9 Worst Content Marketing Mistakes that Even the Pros Make

Here we are going to show you top 9 and mostly worst content marketing mistakes which even the professionals make in their works.

As you all know we keep the blog updated with fresh and most researched content here is what you should do to your blog.

The world of content marketing is changing very quickly, and sometimes it is very hard to create a good strategy.

You not only have to use social media to achieve your main business aims, there must be a quality content to hold customer's interest.
9 Worst Content Marketing Mistakes that Even the Pros Make
It is important to avoid common mistakes of content marketing and to stay in the game.

1. The length of created content

The common mistake of some marketers is a word miscount of the future content.

It is very hard to decide how long your texts must be, especially if you are trying to work with different content.

After some findings made by marketers, the answer for this question was very simple – the longer content is better.

2. You are not creative enough!

Nowadays, it is hard to survive in the business world, especially when you are not delivering the unique and interesting content for your customers.

The whole process may turn to be a real competition, where you must fight with one weapon – a valuable information.

Moreover, jumping in any industry is not easy, since you need to bring something new and creative to fill a gap.

3. The lack of content plan

The result in the content marketing hard to achieve by randomly posting videos or texts.

There always must be a plan of your future strategy in order to keep your audience interested in your content.

Especially, when you are trying to aspire to further successes and to build up trust in the content marketing. In this case - consistency is the best option to do it right.

4. Always remember about your customers

Most professionals in the content marketing may make mistakes regarding the structure of created content.

Their goals are not directed towards the main thing – audience.

The information of content must be helpful for customers, not only for clients. In the end, it only brings benefits.

5. Wrong format of your site

When people visit your page, the first thing they see – how it looks. Customers can judge the poor formatting of your site quickly and often it leads to small popularity.

Even though you are making an interesting and quality content, it makes no sense for people if they surrounded by endless ads or other useless information.

The latest important innovation, that became very popular in the content marketing, is mobile optimization.
If you are not able to provide the same content for mobile, you will lose a great amount of customers’ attention immediately.

6. The importance of analytics

You cannot improve your business if you don’t know who your target audience are.

That is why very important to use analytics tools and to see how your content marketing strategy works.

This will help many content marketers to understand what exactly they need to continue their business successfully.

7. Multimedia part of any content

Since the progress of modern technology is growing very fast, most content marketers do not pay enough attention to multimedia content.

Especially, if you are working with social media, you cannot avoid the process of making videos or images.

The resent research showed that people are mostly attracted to content, which contains videos or images. If your content strategy does not have visual priority for users, you may suffer and lose your customers.

8. The role of Storytelling

Many content marketers trying to deliver their content through simple articles, blogs or posts.

This method may leave you behind your competitors, whose way to increase audience is storytelling. It is more effective since it became an important part of business strategies.

Storytelling is the best way to be connected with your readers and a new level in the field of content marketing after simple academic writing is no longer interesting for people. The power of storytelling lies in its ability to create an emotional connection with the reader. By crafting a narrative that is relatable, inspiring, or thought-provoking, storytellers can elicit strong emotional responses from their audience. This emotional connection can be leveraged by content marketers to build brand loyalty, generate leads, and increase sales. One way to develop storytelling skills is by attending storytelling courses that offer comprehensive training and practical exercises that teach the participants how to create a compelling narrative, develop engaging characters, and deliver their stories with confidence. Make sure to do your research and read more about business storytelling workshops to get insights into the benefits of these programs and choose the right one for your needs.

9. You must have goals – not wishes

Any process of achieving something great is useless if you don’t have goals. The same problem directly applies to content marketing.

The money budget for content marketing may be a real waste if you don’t know what you are trying to accomplish in the end.

Bonus tips: How to fix these mistakes?

The mistakes mentioned above are easy to fix if you face them recently.
  •     The length of your content can be built on the different factors, but you need to remember that the quality of content is the highest priority. The main problem regarding the content marketing strategy can be solved by creating a perfect plan, designed and made by professionals in order to see the full picture of your business.
  •     Making the content, always remember about your customers, your main audience. To be competitive in the content marketing, creativity is key.
  •     The usage of analytics tools may improve the whole situation if you have such problems.
  •     Multimedia content must be always present, otherwise, your audience will push you away and it will cause damage to your business.
  •     Changing your main format from old academic to the “newest” Storytelling can bring benefits for both sides.
  •     An ideal plan and strategy must contain the goals in order to achieve high results, such as increased sales or leads, increased number of followers and readers, increased interest to your content.


Nowadays, it is very hard to avoid the usage of content marketing in the business.

The content marketing is the best option for you to increase your audience and prove people that your content worth their attention.

Do not be afraid of challenges, since this is not easy to achieve good results from the very beginning.

If you have a good plan, strategy and quality content – you can build a successful business.
Guest contribution by: Ester Brierley a graduate student (Computer Science), junior QA Engineer in software outsourcing company, an enthusiastic freelance writer for different digital blogs. She adores researching cutting-edge trends and sharing them in her writing pieces. You can follow her on Twitter or visit her blog on PapersWrite.