Should I Buy Email Address List for Online Marketing?

You may encountered by many guys saying "don't buy email lists". Believe me or not, but buying an email address list is not a bad step.

Who say it is bad, they don't know how to buy one. Here I will teach you the basics for buying a email address list.

Should I Buy Email Address List for Online Marketing?

Be geeky and try different things. Be active and show your results.

Let's read my tips and buy one email list from a trusted person or company. It will shock you with good results.

Ask these questions to your email list provider

Before buying any thing on internet you should ask questions to providers.

Here I am giving you the questions to ask your mail address list provider. No matter if the provider is a person or company. You can ask them.
  1. Where they got the emails?
  2. How they list them?
  3. The country of email lists (where that people live in world with their emails)
  4. How the list will benefit you?
  5. If they can, then ask for demo results
A must to ask question is "The list they want you to buy" is only for you or they keep selling that list to other marketers?

You should ask them to make a all-new list for you.

Because creating single email is not a hard task. If people got more annoying emails, maybe they don't mind to create another email and leave first one alone.

Don't buy cheaper in price lists

Price doesn't matter in buying email address lists.

You should consider quality only.

The cheap price email addresses don't work for marketing. As many are buying that lists and sending spam to inboxes.

It may cause you a serious problem. Avoid it and search for a totally fresh and newly arranged emails list. As I said all-new list is perfect for any type of business online.
If you ask me to give my subscribers emails to you for $10,000. I would prefer to give you a big NO and NEVER reply.
That's why I say cheaper is not good.

No! You can have a good emails list by spending $500. In my case I don't want to sell my own list.

Not I am, no one like to sell his hardly created email addresses list. If you force any one then you may got the list in a solid price.

Where you can buy email addresses?

This is the main question.

There are many authorities don't want you to buy any email list. But I'm different and love to give you the method of buying an opt-in email list.

For example: If you are in "Loans Market", then you can buy opt-in list of any "Loan Marketing" blog or website.

Same if you are a blogger with a basic niche blog. You can buy opt-in email address from a your trusted niche blogger (in your industry (same niche)).

Don't buy emails from new companies or low reputation guys. Only a legit and high reputation company or person can give you the required list.

You can give them these guidelines and necessity tips:
  • Email list should be opt-in list of a authority site/blog in same niche you are in
  • Only fresh list not 1/2 year old one
If all above things are done.

You can then buy email address list for online marketing.

If you want more tips on this topic, and want me to do a in-depth search on this topic. Then you can ask me in comments. Thanks for reading.