How To Develop Your Instagram Strategy In 7 Steps

How To Develop Your Instagram Strategy In 7 Steps
No doubts that social media marketing is the next thing to give your eCommerce a skyrocketing effect and get more customers to your online shop while getting nice ROI (return on investment).

But creating an Instagram strategy the hardest challenge for a new digital marketer and it seems not Instagram strategy template can work for a shoe store and a mobile store online and also not one Instagram strategy for followers will work great for two different profiles like a public figure and a brand.

Well, on Instagram every profile is a brand whether it's about a person or a product and everybody there wants more followers and more comments and more love on their images.

Having an Instagram strategy can help you to market your name or your brand name and have your own trends whenever you post a new image of something. So now read how you can create your hype by having a great Instagram marketing strategy:

1. Know Your Competitors

You should know your competitors and not just know them, you should analyze their strategies and know how they are doing it right. In terms of Instagram marketing, we all have to focus on daily posts and updates with the photos, and that's the easiest way to check how your competitors are performing better than you.

There are tools for Instagram competitor research and also you can follow trends in your niche than open profiles of brands and people who are getting more traction on their Instagram posts and which profiles are showing up for a selected topic.

All you have to do is just see their best performing posts and read what users are commenting on that posts, after having 10/15 profiles analyzed as your competitors and after having data about their best-performing Instagram posts you will be able to know what you should post about and which type of content is most favorite of users in your niche.

Which is the #1 thing to know before doing Instagram marketing or creating an Instagram strategy.

2. Find Your Audience

To find your target audience on Instagram I mean to say that you should know what type of Instagram users are more engaged with the content type of your niche and who is really paying attention to your industry or topics you are covering on your blog.

As this is the only way to target a unique set of audience and grow your Instagram profile easily by getting more followers and engagements.

To know about your audience, all you have to do is just go to your competitor' profiles and open their followers' page. Now follow their followers and interact on that profiles so they will follow you back.

I know that not 100% of the users will follow you back but they will get to know about your brand and if you have good posts at your Instagram profile and have 500 or 1500 followers than your competitor' followers will love to follow you to see what you are offering in the same industry. So its basically a luck based idea for Instagram marketing but worth a try.

3. Set Goals

The surefire and the most epic thing about Instagram is we can increase the brand awareness and get more eyeballs on our brand name, slogan, and the color.

However, when we are going to spend time and money on Instagram strategy for making our brand stand out from the competition we should make it eye-catchy and recognizable. The perfect way to make it work for you is to make everything relative to your overall digital marketing campaigns.

For an example if you are advertising your business online and your business logo color is Red then you should upload photos on Instagram with Red background and if there are people in the photos than make sure they are representing the Red color and also make sure you are adding Red text in the announcements and text on photos. You should do this on Facebook, Adwords, and Twitter. This is the what you should keep in straight line for every social media campaign.

Not just Instagram strategy will lead you to increase brand awareness. There are offline channels and also the wall-chalking is a good way and advertising on billboards is the better way to further help your Instagram strategy to standout.

The only thing we should give time and make sure its same for every campaign is the brand color, logo, and slogan. It should be everywhere and if you want an example then see telecommunication companies. They always respect their brand by their respective logo colors.

4. Have A Plan

Planning is good and when you think that its time to plan your content strategy you should take off some points. For more easy steps to follow for planning Instagram strategy read the main point below:
  • Try different content types (clean images, images with text, only text images, quotes, and wishes)
  • Have a content calendar and use scheduling platforms for Instagram posts
  • Create a tone of your posts by having a character or text line in every post
  • Check what is the time of day or night when you are getting more conversions
If you can cover a trend than don't forget it and have your say on the trend. Just make sure you are not talking about the irrelevant trends like if you are a company about Loans than you shouldn't write about trending topics in religion or other topics.

As people love to see relative profiles on every trend so it's better to be in your industry and find trends in it. Just be your own boss and have your own plan, don't try to copy others as it will not work.

You should do experiments as I said and have a perfect custom plan for Instagram marketing strategy which is the key to success on Instagram.

5. Hire Photographers

Yes, after setting above things the next step for Instagram marketing success is to hire talented product photographers and ask them to work as your brand requires and give their best.

As you know that Instagram is the #1 social media for posting photos online and as its free of cost millions of photos being uploaded every day and so many users are liking them and hating them. While some of the photos go viral and make an impact. I have seen many branded and product photos trending on Instagram and users loving them so that they are uploading them again and again. That's the real hype we have to create and make our Instagram strategy speak about our hard work and respect for our own brand.

I am not recommending you that you should create jokes on trending topics or celebrities just to make your Instagram posts go viral. All you have to do is just hire professional photographers and ask them to take photos which are of high quality and most interesting.

I can't really describe this method and tip on this page, you can ask the professional photographers and give them the details about your product and they will tell you the rest.

6. Outsource Instagram Management

When you are a team, its good to manage your social media accounts and give access to Instagram account to one of your trusted team member with using third-party tools which allows you to schedule Instagram posts and check their insights so it will make you stay at safe side and don't lose your Instagram when your employee or a team member changed his mind.

This happens but when you are a one-man army or 2 then you may need to outsource social media management and have someone else do it for you. But the main thing is we have to have quality in Instagram management and outsourcing Instagram management is not that good way.

All you have to do is just make sure the person you are hiring for handling your Instagram is responsive and expert in the field of social media management. Because it's your brand and one mistake on Instagram can ruin the brand trust.

7. Track and Audit

There are tools available to do this and every brand or public figure should use these tools to know whether their Instagram strategy is working fine or not.

After giving your precious time to above steps and working hard on them and paying money for Instagram marketing strategy you should make sure that you are having an eye on insights about your Instagram account and keep on checking your daily output.

Have weekly reports for tracking your progress and audit your monthly performance per post and check which posts were performed better than all other posts. So with this method, you will be able to spend less in upcoming months and automate your social media management.

I can give you more tips on how to manage your social media accounts and how to develop the Instagram strategy which converts well and lead you to have more customers and increased brand awareness.

You just have to comment below and share this article than see my next blog posts.