How to Create High Quality Content without a Clue - Infographic and Tips

Many of my Facebook friends personally inbox me in private message option and they ask "how to create high quality content" or "how to create great content" so that they can get more traffic and more earnings or rankings.

What I have to say them is great content meaning is "writing for the readers not bots" and after that they should have some really amazing and best blog content ideas.

Still many of them do not understand so that I was on a little research to find out a set of great tips to create great content and that's how I was able to find a best infographic and decided to mention it while giving my personal tips in an article.

So in that research this article was created and now you have to read the article and read the infographic for knowing how you can really create the best content in the market of blogs.
How to Create High Quality Content without a Clue - Infographic and Tips

First of all, I got this blog post idea to share with you all from Kissmetrics blog "
22 Tips For Creating Great Content When You Don’t Have a Clue".

So here you can see the infographic below:
I found this on Kissmetrics but the infographic is create by copyblogger.

After reading infographic here you can read the secret recipes of creating quality content easily and on time.

1. Update Old Articles

The question is "How to Create High Quality Content without a Clue" and the answer is you don't really have to create a whole new article.

If you are clueless than you can easily just select a low quality (ever green) article from your blog/site which is under the how to category or any other (depends on your niche) and start editing it.
  • Update title with rich keywords
  • Add more information in body of the article and add bullet points
  • Add some info charts and give more links to best resources
There is a lot more for this topic, I will cover in next blog post.

2. Create A List Post

Top 10 and top 9 or top 20 list articles works great in terms of getting pageviews.

With this type of article we can easily engage our audience with giving them a reason to read our articles.

Also, lists are attractive and people from around the whole globe loves to read list articles.

So why you are not creating them?
  • Brainstorm a topic and just make list on it
  • Search about your niche in search engines and research a topic
  • You can also make a list article on your best blog posts
These are the simple tricks for creating list articles.

3. Review A Product

Reviewing a niche related product on your blog or website will help you easily get affiliate earnings and content too.

Many bloggers (like me) are getting paid to review products on their blogs.

For me, I will review a product like hosting platform or domain registration website or something in analytics industry for websites.

There is a product for every niche, so you can also review one.

4. Copy Other's Techniques

Its simple:
Read other's articles and copy their ideas from post titles.

Yes, and what you have to do is just find out your best competitors and visit them, after that find out their best performing articles and keywords (you can do it with Alexa).

Now you can see their best articles so just copy their idea and create your own title to add more information and update your blog with new article having more information than competitor.

5. Ask Your Readers

In the end, you can ask your readers to say their words on what they want you to cover on your blog or website.

I recommend you to do it in every of your new and old blog post.

Just write a line in the end of every article like this "Hey, If you want more information about any topic or this, than please comment below".

It works and its the simplest thing for creating high quality and great content while you don't have any clue.

Thanks for the read and you can comment your questions or suggestion in the comment form below. I will be happy to answer them 😍