How IRCTC's Website Earning 28 Crores to Indian Government (28,35,59,63.98 Rupees Per Year)

First of all: IRCTC is not a private website nor a website of an individual in India.

IRCTC's website is a working for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited for giving the solution of next generation eTicketing.

Remember that you are here to find out how the heck "IRCTC's Website Earning 28 Crores to Indian Government" and what they are doing to get these digits in revenue per year.

Many people and maybe you (ofcourse) thinking about that this news is a fake one, but no there is no fakeness in this news and we have a proof to show you.
How IRCTC's Website Earning 28 Crores to Indian Government (28,35,59,63.98 Rupees Per Year)
However as a service to bloggers we are not able to provide any legal document but here are some details we got from a website. Well, that is true and here is the proof:
Earnings Proof of IRCTC website
Above is a proof of IRCTC's website's earnings of 28 crores, 35 lakhs, 59 thousand and 633 Rupees/-.

How IRCTC's Website Earning 28 Crores

This was the perfect and to the point question for this unbiased news, so get your answer.
IRCTC website is earning 28,35,59,63.98 Rupees Per Year using teh Free advertising platform of Google
Yes, yes the Google Adsense!

IRCTC is earning that much by using the free of cost platform of Google "the Google Adsense" and they also have stated this in above payment proof of IRCTC.

Now you maybe got a question that you also use Adsense but not able to earn that much than how they are doing it?


Well they got 2000K+ unique visits a day and 20000K+ page views (which is just an estimation of traffic on IRCTC's website)

With such a big website everybody can earn that much when you are showing just ads and nothing more on the website and your CTR is high as people are visiting the website in thinking of the website is official desk of a Govt organization and they are seeing just ads.

Also one thing, they are using a technique to make their CPC (cost per click) rate higher than others.



IRCTC uses DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers)

A platform where you can set your own rates for the CPC of adsense and other advertising you do on your website.

Google call this platform as "Grow your Revenue with DFP" which is totlally usable when you have a approved adsense.

You can set your own CPC rate in these steps:
  1. Go to DFP and singup using your Adsense approved Gmail
  2. Now create an ad inventory and set parameters (impressions, CPC and more)
  3. You will get a code to paste at your webiste
As you have created a private ads campaign and selected adsense as a fall back or alternative ads option, you will get paid for a higher price (CPC as you have set it too high) or you will get a click for the page you have added in that campaign.

For learning more about DFP please click on this link.


The secret behind the boosted earnings of the IRCTC's website is Adsense and DFP og Google.

These two platforms are free to use as much as you can.

Stay here for more information and do comment your questions! Thanks for the read.