How Machine Learning (AI) Is Changing Online Marketing

Machine Learning in other words AI (artificial intelligence) is the new technology and it's the future technology too.

How Machine Learning (AI) Is Changing Online Marketing

However, we are not going to describe what AI is, on this page we are going to talk about how machine learning can help companies with their online marketing efforts and how digital marketing will be affected by the increase of AI devices or implementations.

As some of the top-notch companies around the globe are using AI in their marketing strategies and some are using machine learning in their feedback and contacting options, we can realize that Artificial Intelligence has a role in every office and be the assistant to CEOs.

However, still, there is much more to improve in AI and machine learning is now able to know what type of things people are in need of or how to answer people like a real human. AI was developed to help humans get their tasks done easily and to low down the contact center costs and other related things.

If you are a technology company or just a small business looking to grow but don't have too much to invest you can simply make things automatic by machine learning apps and devices without the need of creating a contacts list for email marketing campaigns. For example, you can set auto-replies on your contact pages and put in some data about how you do the business the rest will be ensured by AI software or device.

Still, you may require a technical person to tell you everything related to AI and machine learning so we are going to write about our main topic which is how machine learning (ai) is changing online marketing:

1. Media control

Social media outreach or TV commercials AI is everywhere and now we can set a computer to tell us about where our ads are being viewed.

As you can now see an option in your Facebook profile that the social media king is now able to tell you that who is in the picture or whether there is an outdoors or indoors picture or a smiling face photo without any software. They are using machine learning to enable their network for storing data about user's images so that they can easily let their friends or other people know who's in the photo.

Not just that but you can have some AI software installed on your computer and put your company's data to see where your company logo is mentioned on the internet or from where you are getting loyal clients.

So that you can track your exposure and invest with real insights which are more than the view counts. In simple words, you can utilize AI in social media management (SMM) and save monthly expenses on a team of social media support and management.

2. Personalization

Ha, this is something everybody is noticing these years but nobody knows about how the heck this works. In simple words we can say that when you try to search for "Loans" you will instantly get to watch Loans related advertising all over the websites you will visit after searching that on Google or other websites.

Now think about how other platforms got to know that you are interested in loans? what technology is giving them access to your personal search and even your thoughts?

This is machine learning and as we call it AI (artificial intelligence). AI not just act like humans or answer your questions when embedding into a robot, it can also track your activities on the internet and tell the big fishes about you. As I said Google knows what you are searching and other big websites keep your footprints on their data centers to show you relative and targeted advertising.

AI systems and software can tell them what you are searching for and they will easily show the ads to give you the exact thing. So that they make money their advertisers get sales and you become happy to see relative ads. Another example is recommendation engines like when you search for a video on YouTube you will then find related videos to that one you just searched for. That's how AI can give you relevancy all over your internet experience.

3. Predictions

In the eCommerce industry which is the biggest online industry, we have to get some predictions that should be clear and real.

As predictions can lead us to have more sales and we can know what are the days people tend to buy things and what are the hours in whole day when most of the people makes decisions to buy things online. AI can help us get those predictions done easily and in a timely manner. With having historical data and doing the mix with machine learning algorithms we can easily analyze the behavior of the customers and identify customers who will buy things and who will not.

This may sound crazy but this is happening, some of the eCommerce platforms are using some AI-based algorithms to automate their advertising efforts and invest less when getting quick high ROI (return on investment) with insights by machine learning data.

The best thing is we can rely on AI data and the great thing is we don't really have to interact with it, AI can take decisions and make your job easier by covering the industry standards - because AI can learn like we humans learn and implement like we apply and this is the example how AI is changing the marketing area of the online world. If you want to learn Machine Learning, check out Intellipaat's Machine Learning certification course.

4. AI-generated Content

If you are asking me that how close we are to AI-generated content then we are not close but we are living in it, as you can see there are many news aggregators are being developed which can adjust the content and do translate it to another language and create titles than post a relative image to it.

For all content marketing related stuff, everything is being done automatically. You can take the example of the Google rich snippets, they are showing data to customers and users of the google search, and also sometimes google can show you an exact answer to your question in a box right at #1 line in google search.

How they made it? they probably have created an algorithm for all of that data to maintain it and show it to users with a 100% accuracy rate. Still, the question is how Google knows that we are asking about something and they show us the answer to the same thing and the answer seems to be 100% accurate. This is why Google and other websites are using tracking systems and cookies to know what type of content people search and read about.

They simply show you the most interesting and most valuable content to your question. There are many algorithms of different kinds which are making this possible for Google and AI is more than this. So you can get help from machine learning to deliver your users or clients more great experience with AI-generated content which is a possibility now. It also saves you many hours of human force and you can easily cut off the cost of hiring many content writers, just to show the exact content to your user's queries.

5. Optimization

Not just AI-generated content, you can optimize content with machine learning. AI can provide you insights about what type of content is giving you more earnings and how you can improve your low-quality content. Just go to your website's analytics and find how you are getting data about users' time of visiting your website and the duration, with location info, and even you will get the data about their interests.

We know that scripts can tell us about duration and time of visit but how we can know the interest of our website users? this is where AI and machine learning comes to the game. With machine learning data we can easily know what are the interests of the users so that we can easily optimize our content and have more eyeballs on our blogs then convert them into loyal customers.

6. Customer Segmentation

To categorize your customers and make the segmentation easier you can use the machine learning software available in the market or ask your developer to look at this. As AI got the power to read your customer's dimensions and do analysis on their searches, purchases, and behavior.

With clustering algorithms, it will be easier for your eCommerce or other software to enable the broad reporting to you and you will be able to get more insights about your own customers as well as the visitors who are not buying but visiting your website on daily basis.

7. Digital Marketing Solutions

As every business whether small or established have to have a great marketing idea and do digital marketing for more sales, with AI we can do it easily and target the only converting people around the globe as it gives us the power to create outstanding digital marketing campaigns. The best thing is we can get insights about other's customers and utilize that data to manage our own websites and display products in a manner people love to buy.

By other website's data, I am saying that we can attach our machine learning software with analytic companies like Google and other private companies which are providing rich data and then add it to live data in AI software so that it will tell us where we have to work and what type of products people are buying right now in the selected industry. This makes sense and can lead sales to the highest levels.

8. Pricing Model

Thanks to machine learning that we can now set dynamic pricing in every online or offline shop and store. As you can see Amazon is changing its product' prices on a daily basis and almost every other big eCommerce website is doing the same to make sure they are getting more and more sales every day.

People love discounts and ever-changing prices so it is best to attach AI with your pricing model and set the highest and lowest price so that your AI system will learn when to offer discounts to your customers and when to stop promotional offers and ask for regular price. It's the simplest machine learning system to make sure you are not wasting your old stuff or leaving the money on the table.

9. Customer Experience

Last but not least. The big success in improving customer experience with AI and machine learning is chatbot software and systems. There are many high-quality and low-quality chatbot software is available in the market which you can embed in your website or attach with your social media profiles to easily answer your customer's questions. The best thing is you can be available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year without taking a break of a second.

That's cool, we can now be the open every-time shop or service and let our customer ask their questions and AI will answer them with product recommendations and more.

If you need more information about businesses and digital marketing then stay connected with us as we are going to update you about new ways to grow your business on daily basis.