10 Haram Online Businesses to Avoid Starting

There are many ways of earning money online and many of that businesses are forbidden by Islam. However not all the home business ideas or online earning ideas are haram.

Or you can say, all the illegal ways of earning money online are named as Haram in Islam.

If we use any (listed here) job online, it may cause Allah's punishment on us.

So! Its better to avoid all that crappy ways and start using legitimate ways.

10 Haraam Online Businesses to Avoid Starting
To know about 10 Haram businesses (ways of earning money) online, read out this list.

Many quick-cash schemes and methods of earning money online are called haraam according to Islamic Jurisprudence, here I will try to list all of them.

1. Gamble is haram anyhow online or offline

Gamble (جوا) is considered haram. No matter is it online or offline.

Some of our brothers thinks that online gambling is not haram. Wait brothers, take note of my words.
"Gambling is haram all the ways you can do it"
There are many types of gambling (igambling) online. Like written below.
  • PTC (pay-to-click) rent-refers
  • Lotteries online (which need investments)
  • Playing cards
and so on. Please don't use technology like this. You can do many other legit jobs online. Try to avoid this one.

2. Earning money using fake social profiles

This is what many young age individuals are doing right now.

It is extremely a bad way to earn money. If you are a Islam believer, you can't even think of doing this business.

For example: You use any dentist social profile for selling your own product (whatever you sell). It is considered forbidden and bad way of selling your product.

It can harm your business and also the person/company you use that fake profiles for. What! If someone else use your identity for selling his product? what you will feel?

Personally, if it happens to me. I would like to kill that person. Really! It is a too bad idea for earning or selling online.

3. Fake giveaways and prize programs

Giveaways or prizes is a good thing.

But! Many bad-asses are doing it wrong. To earn money quickly and the too bad thing is people fall in this childish scam online.

People who think, their luck is very pretty. They even invest their hard-work-money for advertising these scams.

Yes! Many online prize giving businesses ask you to make some referrals. So! You will got the points. The people become fool and starts advertising their affiliated links online.

It cause them earn more money by selling traffic to other sites (advertised on their main site). And the blind minded people got their account banned after they stop giving referrals to scam websites.

In many cases.: The scam websites ask you to buy their products (as many you buy) you will get a plus point. After some weeks they launch a lucky draw and give the prizes to their family members or employs.

You got nothing but scam advice. So! Its better to avoid using these sites. Also don't dare to make a site like that.

4. Scamming advises & earning by scam

Its another part of earning money online using haram methods.

The so called professionals are doing this shit on social medias and private networks. Even they have own designed and self-hosted websites and ask you for creating an account (paid account).

They take some dollars for creating your account and teach you the scamming. Yes! They teach you how to scam on public and how to fool people online by doing some tasks. In some days you can start earning money.

Keep it in mind all your hard work will goes in gutter, if you scam people. Also! This way you can't make a living.

That money live with you for some days. Then! You have to learn another scamming method.
Teaching scam (or earnings of doing scam) is haram in Islam, and illegal in all other religions

5. Earning money by selling haram items online

Are you want to create an online store along haram items in it? delete this idea from memory of your mind.

It is totally a bad and haram way of doing online business.

Many of you think that eating of forbidden animals is haram, and selling is not. I wonder how you can think like that.

Especially selling meat of forbidden animals in Islam is haram. NO: Not just eating forbidden things is haram, but selling too.

Its better to sell halal items online. If you're a Muslim avoid selling of haram items online. Some haram items are listed below.
  • Meat of dead animals
  • Alcoholic
  • Low-quality drugs
  • Drugs not suitable for teen-agers
Think yourself, what if your brother/sister or any family member bought alcohol online and near the stage of losing his life in teen-age.

6. Generating money using pornographic websites

This is the business nowadays all newbies are doing. It is a easiest online business which is forbidden in many states following Islam.

It is clear:
If you can watch pornography in the front of your family, than you can start this business - and I'm sure a real Muslim can't talk about porn in front of his family.
Not just watching porn is a bad thing, selling porn videos/images and other type of content online is also haram in Islam.

Not just selling. If you are giving that content for free on a site and earning money from banner ads or driving traffic to your legit website is totally haram.
Its good to start a Islamic website instead going to hell by starting a porn website.

7. Copying others hard-work (plagiarism)

Are you in the staff of creating good content for any company/blog/website? then you are doing a halal job online.

If you are daring to copy others articles, and spin it out. Then it is not good thing. Stop it right now.

Here is a solution for you:
"If you want to copy any work or article even any trick then please give a proper backlink to its original source"
You know Wikipedia?

It is doing the same. Users enter information to Wikipedia and at the end of all articles they give credits to original sources. You can do the same.

8. Selling steal/cracked software and programs

I fought for this bullshit on social media and got negative messages.

Here in Pakistan, many of the so called Muslims and pros are doing it on daily basis.Whenever I try to give awareness people start barking on me.

Today it is a need to describe this haram business here.
Use of any cracked and stealing type of software is bad step. If you sell or give a cracked software for free to someone. It is also a haram (forbidden) step
Its better to avoid cracking or stealing any online/offline software.

9. Making money from videos

No! Making money from videos is not haram (porn videos are haram).

In the world of internet many people are making money using their captured videos. The best way of earning money using videos is uploading videos on YouTube and you can start earning by showing Google Adsense ads.

That method is only for your own videos not for those you download from any other medium. In many cases some companies allow public to use their rich media materiel any way they can.

They also ask for proper credits to their hard-work behind making of that media.
If you are earning money by showing ads on someone else videos. Then you are eating his food. Stop it please.

10. Online charity hub, or donations online

You know Firefox?

A internet browser for every person, and available freely. We can use it to surf the web and it is really a good web-browser.

They survive on your donations. Every year they ask for donations and many people where sending them.

They are good so they deserve a donation, but many are doing it for wrong purpose.
If you are got donations for any company or area. Give that money or any thing you got to its destination.
There are many internet surfers, who got scam emails, social media private messages and websites to surf for charity.

Than! They ask them to make a donation so they can survive or they will give your donations to needy people.

Please don't start this type of business or don't make donations online (you can if you have authority preference).


So! That was my hard work for my Muslim brothers and sisters.

Please earn money online by halal methods.

It doesn't matter if you are earning in very low digits. Matters is your earnings are halal or haram?

Think twice before starting any online business.

Thanks for reading this blog post :)


  1. If I get any Serial Key from online sites for free without cracking the software & I share the key on my site so will it be haram?

    1. It will count and you should buy commercial rights before sharing any product key.

  2. Is earning through pirated software is haram or halaal!
    Im not rich to even buy expensive software!

    1. Well earning through this type of methods is not good and we should avoid as long as we want to earn the money for our own self respect and piece of your heart.

      For testing purposes like knowing how one software works or it is up to your requirements or not: You can use any software (nulled, cracked or so called pirated).

      I don't recommend you to earn through pirated software or any other digital and real life item/product.

      Thanks for commenting here.

  3. What if i make reaction videos and i also make money from it. Is it haram? And i also give full credits to the video we reacted. Is it still haram?

    Second: what if my video are all pictures. And all of those pictures are just taken from google without permission from the original creator of the picture. Then i would also make money from the picture video. Is it also haram?

    1. Hello there,

      Awesome questions!

      For FIRST Questions:

      Its like getting permission to that video creator, firstly ask that publisher, creator or uploader about creating this type of video and if he/she is agreed than you can create the video yourself having that video as a review and the earnings will HALAL.

      When you steal other's work without permissions = Haram (spam and scam).

      For SECOND question:

      One thing, Google is providing the services for searching images on the permission of publishers and people who are uploading them.

      So you can use them on your projects with a CC (creative common attribute) and the CC is different with every image available online so you should consider reading that license and upload them to your pages with that license methods.

      This will be legal and HALAL.

      Hope it helps!

      Thanks for asking.

  4. What if i make reaction video. And would make money from it. And would give full credit to the video we reacted to. Is it still haram?

    1. Hello there,

      You should also ask that creator if he or she agreed on this term then you can earn through the review video which will call HALAL and if you steal that video its HARAM.


  5. Thanks for awnsering my previous question. So channels like the FBE are making money off of reaction videos but are still legal. Why? Because they don't upload the full video length and would only upload some clips of the video they are reacting to and they would give full credit to the video owner they reacted to. So what if i do the same thing? Is it halal?

    1. YEs!

      Its HALAL, and I think you should consider asking the person to give a review (create a react video) so that he/she will in know that you are doing this with respect so it will be totally a legit thing.

      Whoever there are some videos like movies and songs and viral things on which you can give your review video without the need to ask as they love the reaction videos on them and allowing everybody to do so.


  6. As long as the videos is in fair use. It is halal? Is this what you mean?

    1. Yeah!

      This is what I was talking about.


    2. You know what, just whatch one of our videos and see if it is ok to monetize and make money from it in an halal way. Dont forget to read the description of the video for further analysis. Thanks a lot because one of my biggest fear is the in the day of jusgement, all of my deeds will be given away. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPYsBgkXa45jvCJuFX-0UQ

    3. I think you should consider and Good Islamic Scholar to ask this questions.

      Enough said already.


  7. This is the last one and please answer it. Is it halal to monetize your video and earn money from it by making reaction videos and still following the fair use policies?


  8. i saw a video on youtube titled 10 facts about me. and then i decided to post one for myself named 10 facts about me. is this considered stealing just for getting the idea from it?

    2nd. i saw one of the videos called how to grow your youtube channel and one of them is consistency. i never thought about consistency but i would want to put it on my video which is call 10 ways on how to grow your channel. is this considered as plagiarism?

    1. Hey there,

      Great questions!

      By the way you can get inspiration by searching the keywords and titles of the related videos.

      On YouTube everybody is copying other's work but they are giving them credit to stay on YouTube, otherwise Google can ban your entire account.

      However, there is also a button in the video player control bar titled as CC (creative commons attribution) if you found that in that video than you can copy anything from that video and upload under CC.

      Also, if you are not aware of something and created but that looks the same as others - don't worry its your work and its HALAL.

      One thing: On internet we all are copying ideas, because copying ideas is not HARAM but when we copy entire ideology or which can harm others it may consider HARAM.

      In your case, its HALAL.

      But I suggest you to research things and ideas than create your own great ideas by getting inspired by them.

      Thanks, hope it helps a little.

    2. so that means that we can get idea from others? but is it still required to give the credits to the video we got inspired from? can i not give credits? thank you so much

    3. Dear, There is a policy for each thing online.

      Copying idea is not good, but copying idea and adding your own touch to make that idea wonderful is legal.

      Still you should give credits to real brain behind that Idea so that you can be at safe side.

      Otherwise Allah Knows.


  9. is it ok to copy other people's editing style?

    1. Yes!

      Just style, not their words.

      Thanks for asking

  10. i used an app called kinemaster for editing. i wanted to used the pro version so that i can remove the watermark. althoigh you still have to pay. so since i didnt have money, i downloaded a hacked version of the app. is it ok to use it as an editing app and make money from it?

  11. is copying other youtubers camera setup and your place when you record your video haram?

  12. hi! is it ok to get a certain logo from a company and put them on your video because you want to do like a review?

  13. is it ok to make a video about something that you learned and make money from it) example. the topic is adpocalypse i reaserched some stuffs about it. can i make a video about my understandings about the adpocalypse?

    1. Yes!

      That's the real and HALAL way of earning and learning online.

      Thanks for asking.

  14. Ok. is it ok to do this. I'm making a youtube video about a certain company, lets say fox news. Can i get there logo and put them on my video? but im not saying that i own it, ik just making a review and on my edit video i have to put their logo.

    1. Yes, You can review to make money.

      Its HALAL.

      Just don't say that the company is yours, say you are reviewing their product and the money you will earn will be HALAL (as far as in my knowledge).

      Thanks for asking.

    2. My friends call me rash, can i call my youtube channel name be rash without their permission?

  15. Hello! i have a question. i was planning to make a youtube channel and my video will be about sort of things and me speaking in english. but then i watched some filipino youtube videos then i also decided to make a video about me speaking not just english but also filipino (my native language) is ny youtube earning haram?

  16. is ot ok to take inspirations from other youtubers? Like for example, i was originally going to make an english only youtube channel, but then i watched some filipino youtubers (my country) speaking in tagalog in their videos. i then decided to just speak tagalog in my videos. is this ok?

  17. thanks! if like to ask this important question, i saw on the videos of every youtubets that they put an endscreen. so i also decided to put an endscreen to my youtube videos. is this considered as plagiarism?

  18. Thank you so much for all valuable information... may Allah grand you the highest جنّة‎ Jannah...Amen!!!

    1. Salam,

      Really glad to read your comment and this is the most valuable comment on this blog.

      Thank you too much for the Dua!

      Allah bless you more Amen.


  19. Helloo Bro...
    Im Using Freelancer. if i invite any one to freelancer using my referral link they will give some for each referral. Is it Halal or haraam??

    and if i referred people done a projects in freelancer they will give a commission to me. and is it also halal or haram??

    1. Hello there,

      Its legal and so HALAL.

      By the way, you should tell that person you are inviting to a platform that for his/her signup you will get a commission.

      So that way you can clean yourself and have a peace of mind.

      Most affiliate programs require you to tell people about your commissions and don't play tricks.

      You should explain that for their use of the platform you get paid a small commission and that is why you are referring people to the network.

      Hope it will help!


  20. 1. Pls is forex.trading haram

    2 .Is biticoin harama

    1. Bitcoin is considered a big scam and most of the entrepreneurs are rejecting them.

      While Forex trading is also another easiest way to loss your money.

      I can't consider them as Haram, you should ask to a scholar for this.

      But, one thing is clear that doing these two businesses you have to face huge losses.


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  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Instagram shoutout earning halal or haHara

    1. Not haram when you are transparent about how you create shoutout accounts and tell the buyer exactly how much he/she have to pay for exactly what results you can provide.

      It will be haram when you are cheating a client. It maybe a sin. So, I also consider reading policies of platforms and when we use them according to their rules, there's nothing haram left.

      Still, you have to figure it our on your own.


  24. Is Dropshipping halal?
    Adsnse haram if it shows prohibited ads, is it?

    1. Hey,

      I am not doing Dropshipping and to me (as far as I know it) I think it is haram. As the buyer is being tricked with the actual price and actual seller. In dropshipping, we are tricking the customers.

      However, I am still not sure about the dropshipping, you should go to a scholar and confirm.

      Adsense is a third-party advertising platform and we can block such ads from inside the Adsense account. Plus, we are not intentionally showing such ads and Google is regularly taking actions for such ads. So I think (my own thoughts) that using Google Adsense to monetize your website/app is not haram.


  25. Hello sir can we buy scripts of a website on codecanyon from a seller and he also selling the scripts of a same website to other people so as a customer if i buy this script and make it a website and the other customer also do the same would it will be haram or halal

    1. Hey, this is a true business.

      This is not haram, we shouldn't use nulled or pirated scripts. As far as you are paying the script owner/coder for his/her work and according to his/her will or as per the product price he/she willing to receive. You are at good side.

      Go ahead. This is Halal.

  26. Adsense is a third-party advertising platform & we are not intentionally showing such ads.okay!!
    If the source of income is from prohibited ads then is it halal or haram?

    1. Google AdSense doesn't show prohibited ads and if it does, it removes the ads and also the earnings from your account then they transfer that money to advertiser's accounts and terminate such advertisers.

      However, still, we can see many adult/NSFW ads on our sites. To make sure we are not at safe side, we can utilize other methods of monetization such as selling ad-space directly to advertisers or selling our own digital products.

      The thing is, I can't just say a YES or a NO. I am not that able to comment on such a topic and declare something halal or haram.

      To me, anything that you think is wrong, is haram. As Islam doesn't make anything haram till it is not good for the humanity or the nature.


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