7 Influencer Marketing Mistakes to Avoid and Win Campaigns

As you can see there are so many products, brands and services online and offline for which you are seeing many individuals are posting discounts and special offers. Many companies are giving special discount offers to their selected marketers and they called influencers who market for a commission. Yes, per sale influencers got paid or they get paid for per campaign. If you are a digital marketer, blogger, entrepreneur or working in online field and a bit famous in your industry than you have the title of influencer in your market. With this title you can earn a lot more than you are earning with your online work. Yes, companies will pay you to post about them and boost that posts so that real people and targeted ones will get to know about their products and services. However, with every work online or offline there are some mistakes which we make and in influencer marketing there are 7 top mistakes which we make and should avoid to get a quick win on our influencer marketing campaigns - so read those 7 influencer marketing mistakes and get a quick fix:
7 Influencer Marketing Mistakes to Avoid and Win Campaigns

1. Doing Influencer Marketing ONLY for Money

Some unknown and even some famous influencers in different areas of the online world are doing it for money and they are doing it wrong. However they are making money but they are doing it just for money that is the key to loss money on table and the main thing is we shouldn't do it for money only and we also have to invest some in personal branding and boosting the social media posts.

If you are here and thinking that you can make millions out of influencer marketing than maybe you are not wrong but what it takes to get the game to the million dollars? Probably, no company will pay you when you are asking them for their budget and how much they will give you. You have to create your profile before getting paid with companies and also don't forget that influencer marketing jobs are not easier. We have to put our full energy for each campaign and driver real leads and sales (at least that's why company pay us).

2. Putting Energy only on Getting Followers

There is another group of influencers who are doing influencer marketing and rather than driving leads and customers to the companies they are paying more attention to boxing more followers with the money of influencer marketing campaigns.

Well product owners or services give you money to invest for them and let them have more clients and customers, you should invest that bucks in that work and ask for your commission separately. Also while you are generating more followers on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to be the #1 in your industry, don't forget to be in your niche. For example if you are an influencer in SEO industry than followers from Loans industry will not converts and that's why many influencers have thousands of followers but no company ask them to do influencer marketing campaigns for them.

3. Ignoring the Rules of FTC

Its simple, just tell your fans and followers that a particular post or status update on your social media profile(s) is sponsored by xyz. You can add company or product name in XYZ or use this line (edit as you want):
  • This content is Sponsored by Name of company
According to the changes in the US Federal Trade Commission’s rules for endorsements, failing to identify which posts (status updates) are sponsored or act as an endorsement (advertising campaign) could lead to big trouble.

Be legal when you are posting sponsored content and doing influencer marketing in your industry, even if you are a product owner than you should tell your influencer marketing experts to do this with every campaign.

4. Less Collaborations

Collaborating for influencer marketing is another key to online marketing success and also a big mistake when you are not doing it as nowadays most of the high thinkers in this industry are doing it to get more fame and get more companies to give them work.

If you are in influencer marketing work than don't forget to collaborate with other players even if they are new or old. Just make sure you are collaborating with your competition or a marketer who is in your level. It will help you to gain more exposure and have more targeted fan following which is the necessary of getting more influencer marketing gigs.

5. Not Joining Other Social Media Networks

This is myth, but it should be clear here, as I am talking about influencer marketing mistakes I have to talk about this one. If you are getting marketing gigs on your Facebook page or profile and don't have accounts on other great social media sites like Twitter and Instagram than you have to check them out as they have big potential.

I have seen many instagram users are getting paid in high payment checks and they are charging hundreds of dollars to post an image on their accounts. As instagram converts better than Facebook do. Its my personal experience: People don't want to leave Facebook, but for anything they leave instagram as they are not that engaged with other social networks as they are with Facebook.

6. Unplanned Campaign

I think its a fault of companies and product owners, however we should give time and respect to the planning of influencer marketing campaigns. As if you haven't planned a campaign you can't get the required ROI (return on investment). In planning a campaign there are some major points like:
  • Selecting the area of advertising
  • Choosing gender and interests
  • Planning for daily spend
  • Title and Images selection
There are some more to add in advertising campaign planning but if you are new at influencer marketing than don't forget these basic points and cover them in each of your campaign to get highest ROI and get more gigs.

7. Thinking that We Own an Influencer

This influencer marketing mistake is what companies and product owners or services should avoid as nobody owns anybody and same thing applies to influencer marketing and influencers. If you are an influencer than don't forget that you are not puppet to your clients.

If you are a company than don't forget that you are not the owner of an influencer, as you pay and suggest - influencers work and give you results. If you are not paying than you have to collaborate with them for their success and yours too. But thinking that a selected influencer will not alive when you are not paying him/her dollars is not good. They have opportunities waiting for them, just be the buddy and have your work done easily.

If you need more guidance on influencer marketing and want more tips and insights about this business than I am here to reply you and update you with latest updates and tips. Don't forget to comment below.