Common Mistakes That Can Potentially Ruin Your Email Marketing Campaign

Although email marketing is a potent mode of digital marketing, people still make mistakes that can damage campaigns and fail email marketing strategies.

The following article shows the most common mistakes that people make in their email marketing and what you can do to rectify them.

Email marketing campaign is a way in which you can communicate with your existing and potential customers alike and tell them about your new products or in case your business is new to them, then make your product known.

You can use emails that are time-based because if you sent it at a time when most people are not going to check it, then you lose the chance to get the kind of response that you desire.

Common Mistakes That Can Potentially Ruin Your Email Marketing Campaign

So it is important to have a plan and use an automated system to send timely and regular emails to increase the prospect of your future business.

1. Incorrect Decisions regarding A/B Testing

Although A/B tests are popular, inaccurate testing can lead to errors and hurt your campaign. The following errors like:

  • Small sample size: You need to select an optimum number of opened emails to carry out your test on so that it is significant for statistical relevance. Select a sample size that is practical, see the average rates for opened emails and choose a sample based on that. Do not select too high or too low. Double check the number by conducting new tests.
  • Some variables: Normalize the environment for the testing and reduce external variables as much as you can. It might be tempting to use more variables as you might feel it will help optimize your results but too many variables can complicate findings and mislead you into believing inaccurate results.

2. Hygiene of your Email List

You have to maintain your email list as much as you can, clean and update your database always. Emails are added to your database through the process of opt-in, single or double opt-in.

Most people choose the single opt-in as it ensures faster subscription, but it risks getting incorrect email addresses, more emails will be thus bounced back, and actual engagement with readers will be less. Hence you need to clean your database regularly and maintain a healthy list.

You can use campaigns to manage soft bounces to erase email addresses which have continuously soft bounced; hard bounces will be fixed by your automation system for marketing.

Thus you can ensure that your emails are being delivered to actual email addresses and hence, have more emails opened. You should erase role accounts with addresses like support@, help@, etc. You should try to re-engage with email accounts that haven't responded or opened your emails for a few months to know if they are still interested, allow them to unsubscribe if they aren't.

3. Vague Subject Lines

Keep your subject lines short, simple and clear as they will ensure you get more clicks. Do not use click baits. Try to be clear over smart when it comes to the subject line. AWeber communications show clear subject lines generate over 500% more clicks than clever ones.

People might open our emails with bright subject lines once or twice, but they will not continue to do so in the future once they realize that they have been led into clicking an unwanted link, so avoid being clever and be straightforward.

You can visit here to learn more about common mistakes people make which can damage their email marketing campaigns.

4. Don’t use unnecessary content for Email Marketing

Content is the most important thing. However, first make sure that you affix your contact information before sending any kind email. In this way, you will gain more trust.

Then with good communication, you can make the customer focus on your content. Always stick to what you want to say and stat relevant to your business.

Always, encourage viewers to take some action on your email; it could be anything as simple as drawing traffic to your main business website.

5. Point to be considered

Do ensure that your email does not feel like spam to the clients and that your newsletter is not that frequent which makes them feel that their inbox is being cluttered.

Also, if this kind of work is not very easy for you, you should hire professionals who are known for their marketing experience. The business would suffer if the marketing is not done right and that in turn would be a bad influence on your loan management for the company.

There are several things that you should take note of to gain insight into understanding debt program’s details, and this can help you out with handling all kinds of marketing work better so that you can ensure you earn consistent profits from them.


Email marketing can get tricky in this day and age, and you can feel overwhelmed if responses are not according to your liking.

However, by avoiding some common mistakes which harm your campaigns, you can get much improvement in your marketing results.

The email marketing is the simplest and the classic of all and has been in use for years.

Many people always opt for this essential means of marketing for the business and it can be concluded that with a proper understanding of the methods you can use it to your advantage.

Guest contribution by: Isabella Rossellini, who has mentioned about the common mistakes which need to be avoided to make the email marketing technique more efficient and more natural. She has suggested readers approach here for help