Things Which Need To Be Focused By Newbie Bloggers

Getting traffic these days is becoming a tough part for bloggers due to increase in blogging.

As we all know that First Impression Is The Last Impression , the same happens in blogging as the first thing which you do in blogging results the whole thing.

Making a new blog is an easy task but writing content for it and doing other important things is not easy for newbies.
Every Newbie Blogger Needs To Focus On Certain Things Which Are Stated In This Post.

Does A Newbie Needs To Focus On Certain Things ?

A newbie really needs to focus on certain things through which he can make his blog rank in the search engines.

There are many things which are noticed by search engines when a new blog is created.

Therefore every one needs to focus on those things so that they may attract visitors as well as search engines.

So without taking more time lets discuss the points which every newbie needs to focus.

Things To Be Focused By Newbie Bloggers

1- Content Is King

The main thing which every newbie needs to focus after creating a blog is its content. The more unique and creative he writes the post the more his blog ranks fast.

The time you start writing copied posts , search engines will start neglecting your blog.

Every newbie should always write posts which are descriptive and more than 500 words so that they complete their quota to write posts.

2- Basic SEO

The main problem which newbies do is not caring about SEO.

No doubt it is difficult to understand but using some basic SEO tips is must for every blogger which includes - meta tags , search description , labels , permalink , etc.
Without these small SEO things a blog will take time to rank in search engines or even may not rank in search engines. Google Webmasters

3- Unique Posts

Rather than just writing big every newbie should focus on writing content on new topics which are unheard or not present in other blogs.
If you'll write unique posts then i'm sure your blog will be the first to come on SERP when searching of that title.

4- Social Media

Every newbie should create social profiles for his blog rather then making it after sometime cause social media can give you precious readers or even subscribers.
I've seen many newbies not creating social profiles which really costs them a lot as they miss about 30% of traffic.

5- Niche Determination

Every newbie should always select a niche in which he is interested or have passion in it so that he can get unique and creative post ideas for his blog rather than just thinking of post titles and wasting his time in it.
The main fact is that if you're good in something then only you can do something good in it.

6- Researching

Every newbie should always be busy in finding out more about his blog's niche and getting more knowledge by reading E-books and posts from other blogs.
Try to gather every information like - SEO Tips , Image Designing Tips , etc. which will help you later in creating perfect posts for your blog.
This is a guest contribution by Nitishk Gupta a blogger at Where he publish blogging Tips & Tricks.