6 Worst Facebook Marketing Mistakes and Their Solutions

6 Worst Facebook Marketing Mistakes and Their Solutions
Digital marketing is going to end the traditional marketing tactics and their potential because there is plenty of ways to target your customers and spend less. Facebook in regards to online marketing is at #1 spot.

How? because Facebook is the #1 social media network with over 2+ billion active users per month and all of them are checking their timelines and friends feed on a daily basis, while half of them really spend more time browsing their profiles rather than working at the office or on their businesses. This is what makes Facebook the best ever spot of the internet to advertise your products and target your customers for more sales.

However, when there's something great, there's something bad too and I think this is my best ever quotation 😃 by the way when we do Facebook marketing we have to gain experience or hire a Facebook marketing expert. As hiring someone is costly we have to learn it on our own which is time-consuming.

So to avoid obstacles in your online marketing success here I am going to show you top 6 terrible Facebook marketing mistakes which brands and you should avoid getting success and I am also giving you solutions to these mistakes. So let's read your Facebook marketing mistake guide:

1. Audience Understanding

To get a big return on investment you have to learn about your audience and know what type of customers buy your things. There is a set of tools provided by Facebook which you can use for free to search for your audience and set the targets for Facebook advertising.

However, Facebook tools are not enough for you to spend money and boost your Facebook posts for getting more sales or hoping to have the biggest return on investment. There is much more you can do for getting more sales and more people to know about your brand, product or service.

From messaging to Storytelling and boosting Facebook updates to advertising banners and videos on Facebook for getting more sales you can use Audience network ads and Instagram ads inside your Facebook ads account, they do convert and give more sales.

But the thing is how you can determine what type of audience on Facebook you should target as perfect customer base for your business?

Read the solution below:

  1. Start a Facebook post boost with $5
  2. Target any type of audience you think better fit with your business
  3. If you are getting some sales or people are engaging with your post then it's your audience
  4. Otherwise, after spending $5 we have to spend another $5 and know another type of audience' behavior
  5. Don't spend more then $10, if you are not getting your audience then read below
I know its a basis and costly way for some small business which are just a starting point, well another way is you will get suggestions from Facebook that like your Facebook posts people are boosting other posts and you can also check your competitors on Facebook and know what type of content they are posting on Facebook and which type of posts they are boosting.

It will give you the idea so that you can give that idea your own touch and make it even more eye-catchy. For an example, if a shoe store owner is advertising on Facebook with ladies in the banners then you can test having more then 1 ladies in your ads.

Also, you can have a family or match shoes with bags and dresses of ladies. This type of online marketing with spying on your competitors can help you to increase sales a little bit, avoid Facebook marketing mistakes and survive while spending money.

2. Begging

Some of the brands from the big brand's list and small brands list are up for begging in many events like Happy New Year and Holidays. They beg for likes and comments and also for the shares of their Facebook updates.

One thing is clear here, maybe you can get thousands of likes, comments, and shares by begging people and putting text like "Like to get prize, Comment to get discount or share to unlock next promotion" this type of Facebook marketing can ruin your brand power and strength.

Yes, there are some brands doing it wonderfully but not all the brands can do this, so it's better to avoid such social media strategies and start implementing the real methods.
Poor Facebook Advertising Campaigns looks like the above image. No brand will do this while knowing its strength and strategy.

No doubts that some people really like to share this type of content but they never buy things from such content type. Remember we want more sales and that's why we are advertising on Facebook. To avoid begging mistake on Facebook marketing campaign make sure you are not asking your audience to share, like or comment on your Facebook updates.

Instead, you can ask them questions related to your industry and make them control their decisions on commenting on the answer or leaving it. Don't force or beg for any type of action on Facebook, people hate it and never buy things from such ads.

3. Focusing only on Selling

We all know that marketing is about selling the products and services to customers, but one thing should be clear here. That nobody wants to see ads, this is true but still, everybody loves to see related ads to his/her favorites and thoughts.

While you are marketing on Facebook for any type of product you have to create another simple and most effective USP (unique selling point) because long gone those days when you just have to ask people to buy your product and they actually interact with that advertisement. Now social media users are smarter and they know which company is good and who is selling them product while who is making relations.

So the one and only goal for you to avoid this Facebook marketing mistake is having a promotional topic and do interact with your audience with games, quizzes and asking questions. You can also have a series of ads attached to music or any selected festival which is really important to your audience. Like you can see Coca Cola' best advertisement for Eid festival in Pakistan:
They are showing the most famous faces of the Television and Film industry of Pakistan in their Eidi for Edhi Ads and donating to the charity.

So they are touching hearts of the whole nation as Edhi is the hero of the nation and everybody wants to donate for his charitable fund. Simply they are advertising their brand just by having a red color (brand color) and that's all.

They were boosting Facebook posts and really interacting with their followers. That's how you can win the hearts of your targeted audience and convert them to loyal customers.

4. Not Handling Negativity

This can lead a brand too bad PR or a good one. Its all about how your answers to trolls and negative feedback of your customers and audience at your Facebook brand page. They might message you or comment on your boosted posts using trolls and some may even use slang words.

All you have to have is patience and a team of good talkers. Because when you can manage to talk with your trolling fans in their tone you will get more people to engage with your comments and answers so they will get to know that your brand is good and do no harm to people of any type. I have seen many big brands are not replying to negative comments and trolling comments on their Facebook pages, they also delete those words and ban users.

This is totally insane, you can't stop people saying bad words about your product or service even when you are the #1 in your industry.

So the best way is to reply to your customers and ask them more questions, do a long conversation rather than deleting comments or banning the follower. It will be good for you and your brand as it will stand out that you are real and you don't want people to hate your brand or yourself. There are many brands doing this to increase their followers and customers.

So you can do the same, just try replying to bad and trolling comments it will not reflect your Facebook marketing efforts.

5. Not Updating

There are brands ruining their social media influence just because they are busy enough and not able to publish timely posts to their Facebook pages.

This is the real and the worst fact that your Facebook marketing goals are not fulfilling. Now another question raised that how much updates we should make on a Facebook brand page and what time of the day is good for posting an update which can lead us a sale.

To answer this question here's an infographic by Microsoft:
According to this infographic and my tests, the best time to post updates on your Facebook page for sales and more engagement is 7am to 9am and then 3pm to 5pm.

This is the time-space when people decide on buying things or spending on services. So cover this and do it every day. Don't forget your audience and Facebook page reach, it all depends on when and how much you publish. So keep your followers updated with daily routine content.

6. Facebook eCommerce Solution

Using Facebook's eCommerce solution is the next thing for Facebook marketing and if you are not doing it right now then it's your biggest mistake.

As Facebook is offering free of cost eCommerce systems for Groups and product pages. You should utilize these tools and make direct sales. There's a shop tab for every brand page on Facebook where you can sell your products using the Facebook interface.
I recommend you to hire someone for using this tool as your business strategy and doing digital marketing for getting a big return on investment.

If you are still now sure what are the biggest Facebook marketing mistakes and what are their solutions then I am here to tell you more about Facebook marketing and answer your related questions in the comment form right below.