5 Ways To Grow Your Small Business With Digital Marketing

5 Ways To Grow Your Small Business With Digital Marketing

Whether you are a small business owner at your local area or a small business firm about any other service than you have to know the ways which can grow your business and take it to the highest spot in your industry.

As of today in the AI-powered Digital Marketing world, there are more private sector jobs are available than the governmental sectors. Why? because small businesses are taking parts in many fields and hiring people without the need of experience or too many high qualifications.

There are some small businesses in the USA which require you no education or big degrees and you can be their employee just by showing your love for their product or services and show them how you can benefit them. As there are millions of small businesses operating in the whole world we are here to give you 5 best tips about how you can grow your small business with digital marketing.

Some of these ways are free so you can easily do it or if you can afford then just hire someone to do if for you.

1. Start a Blog

Blogging is one of the best free tools to leverage the power of the internet as a marketing strategy. If you are a small business owner then I must say that you should start a blog and post updates about your business and industry trends on a daily or at least weekly basis.

Here's a chart for you to know how blogging will take effect in the coming years:
companies who blog growth chart
This report was issued in recent years and nowadays blogs are converting more than advertising material. If you want to use a low cost strategy for your business growth than don't forget that blogging and content marketing is the only ways around. So start a blog and publish some blog posts, make sure you are not publishing about unrelated topics to your business.

2. Business Listing

Its the best way to upgrade your local business or make it big from a small business. As you can have a free of cost business listing at an online world where people now search everything from the burger shop to diamond outlets. All you have to do is just go to the online services and submit your information like you can use the #1 tool by Google and its name is Google My Business.

Just go to https://www.google.com/business/ and type your business details like Name of the business, Address and Contact information.

After that, you have to give proof of your business so that Google will send you a code by offline-mail, than after you will verify your local business it will start showing your business card to relative searchers. That's all you can do it with many other free business listing sites so go and find your area's best business listing website where you don't have to pay.

3. Social Networks

With regular use of social media apps and websites by users from the whole world, you can easily target your customers and readers. All you have to do is just create your small business page or profile on every major social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Then start sharing updates and relative content to those pages and profiles, and also don't forget to share your blog posts. For example, if done correctly, LinkedIn outreach can be very lucrative. It is a great place to find both potential customers and new team members.

To make you aware of social media power here I am attaching a social media user stats chart:
social media user stats chart
This a valid chart which is showing you the exact active monthly users on different social media networks. No doubts that Mark Zuckerberg is the king of today's social media with Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger and also the Instgram he is your guy to do digital marketing for your small business. Make sure you are testing other social media networks as well as they converts better.

4. Email Marketing

It sounds weird when we talk about email marketing for small businesses as they don't need an email list to sell products online or get customers to their outlets. But, as of today we should test out everything and stick to those which work best for us. So that I am here and suggesting you that you should try Email marketing.

As people are serious about emails and every email which is successfully sent and someone read, there is 90% chance that you will get that person as your client or a visitor.

Why? because people open their email accounts just for checking new offers and their most important messages so that emails converts best than other mediums.

5. Advertise

The most advanced way around to get your customer to find you easily and know about you is advertising your small business online. If you are targeting a city than it will be really beneficial for you. As you will get to categorize your adverts audience by selecting their gender and interests.

On Facebook and Google Adwords you will be able to set your CPC (cost per click) advertisements to promote your local business and they will show your ads to your selected audience or you can select a set of keywords on which you want to show your small business details. Of course, this will cost you but the thing is you will get a nice ROI (return on investment) because your ads are showing to only targeted and relative people.

That means you will pay for what you want to pay and there's no trick here. You can stop your ads at any time you want. There are so many advertising networks, but for small businesses, I recommend using Google Adwords or Facebook and test out their own minds.

Adwords or Facebook advertising network is not small but as small businesses have to invest a small portion of their income per month I suggest you test online advertising with these networks by paying $10 or $20 then check how much ROI you are getting so that you can start investing more money or stop if its not working for you.