7 Actionable Tips for Getting More Traffic to Your Website or Blog

How do I get more traffic to my site?

Probably the most asked question to professionals in online marketing and blogging era and every newbie asks this even before creating their blogs.

Not just the bloggers (newbies in blogging) but also some of the famous business owners and digital marketers also ask How the can Get a lot of Traffic for converting visitors into sales?

Well, that's easy and maybe not for some.
7 Actionable Tips for Getting More Traffic to Your Website or Blog

However, here I am going to show you some of the most powerful and really actionable tips for getting more traffic on your website or blog so you can do wonders with that free of cost web traffic.

Let's get started by reading below:

1. Create Engaging Content

First of all other heck, you have to write and create out standing but engaging content on your blog/site so that you will not lose your loyal readers.

In some cases bloggers ask me that what is engaging content?

I say:
  • Search trending topics or find un-answered questions in your niche
  • Research on that topic or questions and read what others have to say
  • After research and reading other's opinions write a eye-catchy title
  • Now start with asking questions and write down the whole article in one sitting
Some of them ask me how to research on our topic.

And I say:
  • Open any search engine (Google, Bing or Yahoo)
  • Type your topic there and you will get top pages
  • Now read at-least 7 articles from them
By this you will get an idea about what you have to write about and how long your article should be in terms of reading and writing too.

2. Make Your Articles Organized

Organized articles lead to low bounce rate of your site, because when readers see a well organized article they tend to read it accordingly and spend more time on single page than defiantly navigate to other for seeing and reading same content.

By organizing content between the article I mean to say:
  • Add lists in your articles with suggestion or questions
  • Add tips and also create some headings in every article
  • Add relevant images and show data graphs to readers
  • Create micro topics inside one topic and write little paragraphs on them
That's how you will get an organized article and that's what I implement on my writings and implemented on this article.

3. Refer your Old Blog Posts or Link to Others

While writing your article and before publishing it on the web, make sure it is having the best source towards the topic with noteable mentions of other relative content.

It means, you should add links in new articles about your old articles (when they are relevant) and if you don't have some related articles published on your blog/site than you can add other's links.

But, make sure that the pages you are linking to are trustworthy and giving the relative information on the topic.

For getting help choosing the articles read below:
  • First write whole article
  • After done with writing now see what words have to be linked with other articles
  • If you found any than search it in your blog/site and link to related content
  • If you can't find related content on your blog/site than go to Google and search other articles about that word and link to best ones
That's how we can create authority, informative and powerful articles on our blogs and sites.

4. Update your Blog or Site Consistently

Frequent updates on blogs and sites or consist in updating content on blogs can lead you to get more loyal readers.

As even you are publishing ever-green content (for example benefits of banana) you have to update it with latest information.


Because people always wants to read latest information even for thousands years old things. That's because they get to know about old information from their parents and grand parents so on internet we should update them with latest information and new ways.

Same thing is happening on the blogs.
  • Did you know? - Blogs were started in the history to update people with latest updates, just like news on TV channels.
I think its enough for you to know why consistently blogging about your main and relative topics is a key to gain more traffic.

5. Write Short CONTENT

If you really want to know what is the secret of getting huge traffic and asking how to increase blog traffic fast on a new blog than here's an answer.
Write shorter blog posts than others!


Read here:
  • Long content is good but when you can't write long content its better to stick with small content strategies
  • By shorter posts I mean to say write 900+ words posts and if the article is can't have these much words you can publish a 600+ words article for good rankings
  • I have ranked 400+ words articles on first page of the Google and that's just the beauty of writing about a well researched topic
Just write for the audience and try to help people solve a problem. Don't dare to trick search engines, their bots will ruin your traffic.

6. Leave Questionable Comments on Other's Blogs

Leaving comments for getting back-links to your web-pages is now an old tactic and we should avoid doing it to be at a safe zone in search engine respects.

If you are the one who is leaving comments on other blogs and site or forums to gain link juice than you should stop it and start leaving comments with authority words and a force which can lead you to have your blog presented as a brand online.

How to do it?
  1. Search for relevant blogs and make a list of them
  2. Start reading relevant articles and leave comments with at-least one thoughtful question
  3. Write to the point and don't add any link in the comment
This way you will get people to read your comment and answer your question.

By this you will be able to create your authority on that blog(s) and thus you will be able to comment with a link and author will not disapprove your comment 😉

7. Write Case Studies

Writing about what you just have experienced about something is like honey to your bees (readers of your blog) and that's what I suggest you to do at-least ones in a month.

Yes, case study articles can be small and can be in 10,000 words article.

It depends on various factors and all you have to write in a case study article is "Truth" which you can prove (if someone asks you than you should have some proofs).

For example you can write about how you got traffic or how you generate money out of your blog.

Better to stick with your blog niche and do some experiments within that specific niche so that you will be able to attract more eye balls on your blog and site too.


Don't dare to forget your blog for a whole month, keep it updated with some new articles in a week or otherwise you can update the old article.

If you need more hot and actionable tips to drive huge traffic on your blog or website than you are more than welcome to comment below.

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