Content Marketing Tips: 6 Best Ways to Generate More Leads

Content Marketing Tips: 6 Best Ways to Generate More Leads

Nowadays everybody is trying his luck in content marketing and many freelancers are giving content marketing services in cheap rates. However, content marketing is not cheap, its the real business and we can generate thousands of leads just by publishing articles.

Still, there is big gap and we have to learn a lot more about content marketing. As new digital marketers take it wrong I want to describe the definition of content marketing here: Content marketing is about creating or curating content on a selected topic and publishing on a relative website/blog to introduce a product or service to new audience and clients.

If you are still not aware of how you can do content marketing and generate more leads than read through the best tips and create your plan so it will skyrocket your online business:

1. Create a Blog or a List

First of all, you have to have a great blog in the name of yourself or your company. Because you have to start content marketing from your own blog and do experiments with it. Your own blog will give you the freedom to try different tactics and apply strategies to see what type of marketing works for your service or product. If you are not aware of what type of content drives more sales to your products or packages then you will not be successful in content marketing even with outreach to other bloggers.

For example, if you are running a web hosting company then try to have a blog on your domain like, and start posting about hosting related tips and issues. You can offer free WordPress installation services on your blog and give free WordPress tips to your readers.

Take the example of SEMrush they publish new articles daily and thus they can drive more sales from those SEO-related and content marketing-related articles.

On the other hand, if you can't create a blog or are afraid of writing initial content then don't worry, you can create a list. Yes, just create a list of top blogs in your network and contact their owners - make relations with them and ask them to add you as an author on their blogs so you can post regular content and have your business website link there.

Some of them will ask a price per post and it's worth spending when you are getting quality backlinks (this is called guest posting).

2. Growth Hacking Tools

After creating a blog or a list of top blogs you have to use some growth-hacking tools to research about competition and keywords. There is always a tool for every online work and when it comes to content marketing the best way is to know which keywords in your industry are driving more traffic and what people are searching about. You can use Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool for free to find best performing keywords for your competition and relative websites. Not just traffic score of different keywords but you will get CPC and ranking score of each keyword so that you will know how easy or hard to rank for a particular keyword.

Your main work is to find low competition and high traffic keywords. Don't give more thoughts to high CPC keywords. You can get earnings when people are visiting you so our first priority should be get as much traffic as possible so after that we can do heavy lifting to compete with big players and create content on high CPC and high competition keywords. I found that Keyword Planner tool is not that perfect but is best as compared to other tools available for a paid plan or with free accounts. Still with great data and researches we have to do it manually and find what pages are performing great on our competitor' websites and how they are getting more traffic. You can use Alexa and MOZ to get more insights.

3. Engaging Content

Don't forget that creating content is not key to success, also you have to create great content and content which can engage readers with your blog posts so that you can get leads to your product mentions in the content. But the question is how we can create engaging content and what type of content is engaging? well here's the answer:
  • How: Just find out what your audience want from your side and create content on that topics
  • What: In today's world visual content is more engaging and people tend to watch videos more
So, now its your turn to find what people want and see what type of content you can produce easily. I recommend you to read comments of users on blogs and than try to figure out what they want, than create out standing content and help people with solutions. It will help you grow your online business and do content marketing like a pro.

4. Reproduce

Don't worry when you have nothing to create content on and afraid of searching for new topics. You can start writing new articles on your old work. You can also create visual content on your blog posts or articles and publish where you already have published your content. For an example if you have posted a guest post on any other blog and now want another backlink from the same blog but don't have much to say than don't worry and make an inforgraphic or whiteboard animated video and submit. You will get accepted for sure.

I also receive this kind of proposals and I accept them to reproduce their content on my blogs so that I can get more readers and engagement while they will get better ranking and solid readership on their blogs plus my readers will followup the product mentions on new article with same topic but having another type of content. Because people love changes to their looks while they love to be the human in whole life so they love changes in content marketing strategies. So the main purpose of this way to generate more leads is give life to your old content and re-create it with visuals so that you can easily crack more leads.

5. Be Relative

When you are going to request for posting guest blog posts on other blogs, make sure that you are not going out of the box. Yes, you have to be in the box while sending guest post pitches or requesting paid article submissions. For an example if your blog is about Health niche and you are guest posting on Web Hosting niche blogs than nobody will take you serious or nobody will have interest in your blog/service or product.

You have to target relative audience and create content marketing campaigns on research basis. Always tend to publish content on relative blogs and get backlinks so that you can easily get more readers with leads. Same thing applies when you are recruiting some freelancers or influencers to market for you and make your brand famous. Influencers are available in every industry at online world, all we have to choose our niche influencers to give them related work for best conversations.

6. Rich Media

Rich media is the future of content marketing and nowadays video content is converting more than the text. We can also include high quality images and charts in our content marketing strategy to make sure we are updated and our content is updated too. If you are creating content on a regular basis than don't forget to include high quality images, infographics or videos in some of your blog posts. I hope that you will see real growth with adding rich media into your content marketing plans.

As video ads are coming to many advertisement platforms, we have to teach people in the most easiest way called video training and video tutorial. The best method to take your content marketing game to the next levels by engaging more readers and getting them spend more time on your content is add at least one video to your content.

I hope that these top 6 methods of content marketing can lead you to have more leads and more earnings, if you are in need of more tips and methods about content marketing or any other topic than comment below or simply keep on visiting us. We will keep you updated with latest trends and most effective strategies for growing your online business.