 5 job.

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So, what kind of technique you think is best to market a real estate business?

If you think this article is great then share it with your friends and if you have questions then ask in the comments form below.