Video Content: What Place It Should Take in Your Blog

Recently, the use of video content has become a significant icon in content marketing.

Video content is associated with many advantages, some of which include giving a compelling touch to your articles, making your content real and catching audience’s attention to look into your art.

Embracing this blessing therefore adds a pulse to your work and you are guaranteed to shine in your content marketing.
Video Content: What Place It Should Take in Your Blog
However, video content should not dominate the whole of your text. It’s only a way of backing up your content, nevertheless using it wholly will be confusing to audience and won’t get what you are trying to communicate.
The question is, in which particular place should you add a video content?

Alert your audience first

The most important thing to do prior to posting your video is to alert your audience that there is a video in your blog.

While writing your title, you can indicate that there is a “video” to watch in your text. For instance, a compelling title will do wonders such as “onset of adolescence and drug usage (watch video)” this title gives social media users an urge to peep into your site and watch the video that is embedded. Another way to do this is posting your video close to the top.

Not everybody will bother to read your title. Embedding your video closer to the top of your page will ensure that everybody sees that there is a video in your text and will be tempted to see what it has for them.

Introduce your text

Have you ever seen a blog post comprised of videos entirely?

If so, this might have confused you to understand what information is being delivered. Posting your content with videos only will only make your audience even more confused and a possibility is that they may not visit your site again. It is always advisable that you first give a statement of what the video is about before embedding it into your blog.

This ensures that you introduce your audience to the information you wish to deliver and prepare them well that the videos therein are just complimentary to the content you are writing. Once you introduce your text, you can now post a video and then summarize the content of the video in a paragraph for more comprehension.

By so doing, you will be driving home a point missed from the video for your viewers to understand you better.

Write an appealing script that your audience will want to follow

Make your video simple and brilliant such that it will always give your viewers an urge to like and follow. Using a conversational tone makes your video natural and realistic.

Your audience will be motivated to pop in and contribute their views about it. Another thing you should put into consideration is emphasizing the key points in your video such that your audience will always grasp them easily.

Additionally, be simple and avoid jargons that might make your video content lose meaning. Once you ensure that your video is ready and best for viewing, you can now post it on your blog.

Customize your video to fit your blog

Optimizing the size of your video as per your blogs width makes your post more appealing and eye-catching. The width of your embedded video should not exceed the width of your post.

Once you determine the size of the column that your blog content will take, adjust the size of your video slightly less than the blogs width. Employ trial and error by setting a resolution to find how it appears and then make adjustments as necessary.

The steps to embedding your video to your content are simple. Once you press the “embed” button which is slightly below your video, YouTube gives you a few options which you should follow appropriately. Use of HTTPS is the recommended action that you should take.

Choose a strategic position for your video

It will make no sense to write an extremely wrong text and then embed your video at the bottom. The position of your video matters a lot.

Most viewers will not be attracted by your text until you back it up with something more appealing. Your video should therefore appear a few inches from the top page. Once you give an introductory statement at the top, you can now attach your video on the very first page.

On the other hand, your video should not dominate the whole page as it will raise doubts to viewers whether your site has been hacked by other sites who want them to visit it for no reason. When you have more than one video to post, you can strategize them by giving them regular intervals as you describe each video in one or two paragraphs.

However, it should be noted that your content should not have many videos for you to concentrate on one subject at a time.
  • The use of video content is one of the key ingredients that your blog should therefore have.
The reason is to add a pulse to your texts and attract as many viewers as possible.

Since we are living in a generation where most viewers not only storm your site for information but also to entertain themselves, the use of video content should therefore be a driver in your content marketing.

Be updated for your content writing to dominate in the competitive industry.
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