How to Write the Best Headlines that Will Increase Traffic on Your Blog

Are you getting some visits per day on your blog and you are already spending hours on creating high quality and also generating original content to increase the traffic.

But the trick of having high quality content not performing good for you?

Or you are searching for the real ways to drive huge traffic on your blog without spending hours on searching, researching and creating content which is a time consuming work.

I know its so hard to get traffic.

But there is a thing called Click Through Rate (CTR) which increases or decreases the chances of a web-page to be clicked by search engine users and other internet users too.

How to Write the Best Headlines that Will Increase Traffic on Your Blog

To increase the CTR of your blog posts you've to create awesome, best and amazing headlines (blog post titles) to convince the searcher click on your headline and read yours data before others.

There are many bloggers who are asking some questions like:

  • How to increase traffic on my blog?
  • Is blog post title optimization works for getting more traffic?
  • How we can optimize headlines to get higher CTR in serps?
  • Is emotional headlines works to get more readers?

and many others such as why we've to give our time finding or creating a out-standing headline etc.

For an example to that questions- You should scan some newspapers with your own eyes to see what they are doing with news and how they are breaking news into a issue which everybody wants to read for must.

After reading about 3/4 newspapers you'll come to know that they are playing the game of appealing headlines and they are using attractive words to make sure the reader have fun reading the news.

From social media networks to newspapers and advertising (online or offline) there is a thing which attracts the customers and we call it "Headline".

People tend to read the headline on billboards at roads, at front page of the newspapers, on news channels, from their social media accounts and from anywhere they can see with their eyes they just love to read the headline about anything we can imagine of.

To make sure you get targeted and original traffic with maximum numbers, I've put together some great to implement headline creating ideas and tips for your help so you can easily create the best headlines for your blog posts.

Just take a deep breath and start reading the main topic below.

Know the types of headlines

There are lots of types in headlines and we can write on any type of the headline, but few of them works like champ and do better then others.

Here is a list of some great type of headlines:

  1. Starting with numbers: Probably a post with starting numbers like 5 or 10 tend to read by more readers.
  2. List posts: Adding number in starting of the headlines makes your article a list post and you have to list some items, tips or something you can make a list of.
  3. How to posts: Just like this blog post you can add howto in starting of the headline to make your blog post a guide or tutorial type article, as people love to read these articles such as how to make money blogging or how to do SEO.
  4. Predictive headlines: Predict something trending or hidden in your mind and show some statistics or figuers to readers.

These 4 types of headlines presented here are just for informative reasons, and there are many other categories in this area.The much you search the much you can explore and learn.

Basically you've to create to the point content for your headline as I am doing here.

Spend 10% of the time finding a good headline

Before typing or searching for great content you should give at least 10% of your work time to find a great headline so you can start writing on a topic with a solid title.

As we can't write without a topic we should never type without having a best headline or a title for our next blog posts. As I do this on daily basis.

In my case, firstly I start a search on search engines like Google and Bing and spend 20 to 30 minutes on searching a topic with a solid article on it.

If I got a good article for XYZ topic I choose to change my topic and do the search again as there is already a well written and pure article available for that XYZ topic.

I don't want to waste my time on competing with already established networks and rather than I love to find a topic which is not clearly described before or have to be described with more information and I do read 5 to 7 articles on XYZ topic before writing any thing from headline to blog post body.

A headline gives the first impression and if you want that first impression to be a impactful thing on reader's mind then don't forget to give your 10% time of work on creating a out standing headline for your articles.

Just imagine that you are willing to write a article on ABC topic and you set the headline without research and thinking, how you can write to the point and how you can have a great article with great traffic?

Probably you can't. For this you've to research and create a convincing headline before writing any thing and by this you'll create a good article and people will read your article for must like they read news pages by reading just the headline

Use long tail keywords in headlines

You have been in search for finding or generating a headline for your blog post and you are empty hands cause there is nothing which is not covered yet on that topic you've choose to write then you should try using Long Tail Keywords in headlines.

Long tail keywords can do wonders in serps and one can have great traffic if he make use of LTK in right way.

  • As suggested try to have some long tail keywords in post body and do add them into blog post titles like I've add "How to Write the Best Headlines".

The text "How to Write the Best Headlines" is a long tail keyword which I found in the time I was searching for my next blog post title and I got to know that some newbie bloggers are want to read about how they can write the best headlines to get huge traffic, and I decided to write a guide for them.

That's how I wrote this blog post for you and how I was successful to hack the headline.

To know how you can search long tail keywords read my guide here.

Use the power of asking and questions

Start with a question in mind because the whole internet is created on the basis of asking and answering. All the internet users wants to get answers of their big and small questions like how to kiss and what is in my Facebook timeline, whatever they do they ask and want answers.

We are bloggers and we are the bone of internet creating team "YES we creates the internet" so why we can't give attention to our blog post titles and why we don't answer to already asked questions?


Don't even dare to answer with headlines of your blog, if you do so then you will lose the terrific traffic you may receive with a question based headline like we have "How to Write the Best Headlines that Will Increase Traffic on Your Blog".

In this headline we are using a question that how someone can write the best headline.

And this is the main thing you are reading this blog post as you've read the headline and you want to read the answer of this question.

I know you want help in writing great headlines and this the example for you, just think about this page's headline and you'll come to know that there is a question and the answer is body of blog post which you are reading right now.

Just try to create your article on a question or try to create tension in reader's mind after he/she reads your headline. A good example of tension making headline is:
  • Google is not working, or closed today - read reality in this article
People will die to read this blog post, as you are telling them that Google is closed. Yeah the world's great website is closed and what you can write in main body of the article is that's all was happening because of your poor internet service provider.

But it may not make sense, so try to have something real and do please others to read your article just by the that second they are reading your headlines.

Final words:

 In the end I just want to say that use your mind and think what people are searching for, what they love to read and how you can help them read the best.

 To do great things we've to think with our mind so we can create awesome content without any limits or lack of awesomeness.

 Be prepared and get inspiration from newspapers/news channels to create the best headlines. Don't forget to mention your thinking in comments area :)