32 Experts Revealing Their Secret SEO Techniques

32 Experts Revealing Their Secret SEO Techniques

Here we are ready to show you the exact secret techniques of bloggers and search engine experts by this most awaited roundup blog post.

This is our first roundup and we hope this will help you in SEO and ranking your websites or blogs. Don't forget to read it carefully and read all views, tips, ways and secrets to know what professionals are doing and how they are generating tons of visits for their blogs.

If you really wants to make more out of your online work then read below and don't forget to share it and bookmark it too. Now without wasting your time, read the big SEO experts roundup.

1. Gabriella Sannino | Level343.com

1. Gabriella Sannino | Level343.comThe Best SEO secret; there is no secret, you have have to use common sense, great content, and relevant link building. Yes, you can get traffic and conversions with good content.

That’s right – with great content. Content brings the best kind of traffic to have – organic traffic. The only difference between good content and the rest of the SEO toolbox is that content on its own takes longer to build up the needed traffic for conversions and the linking for the search engine ranks. The rest of SEO is a set of “short-cuts” to ranking; ranking well brings more traffic (because you’re more visible), which, in turn, brings conversions – with good content.

Last but not least,

My #1 SEO tip is to get yourself proper tools, like Ahrefs and SEMRush. After that, the possibilities are endless. See exactly what your competitors are ranking for, that you’re not ranking for. Create killer content for those keywords and then look at every backlink they’ve got to those pages and replicate them, plus build more!

It’s a pretty foolproof system once you’ve got access to the data on what your competitors have done.

2. David Schneider

2. David Schneider | NinjaOutreach.comWe have found a lot of success with producing large, ultimate link round ups such as Traffic generation case studies and more.

Published in May, this sent us over 7500 visits last year and received hundreds of shares. It also accounted for 21 trial sign ups and dozens more email subscribers.

We felt it could be very successful because it involved a ton of influencers, and we executed an outreach campaign around the content after it was published to get it in front of everyone who was mentioned. It ended up ranking in Google and getting featured on several websites, that helped boost its authority too.

The end to end process was effectively:
  • Coming up with a list of target keywords that were relevant to our product and also for which we felt we could gain traction, in this case Traffic Generation Case Studies
  • Producing epic content featuring over 100 influencers
  • Promoting that content to those influencers
  • Linking to that content in important guest posts that we wrote afterwards, for example, boostblogtraffic.com/traffic-hack/
  • Optimizing it for sign ups (we're using Sumo Me's Welcome Mat on that page)
This strategy has been very effective for us and we've replicated it in other articles, although this was the most popular.

3. Muhammad ismail | BloggingDesk.com

3. Muhammad ismail | BloggingDesk.comThe best and secret strategy to rank and write your blogpost in short time is the free resources with paid tools. One of the best free resources is Ubbersuggest. It provides you 30-100 Longtail keywords that are mostly targeted by people while browsing. The paid tool which I am using is LongTailPro platinum version.

Before writing first I:
  • 1. Research topic in Google
  • 2. Scroll down to the footer where google show you some other keywords.
  • 3. Pick the best keywords.
  • 4. Put them in Ubbersgest for more results.
Then copy the relevant keywords from Ubbersuggest and then post them in the LongTailPro. It will give you the best keywords with some lower KC (keyword competitiveness). simply note it down with yourself and start posting.
This is the only strategy which is helping me in getting good result and traffic in short time. Some other resources I suggest here is: Buzzsumo, Coshedule Headline analyzer and Buzzbundle trail version (if you are new).
You can also embed the push notification plugins for getting more subscriber.

4. Fervil Von Tripoli | FerVilvon.com

4. Fervil Von Tripoli | FerVilvon.com
Most people think (especially digital marketers and SEOs) that the secrets are hidden in link acquisition and link earning. I think they are halfway right.

My not-so-secret technique lies in getting the fundamentals right at the start of campaign, and most likely, it will involve the kind of keywords I should go after and push in ranking.

In line with this, you will need to know how to search the best SEO keywords for your website.

By defining all your keyword clouds and segmenting them according to priority, you can already picture out what kind of pages you will be building overtime.

I also see blogging as a powerful way to boost any website’s visibility in the web. Most business websites nowadays have already tried blogging, but the major setback they experience is that they don’t seem to feel the returns and get the results they want. They will eventually think it’s not working for them.

They must’ve been doing it the wrong way.

So how do you blog? Do you need to rehash a 500 word article that’s already been mentioned many times in the web? No. You need to make your blog post stand out. In order to do that, you need to spare more time and effort in building it up. You need to put a life in that article or video or image (or combination of all of these) and it should speak to your audiences, compelling them to read/watch and share it. For you to sharpen that blog content and point it to the right direction, penetrate the ranking and get targeted traffic you want, you will definitely need to undergo a comprehensive keyword research.

Banking on keyword-led content assets will eventually help websites grow their organic reach month-to-month. Links are vital, yes… but a lot of marketers have overlooked the combination of exceptional keyword research and content creation – and you should capitalize on that.

5. Matt Banner | OnBlastBlog.com

The best SEO technique (for me) is the skyscraper technique, coined and invented by Brian Dean.
5. Matt Banner | OnBlastBlog.com
Taking a competitors successful piece of content, and updating it, making it longer and better, and then reaching out to the same sites linking to the competitors content is the way to go.

6. Robin khokhar | TrickyEnough.com

6. Robin khokhar | TrickyEnough.comI am not using a single SEO technique to rank my Blog but there is a list of it. And I would love to share it with you. So here is the list.
  1. Use of Long tail keywords.
  2. Use of LSI keywords Guest Blogging
  3. Use of infographics
  4. Social bookmarking SMO (social media optimization)
  5. Blog Commenting
  6.  Brian Dean's Skyscraper technique
  7. Answering the questions on sites like Quora

7. Russell Lobo | RussLobo.com

7. Russell Lobo | RussLobo.comI make sure that the keyword research is perfect. This is the most essential part of an SEO strategy. If the keywords are not to your calibre in terms of ability to rank then you will not be able to rank no matter how much you try.

I do competition analysis where I check for less competition on Page 1. My main keyword research technique is:

I kept the below parameters in mind when I worked on searching for the keywords:
  1. Should have “best” or “reviews” in the keyword
  2. Should have atleast 1,000 USA searches
  3. Should have atleast 1 site in the Top 5 sites on Google with DA & PA less than 30
  4. Atleast 1 site in the Top 5 on Google doesn’t have an exact match of the keyword in the Title and URL.
  5. Atleast 1 site in the Top 5 on Google has less than 10 domains linking to the page.
Now that my keywords were in place, I started on the content creation. The content creation was more easier. I used the below steps for research:
  • 1. Check the product and its reviews on Amazon and make notes
  • 2. Check the product and its reviews on other online retailers
  • 3. Check the product reviews on Page 1 sites and make notes
  • 4. Check videos on youtube of the product
  • 5. Check on forums the questions asked related to the product
  • This gave me more than enough content for the posts

I kept the post structure simple as below:
  • 1. Introduction: 200-250 words which includes the keyword in the first line and a link to the best product on Amazon
  • 2. Quick comparison chart for 5 products (I need to add this to many posts as it is complicated work)
  • 3. Image with the keyword as alt text
  • 4. H2 which includes the keyword
  • 5. Products: Best 5 products each sectioned into introduction, image, pros, cons and conclusion: 250 words each
  • 6. Conclusion: 200-250 words which includes the keyword in the last line and a link to the best product on Amazon
  • 7. On-page SEO: Add the keyword in the Title, url, description, H1 and make a list of 5-6 synonyms of the keyword and add it to content and an outbound link to an authority site.
That’s it. Simple, easy and scalable.

NOTE: People are making good money with Amazon by selling or doing affiliate marketing for Amazon or just by flipping Amazon based projects. You can learn more about how to sell amazon business to get easy money.

8. Evan Derek | VebbLabbs.com/blog

8. Evan Derek | VebbLabbs.com/blog
There's "NO" secret sauce, magical wand as such as far as my techniques are concerned. It's just about performing better than your competitor.

The best way to do so is, manually check the domain strength, link sources, in order to calculate how strong your competitor is. And then proceed over to the content of your competitor.
  • Checkout the length at first, write longer content.
  • Checkout their images, optimize yours better.
  • Checkout his internal and External links, link yours better.
  • Checkout his Social Signals, get more for your post.
And not to forget the User engagement techniques he might be using, just employ better for yourselves, User Engagement seems to matter more and more these days.

I Do it for all the posts against the Top post for your Keyword on Google, and soon enough I see myself there. (Hopefully).

9. Rohin Dua | RankMeUp.in

9. Rohin Dua | RankMeUp.inMy Best Hacks to get traffic to my brand new websites are as follows:

Your Complete success of getting traffic via SEO is somehow depends on your Keyword/Niche Research. No matter how good the content you can write and quality links you can get, picking the right keywords in your niche is very important to be successful in SEO.

My Strategy for getting the traffic to my brand new site is pretty simple but has not been discussed much in SEO blogs by Experts. When I build any new niche website, I always start searching the web for the Low DA niche sites (usually under DA 20) and prepare a list of those low competition sites in my niche. Once that task is complete, I start throwing those domains one by one in SEMRUSH to check for which keywords these sites are ranking on top of Page 1. Reason for checking in SEMRUSH is because I know if those low Authority sites are ranking on page 1 then I can make my way to top positions as well easily with good onpage and some quality links.

Another trick I use is put the URL of some Authority Site in Semrush to look for the keywords that website is ranking. We need to understand that these big guys are super busy in managing and advertising that they do not always SEO every single keyword themselves and most of the time get ranked on top positions because of their Domain Authority. So, there is always a room to dig deeper and find those Golden Nuggets and target content on them to jam results on Page 1.

Pro Tip: Use Long tail keywords to target specific Audience in your niche. For Example, if I have a website on pizza machine then I can take the power of Long Tail keywords and target keywords like “homemade pizza dough bread machine” or something similar.

10. Thomas Smale | FeInternational.com

10. Thomas Smale | FeInternational.comThis SEO technique is geared towards finding the low hanging fruit in terms of your keyword rankings and tweaking you articles slightly to optimize for these keywords. This technique works best on larger sites that have many pages and keywords ranking in Google, but it can still be applied to any site that’s ranking in Google.

Step 1: Find all of your site’s keyword that are ranking on the second page (positions 11 – 20). The quickest way to do this is to use a tool called SEMrush. Plug your site into SEMrush and then export all of your organic rankings into an Excel file.

Step 2: Open up the Excel file and filter by current keyword rankings. Setup the filter so it only shows the keywords that are ranking between the 11th and 20th position. You’ll now be looking at a list of keywords that only need a small push to get to the first page of Google.

Step 3: Next, group the keywords by their page. Now you should have a list of pages that have keywords ranking on the second page of Google. You should now begin to determine which keywords will provide the best ROI for your time and effort. To do this, look at the monthly searches of these keywords. The more monthly searches it has the more potential there is to see an increase in traffic once moved to the first page. The other thing you should look at is the position of the keyword. It’s much easier to move a keyword that’s ranking 11th to the first page than a keyword ranking 20th. Keep this in mind when deciding what pages to go after first. The sweet spot would be keywords that are very close to the first page and have a large number of monthly searches.

Step 4: Once you’ve identified the pages that you want to target, the next step is to optimize the articles for those keywords. What I like to do to is add an extra 500 words somewhere within the article that contains the keyword you’re trying to improve. Feel free to add in variations of the keyword as well. If it makes sense, add the keyword as a heading as well. Next, find a relevant image for your keyword and add it in the 500 words of new content you just added. Make sure to include the keyword within the alt tags of the image. You could also opt to find a relevant YouTube video and embed it into the article. If it makes sense, you could also look at adding the keyword into your meta description. This will help organic CTR which has been shown to improve keyword rankings. If you’re trying to target multiple keywords on one page then do all of the above, but sprinkle your other keywords into the new content as well. You may need more than an extra 500 words to make this happen.

Step 5: After you have finished optimizing your article, the next thing you need to do is tell Google about the changes. You can do this by logging into your Google Search Console and fetching this page as Google. This will inform Google that changes have been made to your page.

Step 6: Monitor the results. Often times, it will only take a week or two to start noticing improvements. Keep your eye on the rankings and keep tweaking it until you get your desired results. You can apply this same technique to all of your pages that have keywords on the second page of Google.

That’s my SEO technique that has helped me improve my keyword rankings and increase organic traffic.

11. Heena Shah | ClickNJoin.in

11. Heena Shah | ClickNJoin.inAfter working for a while in SEO industry I have observed the more focus you put on your assets, more better results you can expect.

While making any article we focus on good on-page part.

We follow simple steps
  • 1. Get Main Keyword
  • 2. Search Relevant Keyword
  • 3. Add proper Title
  • 4. Heading tags
  • 5. Image Optimization
  • 6. Interlinking All our steps are documented.
We make 2 small article on subject and 1 big guide or detailed article. And even if we don't build any backlinks, we get some natural ranking in serp for good no of keywords.

But we do build some backlinks via comment and social sharing. This helps us in making our networking strong and helps us in getting some natural links.

12. Pritam | SEO.TimesOfIndustry.com

12. Pritam | seo.timesofindustry.comSEO is one of the essential factors which bloggers have to be learnt if they want success in blogging. In last few years SEO is changed drastically and we all know that all major search engines like Google is updating their algorithm and for this reason many blogs & websites are losing their Search Engine Rankings.

SEO Strategy: -

There are two types of SEO you need to focus on.
  • 1) On Page SEO.
  • 2) Off Page SEO.
On Page SEO: - For on page SEO you should focus on “Keywords”. Bloggers should do proper keyword research before writing any article. I see many bloggers are stuck at it. They’re writing whatever or concentrating on the keyword which is manner hard to rank. So, Outcome is “NO traffic.” How your blog looks & how fast it loads has a great value in your blogging success. Also you should always maintain SEO friendly URL, H Tags, Meta Description, Image optimization, interlinking the relevant posts. Also you should focus on placement of keywords. Bloggers should try to maintain proper density of keywords in their blog articles.

Off Page SEO: - Backlinks are very important to get high rank in search results. So, bloggers should always follow some link building techniques like guest posting & forum posting in high authority blogs to achieve SEO goal. Bloggers should always try to make good relationship with great bloggers as well as with their blog readers. It will increase social networking as well as its better for their branding.

SEO Tools: - To do SEO in a proper way, Bloggers should use some SEO tools to get high SERPs.

Semrush and Ahrefs are 2 tools that I prefer the most as it gives me an overall idea about a website. It simply fetches keywords information, Backlink data and a lot more about your competing websites. These data are most important for overall SEO technique. Apart from this, keyword planner also great tool for bloggers!!

13. Dennis Seymour | LeapFroggr.com

13. Dennis Seymour | LeapFroggr.comIf you are familiar with mommy bloggers and contacting them for your niche is a thing you have done before, then you can take it a notch higher and contact celebrities. By celebrities, I mean tv celebrities,wrestlers, DJ's, models and basically everybody that has a following and a public presence. They are similar to mommy bloggers, in terms of blogging about general topics, but they are less demanding in most cases since many of them consider themselves as “tech-challenged” and are eager to hear new concepts.

In my case, I go into this because I'm open to growing connections and increasing my network. The link is just a bonus, not required. Pitching something to them with the right angle (offer a service or something creative) can easily net you a link and with the amount of followers they have, will bring in a lot of traffic. Traffic you thought you would never see on your site. You get more eyeballs on your brand and you get more leads. For my current EMR startup, it's been a great boost!

They write about different topics, so having the whatever your niche is, it's really possible to still have a relevant link. I find them based on my own knowledge, sometimes I use Instagram, Podcasts, dirt sheets and radio shows. If they promote their site, then write it down.

They usually have a contact page but if not, then it's possible that they have their email on their social media pages. A Whois Lookup is usually good because the privacy isn't turned on in many cases.

Remember, build a good personal relationship. Don't go in and think of this as just a "link" because you'd be surprised what awesome people they are. At the end of the day, it's a relationship, and it should be a win-win for the both of you.

14. Himanshu Gupta | BlogRags.com

14. Himanshu Gupta | BlogRags.comMy secret SEO technique is writing good content and then promoting it like anything. I think we always are busy with everything else that we forget to focus on content. Content matters at the last and not links because if somehow you rank that content also your CTR will drop you at the position you deserve to be.

For those are unaware of the ranking factors you must know that there are over 200 of them. It also includes things like CTR and On Page time.

Steps I follow to write an Awesome Piece of Content -
  • 1.Analyse other content written surrounding that topic. I analyse mostly the top 5 of them. I see things like word count, the sub-topics it covers and if he has added enough media to make it interesting.
  • 2.I try to write an outline which has more sub-topics than my competitors. I try to add as much information surrounding the topic.
  • 3.I will write an awesome piece of content which will be more in-depth and detailed than my competitors. I will try to breakdown into small parts so that a user has no trouble in reading and following up. I will add enough statistic and images to make it data-driven. I will also present an infographic if possible so that the shares can increase by 3x.
  • 4.I will reach out to influencers and even to those who were linking to my competitors telling them about my content and will request them to share it via email. I will try to promote them using various social channels and communities.
  • 5.If the post is very epic, I will even run a paid ad campaign and try to capture leads.
  • 6.I will make sure to update the content as well in few months and then again promote it.

15. Ashley Faulkes | MadLemmings.com/blog

15. Ashley Faulkes | MadLemmings.com/blogIf you do it right SEO is not as hard as people think. The "trick" is actually no trick at all.

Why? Because there are actually no shortcuts to getting to the top of Google. Not any more.

Today you have to accomplish 3 main things in order to rank, especially when the keywords are competitive.
  • 1. Research the topic you are writing on to ensure - there is traffic - it is relevant to your website goals - you can even rank for it (this is the toughest part)
  • 2. Create content that is better than the current top 10 on Google
  • 3. Work hard to promote and rank that content by getting enough links
Most people think there is some secret, or a trick, or they take shortcuts and either never rank, or only rank for a short period. But, if you do all of the above you will be sure to rank for a long time to come.

I am actually going to release a course on exactly how I do this in the next few weeks, so be on the look out for that!

16. Dilip Sharma | BlogBing.com

16. Dilip Sharma | BlogBing.comAt present writing only quality posts will not boost your ranking anymore. These day competition getting tougher and tougher. Competition to rank post, competition in stealing traffic, competition in building authority, everything is getting harder day by day. To overcome these problems we need to know about few more other than just writing good content.

Talking about SEO technique, all big guns in the market have their own technique in which they share some in public and some remain untold.

Getting to some of my SEO technique, here are few:
  1. #Finding remaining untapped and low-low competition niche: Almost all niche are tapped now, but some are in high competition and some are in low. Before starting a blog/ project Do the research, research, and lots of research. The more you will research before getting into the actual launch of the project the more it will be easy to rank after the creation of the project.
  2. For example, You can try 'wedding jewelry' niche blog which is okay in competition.
  3. # Building Quality Links : Do not wait for perfect time, start building backlinks when you get sufficient amount of content on your blog / website.
  4. # Steal Dead links from Wikipedia and other user-generated sites : Do checkup of big authority sites eventually, you will find lots of scopes to build quality and permanent links.
  5. #YouTube Link : YouTube links are good for ranking small or low competition niche, Try your hand and get as many as backlink you can get. Use your HighPerforming Video to rank your site and High authority sites to rank your YouTube videos.
  6. #Be contact with well-known writers and try to get the link from them.
  7. #Link Out to quality sites : Give outbound links to the similar high-quality post from your post, it will help you in better ranking. #Use of Long tail keywords: Don't try to capture the whole thing at first. Do is gradually and slowly. Be specific in the post, use long tail keywords first.
  8. #LSI : Optimize your post for many keywords and LSI. Use alternative meaning of your primary keywords in the post.
  9. # Use Reddit/ BuzsSumo to discover untapped keywords : Try your hands on Reddit and buzz sumo also for perfect trending keywords and make the post on it. These two are good for keyword and content ideas.
  10. #Stealing Title and Post Idea from Search result ads: Before publishing ads, advertisers do lots of research and test to make their ad successful. They do research 100s times and publish high performing results on ads.
How to do it: Get you keywords and search it on Google. You will find related ads on the result page. Observe them carefully, see what keywords, taglines they are using for better conversion. Steal their keywords and taglines reuse them according to your need.

17. Ali Raza | AliRaza.co

17. Ali Raza | AliRaza.coThanks Umer for inviting me in the roundup! You have raised a very good question.

If you ask me on what SEO (Search engine optimisation) technique which will always work, I believe that there is no secret SEO recipe in ranking well, I have seen people using xrumers, seo nukes, PBN's to rank over night but we all know they are going to lose the rankings sometime and it's because they don't think and plan BIG! The only strategy i will suggest is to work on improving your user experience, write articles for human beings and not for search engines because they are the eventual and final reader of your website or blog, satisfy them and google will satisfy you.

One thing more i would like to suggest you is that no one can win the marketing competition unless he know's whats his competitors are doing so what you need to do is to observe your competitors, analyze what they are doing, like how they are writing articles, what topics they are covering, how consistent they are, what are their backlink strategies. After spending few hours on it, you will have a rough idea on where you are standing and what more you need to do to rank yourself where you want to be.

I also suggest that diversification is a key to success, like if you are doing social signals, never rely on a single platform, diversify yourself and try to be on maximum number of platforms. If you are doing link building, don't rely on a single link building method, diversify them with blog comments, forum signatures, press releases, guest posting, roundups or whatever you are doing, diversify. The same goes with Anchor text. Remember Google is more smarter then you and for obvious reasons they are spending millions of dollars every year on Research and Development.

Lastly I would suggest you to never over-estimate yourself and never under estimate others. Strategies change over time, One day if you are ranking on number one for a particular query, you never know where you will rank the next day and it's because Google is working more and more on improving the user experience, it's trying to learn what user's are more discussing on social media, how they are engaging with the content and what they actually want to see when they search on Google. So always keep learning and keep improving yourself.

Hope it answers well, thank you.

18. Tim Bourquin | AfterOffers.com

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, everyone seems to have an opinion. Search engine optimization techniques can also tend to be a game of "wack a mole" where you are constantly chasing and trying to outwit the Google algorithm.

Also, all of those techniques tend serve the search engines and not your audience and readers.

But there is a way to do both - do audio interviews of influencers and experts on your topic. Yes, it can be a podcast, but it can do so much more for you than get you listed in "New and Noteworthy" in iTunes.

Text transcripts of interviews you do with leaders in your topic focus are a terrific way to get keyword-rich content on your site. Most bloggers have a difficult time creating long-form blog posts that have the right percentage of keywords that will be indexed highly by Google. The beauty of transcripts of an audio conversation is that they will naturally have a lot of the keywords you want to rank for and you don't have to manually insert them into blog posts in a way that might seem forced.

You can find people to transcribe your audio on Fiverr (make sure they are native speakers of the language your audio is in) or a service like CastingWords.com. Then use a service like SoundCloud.com to embed the audio and post the full transcript below.

The transcript is what works so you can even consider not posting the audio at all and use just the transcript.You'll never have to "force in" keywords into your posts ever again.

I have used transcripts to create keyword-rich blog posts for many years and it's a fast way to get a site ranked higher in Google - naturally!

19. Sathish Arumugam | TrafficCrow.com

19. Sathish Arumugam | TrafficCrow.comI always implement simple ideas in SEO to attain easy rankings.

Now, I am sharing some of those important ideas:
  • 1. Making proper theme selection which is especially SEO friendly
  • 2. Managing perfect audit on page
  • 3. Focusing on quality contents which help in viral marketing.
  • 4. And in backlinks, I do the guest post and blog comments on niche related do follow sites.
Now, I am just using only these steps. And indeed, this helps me in good rankings.

20. Santanu | MyPassiveIncomeTips.com

20. Santanu | MyPassiveIncomeTips.comSEO is the heart of this entire blogging business. SEO is the technology with which one can achieve good ranking on search engines and convert visitors to customers. To achieve this goal there are both black hat and White hat ways, which is time dependent. Off-course Black hat will give you a short cut to reach your target, but the impact will also be very bad.

In other way, a white hat way is the determination and passion to stay there for long run by following a clean path. Personally I prefer to make things slowly but in White hat ways. According to me, SEO is nothing but to follow some standard checklist to make your content or website search engine friendly and as well as people friendly too.

Although I am not from a SEO background, but I have learnt various SEO tricks to achieve my blogging goals. Here are few things I am following to keep my SEO checklist.
  • Republishing old posts is a great way to optimize my old articles with more keywords, adding more useful content and interlinking all my new relavent posts with the same. Another good SEo practice is interlinking blog posts with various keyword anchor texts to boost on-site SEo score.
  • Using long tail keywords in all major places in blog post like title, first paragraph, meta description is another good SEO practice to boost your rankings in the long run.
  • Providing catchy title with attractive & essential adjectives like how to, what, when, why, best, top 10 etc will increase the CTR of your content.
To make my off-page SEO factors on track I generally take part in round up posts, do guest posting in authority blogs and do regular blog commenting in the authority blogs of my niche.

21. Abdul Samad Essani | TheKsaToday.com

21. Abdul Samad Essani | BornBlogger.netSEO is not rocket science but not as easy as nowadays many newbie bloggers think when they came to know about the "SEO".

I'm doing blogging since 2012 means I have experience of 4+ years but I got to the really basics on 2015 and got learned the whole SEO techniques on 2016 not that experts in this field of SEO as no one is perfect and I always call myself a learner.
So let's come to the point as you came here to know that what technique is really working for me and I'm getting traffic from it:

Actually SEO is not a game of one technique guys you have to know the complete ON-PAGE SEO and OFF-PAGE SEO to get some juicy fruits.

The best technique that I like is writing the 3000+ words article that really working nowadays and according to recent research of SERPIQ 2000+ words articles are mostly ranking on GOOGLE. This technique is really working for me I started the bornblogger 2 months back and wrote the first article of 2000+ words, the second article was of 3000+ words, the third was of again 3000+ words, fourth was of 5000+ words guide on SEO and you know what the blog is only 2 months old and most of it's keywords like becoming pro blogger is on 2nd page of Google and my recent article of experience I had on Eureka's Seminar is on first page of Google on keyword of "Eureka Seminar". It's a great achievement for me. I don't have 4 legs, 4 arms, 4 ears or 4 eyes. I'm a simple human like you, if I can do this then why not you? Try from today, do SEO experiments as much as you can and I know you'll be successful one day INSHA'ALLAH. If you'll learn SEO properly then believe me that Sky is your only limit. One of my quote on SEO, I wanna share it with you all :

SEO is a game. If you play well, you'll earn well! Last but not least: If you really wanna learn SEO then try to do experiments and you'll be expert for sure. Don't forget to do proper keyword research before selecting niche and writing article. ;)

22. Nikolay Stoyanov | Niksto.com

22. Nikolay Stoyanov | Niksto.comHere’s a great white hat strategy that will work forever (you won’t have to worry about upcoming changes in Google’s algorithms whatsoever).

First, you choose a topic based on your niche, target audience and good traffic volumes (always try to go after MEDIUM tail keywords as they are the golden mean – not too competitive but at the same time with decent amount of traffic).

Next, research your top 10 competitors (or top 20 if you feel nerdy :-)) and see what type of content is ranking on page 1 in Google for your selected keyword. Look out for the following important details:
  1. Its length (is it short, which is a great sign, or maybe it’s very detailed and in-depth, meaning you’ll have to work harder on your own piece).
  2. The number of unique referring domains that are pointing to it (always make sure you check the number of links to the very page that’s ranking in top 10, not the whole domain!)
  3. Does the content include images, videos or other multimedia as if it does, you’ll have to do the same and be even better.
  4. Pay attention to LSI keywords and co-occurrence by analyzing the content on each of your top competitors. What are the most commonly used terms? Which words occur near them the most? For example: the “car” is often surrounded by words like “automobile”, “vehicle”, “gasoline” and “petrol”. These are called latent semantic indexing keywords and you should try to use them the right way because Google is used to see them in close proximity to your main keyword(s). If you make Google happy this will result in better rankings for your content.
After that comes the time for copywriting. Always try to write in-depth, well-researched articles (1500-2000 words or more). Forget about the time where 300-500 words long article could do the trick. These times are long gone and will never return.

Once you’re done with the writing part, you should start collecting prospects for your future link building campaign. There are several ways to do it, but here’s an easy one. Just type your main keyword in Google and scrape the first 100 results. Then remove the ones that seem irrelevant or have a Domain Authority > 20. This way you will make sure you’re not wasting time with weak domains. If your niche is smaller or a bit strange, you can lower your requirements to DA >10.

Once you’re done with this phase, it’s time to extract your contacts’ details – name, email and social media profile. This is necessary because you’ll need to be able to get in touch with them and show them your piece of content (the so-called content roadshow).

, you should start sending the emails. Be polite! Ask people for an honest feedback and if you’ve done your homework well you should receive lots of positive responses and admiration. Once you do, it’s link acquisition time. Again be thankful for the kind words and ask if it’d be possible to get a link to your article (which they already love!) In many cases they’ll agree and you’ll have a shiny new link if your link profile. Good job! Now rinse and repeat :)

23. Reginald Chan | ReginaldChan.net

23. Reginald Chan | ReginaldChan.netWriting guest posts. The problem with many bloggers are they are writing guest posts for small sites.

Those sites WILL NOT help you in ranking. Instead, start writing guest posting for authority sites such as Huffington Posts. It will help you drive more traffic and build your audience more than you can ever imagine!

There are many ways to reach out to authority figures to help you with that and therefore, you can simply Google it around. Nonetheless, always remember that you should always aim to write for big brands (if you are serious in improving your SEO). Writing for small sites will not help unless you are doing a favor for them!

24. Pushkar Kathayat | TechGeekers.com

24. Pushkar Kathayat | TechGeekers.comSearch engine like google has evolved a lot in the past 5 years. Earlier it was quite easy to make money online by doing black hat stuffs. But things has changed a lot now.

You cannot simply stuff keywords to get good ranking. Google is going smart enough with every algorithm update. You need to keep up your technique with google.

I am working on some SEO projects has getting good results from some time. I would like to say even google has changed a lot in the way how it works, but one thing has remain same i.e. backlinks. Backlinks are still the queen for ranking. If your post doesn’t have good backlinks then simply you cannot rank in google with only a good content.

On Page

I tried to link to relevant article and include video if needed. You need to have a good keyword density for a good on page seo.

I also look for my one month analytics history to check what people are searching for? I include those keywords in the related post. I have seen great boost in traffic by this technique. Sometimes I got more than 200% increase in the traffic for that post.

Updating is also important. Updation helps to keep the content fresh. Keep updating the post after every one week if you want to improve your ranking consistently. If you don’t update your article then it is quite difficult to even maintain the ranking you have.

Give link from other pages to the target pages. Article should be relevant.

Off page

If I talk about myself then I generally use contextual and comment backlinks for ranking. If the competition is strong then I go for PBN links. Recently I tried web 2.0 , 2 tier link building. I have got some great results by this technique.

Seo techniques always depends upon the type of competition you have.

It is like a war. The more strong your enemy, the more weapon and power you need for a battle.

So if the competition is modest then it is good to go for comment backlinks. We can try guest posting if the competition is good. In this way, if we could get some authority links to our site then it will be great. Authority links really give us a great push in improving ranking in serps.

If the competition is great then it is a better idea to go for strong PBNs. PBNs links are very powerful if used wisely.

25. Mukund Madhav | CrayOnPaper.com

25. Mukund Madhav | CrayOnPaper.comThere are two things that I do very often and this greatly affects my rankings. First is broken link building. Most people never check if outgoing links from their site is broken or not and believe it or not, this affects the ranking by a great amount. For most of the basic broken link checking Aherfs works fine. It’s highly recommended you buy a paid plan. You just need to sign in/ sign up. Then go to Site Explorer. Type your domain name. Under backlinks, you would see an option for broken links. It neatly enlists the post link and the anchor text whose link is broken.

However, there are alternatives if you cannot afford Aherfs such as the Broken Link Checker plugin available for WordPress. The free plugin works just as fine as Aherfs. One very cool feature present in the plugin is the ability to modify links directly from plugin’s dashboard without having to individually edit the article. An additional feature for lazy bloggers like is also present - you can make broken links un-crawl-able by search engines. (Only recommended if that particular post is ranked nowhere in search results).

The second SEO method I do is proper Title and meta description optimization. Sometimes when trying to SEO optimize my meta description I find it hard to write a description that attractive + SEO optimized. In those time I use a very crazy technique. I Google my focus keyword and then closely examine the Ads. Believe it or not, Ads are one of the best SEO optimized meta descriptions available on the web. A question comes - how can I be so sure that the description that they provide has a greater chance of working compared to mine? The answer is simple - split tests. Most of the advertisers run several split tests and it is then they conclude the best performing description.

As you might already know Ad’s description has a huge problem. Most of the ads shown in either of search engines - Google or Bing, are links to sites like Amazon and Best Buy.

There’s a very quick little trick to fork and use them. Let me show you an example, suppose your focus keyword is “cheap laptops”. You will find numerous Ads. You will see Ads related to Refurbished laptop. So, you can use a description like A comprehensive guide on buying Cheap Refurbished laptops or spend more time in further elaborating it. Viola! Your perfect visitor luring description is ready!!

26. Kash Lalka | BestExpertReviews.com

26. Kash Lalka | BestExpertReviews.comI make sure that my keyword research is excellent.

To be able to get easy ranking you have to be sure that the keywords you select are easy to rank. I focus on easy keywords like 4 or 5 phrase keywords. Even if Google says that those keywords have no searches I find that when I rank for them, I get atleast 10-15 visits every month. I focus on Google related search keywords and Google suggested keywords.

Another good strategy that I use is after one month of the blog post being published, I recheck and see which keywords my post is ranking in the Top 100 on Google webmaster tools.

Then I go back to the post and optimize for it. That way I rank faster.

27. Tor Refsland | TimeManagementChef.com

27. Tor Refsland | TimeManagementChef.comStep 1: Find your keyword Your first step should be to use Google Keyword Planner to find the best keyword to target based on search volume and competition.

Step 2: Check competing articles for that keyword Then you can use BuzzSumo to find the most popular blog posts based on that keyword. It´s important that you notice the headlines, social shares. Pick the top 10 blog posts and study them extensively.

When I say extensively, well, then I mean extensively. Why? Because you want to find out why these posts went viral. Note down what makes the top 10 articles stand out, and then find out HOW you can make your article better.

Tool 3: Identify the top 10 articles on Google Now it´s time for you to Google your keyword and study the headlines and content of the top 10 articles.

Note that BuzzSumo´s most popular articles don´t necessarily rank on the first page of Google. You probably know that backlinks, social shares, etc. will help your article rank higher on Google.

But there is one more very important factor…

…and that is the click-through rate (CTR). Basically, that is Google´s way of finding out how popular your article really is, and the more people who click on your article, guess what happens?

You should study the headlines and the description of the SEO text on the top 10 articles on Google. That information will be the make it for break it whether people will click on your article or not through Google.

An example of this is the first roundup post I created, 80 Productivity Tips From Incredibly Busy Experts, that generated:
  • – 20,231 page views in 6 days
  • – 1700+ social shares
By using this technique, I have now several blogs post on the first page of Google.

If I can do this, then guess what? So can you!

28. Ravinder Dande | Blogail.com

28. Ravinder Dande | Blogail.comEveryone want to drive traffic to their blog. Some of them try to make it happen while some try find secret that does not exist. But basic SEO rules that works all the time does exists.

Before learning secrets (basic SEO rules), Do you know ?

More than half of the user won't click 2nd page of Google. So its simple then to drive traffic you need to compete with blog already ranking on first page.

So now question is,

How can you make it to first page of Google ?

Answer is very simple that is optimizing your content for user's queries not for tricking bot. This is also called as SEO. As I said beginners try to make their blog post to first page of search engine. Sometime they try to do so by stuffing one keywords hundreds of time that is biggest SEO mistake. So learn what you need to let this happen.

Lets come to Secrets,

1 Low competition Keyword

Many beginners do keyword research blindly that they simply type any keyword in search box then select highest searched term. When they got high volume keyword they just start writing without knowing if they can rank with highly competitive keyword. So they do it very wrong and find themselves nowhere on search engine.

You must understand the importance of Keyword research that is first step towards ranking your blog to top. So you should remember one point while doing keyword research that is to target long tail keywords with low competition.

2 Analyze competitor

Once you find long tail keyword with low competition then you should analyze blog ranking for same keyword. While researching competitive blog you must check what value you can add to your post so that it will rank above your competitors.

3 Keyword stuffing

Wew, Are you stuffing keywords? Then go die man this is what Google says. :p Repeating a word and phrase won't ever boost your blog post ranking. You should try to write along with keyword when it comes naturally not manually.

4. Title and meta descriptions

Attractive title and description is one of the most important on-page SEO factors. But I often see many blog with same title tags and description that won't help. So you should have unique and attractive title and meta description for increasing CTR.

5. Build Backlinks Yes,

Backlinks help improving ranking of blog but only when you have optimized blog for users not for search engine. You should have Internal and External backlinks pointing to related blog that let search engine recognize how your blog post is related to user's search query.

29. Manidipa Bhaumik | WPblogging360.com

29. Manidipa Bhaumik | WPblogging360.comRanking top in the SERPs, is the aim of every internet marketer. But with huge competition in some particular niches, it may not be that easy to achieve the optimum position. So one needs to explore the different SEO techniques that can bring some significant results.

There are many tips & techniques that promise to boost the search engine ranking with a lightning fast speed. However, not all can follow all of them. So we need to decide on a set of things that we can do well & do regularly.

For example, we all are well aware about the Skyscraper technique. For any targeted keyword, look at the first result in Google. If you can come up with better and more indepth (and off course longer) content, then gradually your ranking will be improved to the first position, if few other measures are taken care of.

I don’t use any secret SEO technique, which is not known to others. Rather, I have equipped myself with a set of tasks that help me to boost the rankings over the period of time.

Some of my regular SEO activities include:
  • Using LSI and Long Tail Keywords
  • Interlinking to the relevant high ranked pages
  • Diversifying Link Profile
  • Keeping a balance between Dofollow & Nofollow
  • Concentrating on getting more quality links. Here quality takes over quantity.
  • Update and republish old articles with fresh content & interlinking to new relevant articles
  • Optimize the web pages for all on page SEO factors
  • Optimize the usage of Images
  • Getting more social signals to Increase ranking
  • Commenting & Guest posting on authority sites to increase exposure
Also, Title is the most important part of SEO. It is also the first thing any user sees in the search results. So optimizing it, helps to attract more visitors to your web page.

Sometimes the niche is highly competitive and it is almost impossible to outrank your competitors. So selecting the right niche and targeting the less competitive keywords (with high search volume) is the key.

Search engines are always trying to update their algorithm to improve user experience and relevancy. So any technique that has worked in the past, may not work in current time.

SEO is a continuous process and not a short term goal. So identify the techniques that will work for you and be regular on whatever techniques you are following. And slowly you will dominate the search results.

30. SY Abuzar | BlogRankSEO.com

30. SY Abuzar | BlogRankSEO.comWhen it comes to ranking a specific blog post every blogger has different secrets formulas to rank that blog article. Yeah! Their top secrets, those they gain either by their own experiences (hard work) or other blogger’s experiences (smart work).

What! Through others experiences (less time)… 


Actually, they join some underground communities, mostly those targeting a particular niche (Sounds like James Bonde_007 or Whatever Black Part of Blogging).

Well, it is.

Take an example of Sam (imagine a blogger)

If Sam would like to be a good Affiliate Marketer then, he will join STM () which is #1 underground Affiliate Marketing community for $99 monthly membership subscription (no one tells own secrets for free).

Well, you can also learn any kind of strategy with the best use of your mind without joining these shit communities. But, it takes time. And you know that time is more than money.

Let Me Tell You a Popular Blogger’s Secret:

This secret I also shared in my recent blog post “Event Blogging Secrets” with proof and solutions.

Did you ever notice that some well-known blogger publishing a lot and lots of content (sometimes 2-3 a day)?

Don’t believe me…

Visit blogs like Mashable.com and Shoutmeloud.com yourself then take a look at numbers of their published posts per day. The majority bloggers can't probably produce that sum of content on a daily basis.

However, an additional content you publish every day, the superior chance your best blog site has to grow. It's up to you to make a decision how much content you can sensibly publish on your blog each week, but more articles typically equate to an additional growth.

Make sense?

What’re My Personal Strategies to Rank a Post?

No Noooo I do not like to share my Strategies with people..

LOL! ;)

Okkkk!  When it comes to my Personal Strategies to Rank a Post then, there are 3 things:
  • Internal Linking
  • Internal Linking and….
  • Internal Linking
Yes, Internal Linking is one of my personal Strategies to rank an article. Are you thinking about contextual internal linking? Yes, it is also a type of internal linking but there are lots of ways to do it.

Importance of Internal Linking:

Did you know internal linking has the same impact on ranking as backlinks?

Yes, you interlink a post in the most articles and when visitors click on it then, it tells Google that this article is a very relevant article and worth to adopt for Google’s top results.

Yeah! Interlinking is an art as it is one of the best factors of ranking. Don’t worry! There are lots of plugins available for it to handle totally autopilot

My Internal Linking Methods:

1st which is very common Contextual linking (hyperlink)

Banner Linking: By adding a beautiful banner on the sidebar of a specific article (my favorite).  Did you notice lots of bloggers do this either for getting traffic on an article or sales page by adding a lovely banner?

Banner linking is very helpful as image tells more than text.

Hope you like my suggestions!!!

31. Minuca Elena | MinucaElena.com

31. Minuca Elena | MinucaElena.comSEO is not only about optimization and content. If Google sees your website is getting traffic even without search, there is a higher chance that it will rank you. That is why lately one of my goals was to increase my domain authority by link building.

The more relevant backlinks you have, the more your rankings will increase. When building backlinks you must remember three things:
  • They must be relevant (that means you need links from sites from the same niche like you)
  • Quality matters. The higher the DA of the site that links to my blog, the more valuable my backlink is.
  • Quantity also matters. Never turn down the opportunity of receiving a backlink, no matter the DA of the site. Over time the site's DA may increase and also the more backlinks you have the better.
As a roundup specialist, I am in a unique position to GIVE backlinks rather than ask backlinks. You can see an example of an expert roundup that I did here.

Because I am friends with many influencers many people perceive me as an influencer too and they link to me without me asking them to. This puts me in a very powerful arena as a power networker and influencer.

Also, people associate me with expert roundups and that's why I receive a lot of invitations to contribute to posts, like this one. From each roundup or interview where I am featured, I receive a link back to my site. That helps tremendously in ranking.

If you want to be invited to interviews and quoted by other bloggers in their posts you need to make an effort and answer to all invitations. I see many times bloggers that want to be featured only on high authorities sites and they reject invitations for smaller sites.

So my secret SEO technique: Make a name for yourself in your industry as an influencer, be everywhere all the time. Feature on lots of sites, big or small. Your popularity, your brand, and your rankings will grow.

Using this technique, I increased my site's DA with 8 points and my PA with 13 in the last month.

32. Abdul Wali | OnlineUstaad.com

32. Abdul Wali | OnlineUstaad.comHi, my SEO advice will be simple and clear.

Create remarkable content which draws people's attention and then let people share it for you throughout internet.

The more you build trust, the more it's better for you in terms of everything including SEO.

Focus on fundamentals such as Keyword Research , On-Page and Blog commenting etc which you can do yourself for free. and when you know what you are doing then gradually move to more advance techniques over time.

33. Vladimir Gendelman | CompanyFolders.com

33. Vladimir Gendelman | CompanyFolders.comMy #1 SEO tip is to create useful, evergreen content. Look at what your competitors are doing and, to put it simply, do better.

Creating competitive content won't just increase the quality of your site in the eyes of your readers—it will also keep them coming back and encourage them to share your site with others, acting as a form of social proof that boosts your authority.

All of this will ultimately help with ranking and conversions—and that's what SEO is all about.

Final words:

This roundup is our first ever experience for such type of blog post and we are hoping that it will stand out from crowd.

As you can see and read all about SEO you can comment your own views and any word you want to tell us in the comments form below.

Thanks for reading mate!