What is CMS (content management system)?

A CMS (content management system) is a web/computer application which allow people to create, edit and re-create any type of content (text, images, videos etc). With a display-able interface, users can maintain their content and even delete it or organize as they want.

First CMS where launched in 1990s, and than many CMSs are available to use, many of them are free and open source. It is a best option for working in a collaborative environment.
What is CMS (content management system) - things you need to know
The best thing in a CMS is users can start their online work in minutes. With the help of CMSs anyone can create online shops, blogs, websites, social networks and more.

Many news site/blogs are using this technology for editing their articles and designing their online world. Using custom and sub-domains and web-hosts, internet makers (web-developers) are making it a needy application for any type of work online.

There are many good CMSs that are good for newbies at web-developing.

Things and features to check in a CMS

Here is a list of some features you need to know before choosing any CMS.
  1. Read their rules, limits and permissions
  2. Customization of layouts and fully open source
  3. Make sure they provide all article editing tools like image/video uploading, link adding, headings and more
  4. Also take a deep look at their plugins and tools they enabled for you
  5. Search for themes/templates
  6. Ask CMS's support team for some demos or URL of other sites using their CMS
If you have that list answered at notepad, you can start using that CMS.

Beware: All CMSs on internet are under-construction (got updates after months). We recommend you to use Blogger.com for any type of blogging work, and WordPress (WP VIP) for most complex websites.

As WordPress is a great CMS available for free. Even Facebook is using it for their news blog. Also! The blogger.com is a great platform, even Twitter is using it for their blogs.


I know, you all are very welly know about CMS. There is no more words to say on this topic. Yes you can make a discussion using comment form below.