10 Haram Online Businesses to Avoid Starting

There are many ways of earning money online and many of that businesses are forbidden by Islam. However not all the home business ideas or online earning ideas are haram.

Or you can say, all the illegal ways of earning money online are named as Haram in Islam.

If we use any (listed here) job online, it may cause Allah's punishment on us. So! Its better to avoid all that crappy ways and start using legitimate ways.

10 Haraam Online Businesses to Avoid Starting

To know about 10 Haram businesses (ways of earning money) online, read out this list.

Many quick-cash schemes and methods of earning money online are called haraam according to Islamic Jurisprudence, here I will try to list all of them.

1. Gamble is haram anyhow online or offline

Gamble (جوا) is considered haram. No matter is it online or offline.

Some of our brothers thinks that online gambling is not haram. Wait brothers, take note of my words.
"Gambling is haram all the ways you can do it"
There are many types of gambling (igambling) online. Like written below.
  • PTC (pay-to-click) rent-refers
  • Lotteries online (which need investments)
  • Playing cards
and so on. Please don't use technology like this. You can do many other legit jobs online. Try to avoid this one.

2. Earning money using fake social profiles

This is what many young age individuals are doing right now.

It is extremely a bad way to earn money. If you are a Islam believer, you can't even think of doing this business.

For example: You use any dentist social profile for selling your own product (whatever you sell). It is considered forbidden and bad way of selling your product.

It can harm your business and also the person/company you use that fake profiles for. What! If someone else use your identity for selling his product? what you will feel?

Personally, if it happens to me. I would like to kill that person. Really! It is a too bad idea for earning or selling online.

3. Fake giveaways and prize programs

Giveaways or prizes is a good thing.

But! Many bad-asses are doing it wrong. To earn money quickly and the too bad thing is people fall in this childish scam online.

People who think, their luck is very pretty. They even invest their hard-work-money for advertising these scams.

Yes! Many online prize giving businesses ask you to make some referrals. So! You will got the points. The people become fool and starts advertising their affiliated links online.

It cause them earn more money by selling traffic to other sites (advertised on their main site). And the blind minded people got their account banned after they stop giving referrals to scam websites.

In many cases.: The scam websites ask you to buy their products (as many you buy) you will get a plus point. After some weeks they launch a lucky draw and give the prizes to their family members or employs.

You got nothing but scam advice. So! Its better to avoid using these sites. Also don't dare to make a site like that.

4. Scamming advises & earning by scam

Its another part of earning money online using haram methods.

The so called professionals are doing this shit on social medias and private networks. Even they have own designed and self-hosted websites and ask you for creating an account (paid account).

They take some dollars for creating your account and teach you the scamming. Yes! They teach you how to scam on public and how to fool people online by doing some tasks. In some days you can start earning money.

Keep it in mind all your hard work will goes in gutter, if you scam people. Also! This way you can't make a living.

That money live with you for some days. Then! You have to learn another scamming method.
Teaching scam (or earnings of doing scam) is haram in Islam, and illegal in all other religions

5. Earning money by selling haram items online

Are you want to create an online store along haram items in it? delete this idea from memory of your mind.

It is totally a bad and haram way of doing online business.

Many of you think that eating of forbidden animals is haram, and selling is not. I wonder how you can think like that.

Especially selling meat of forbidden animals in Islam is haram. NO: Not just eating forbidden things is haram, but selling too.

Its better to sell halal items online. If you're a Muslim avoid selling of haram items online. Some haram items are listed below.
  • Meat of dead animals
  • Alcoholic
  • Low-quality drugs
  • Drugs not suitable for teen-agers
Think yourself, what if your brother/sister or any family member bought alcohol online and near the stage of losing his life in teen-age.

6. Generating money using pornographic websites

This is the business nowadays all newbies are doing. It is a easiest online business which is forbidden in many states following Islam.

It is clear:
If you can watch pornography in the front of your family, than you can start this business - and I'm sure a real Muslim can't talk about porn in front of his family.
Not just watching porn is a bad thing, selling porn videos/images and other type of content online is also haram in Islam.

Not just selling. If you are giving that content for free on a site and earning money from banner ads or driving traffic to your legit website is totally haram.
Its good to start a Islamic website instead going to hell by starting a porn website.

7. Copying others hard-work (plagiarism)

Are you in the staff of creating good content for any company/blog/website? then you are doing a halal job online.

If you are daring to copy others articles, and spin it out. Then it is not good thing. Stop it right now.

Here is a solution for you:
"If you want to copy any work or article even any trick then please give a proper backlink to its original source"
You know Wikipedia?

It is doing the same. Users enter information to Wikipedia and at the end of all articles they give credits to original sources. You can do the same.

8. Selling steal/cracked software and programs

I fought for this bullshit on social media and got negative messages.

Here in Pakistan, many of the so called Muslims and pros are doing it on daily basis.Whenever I try to give awareness people start barking on me.

Today it is a need to describe this haram business here.
Use of any cracked and stealing type of software is bad step. If you sell or give a cracked software for free to someone. It is also a haram (forbidden) step
Its better to avoid cracking or stealing any online/offline software.

9. Making money from videos

No! Making money from videos is not haram (porn videos are haram).

In the world of internet many people are making money using their captured videos. The best way of earning money using videos is uploading videos on YouTube and you can start earning by showing Google Adsense ads.

That method is only for your own videos not for those you download from any other medium. In many cases some companies allow public to use their rich media materiel any way they can.

They also ask for proper credits to their hard-work behind making of that media.
If you are earning money by showing ads on someone else videos. Then you are eating his food. Stop it please.

10. Online charity hub, or donations online

You know Firefox?

A internet browser for every person, and available freely. We can use it to surf the web and it is really a good web-browser.

They survive on your donations. Every year they ask for donations and many people where sending them.

They are good so they deserve a donation, but many are doing it for wrong purpose.
If you are got donations for any company or area. Give that money or any thing you got to its destination.
There are many internet surfers, who got scam emails, social media private messages and websites to surf for charity.

Than! They ask them to make a donation so they can survive or they will give your donations to needy people.

Please don't start this type of business or don't make donations online (you can if you have authority preference).


So! That was my hard work for my Muslim brothers and sisters.

Please earn money online by halal methods. It doesn't matter if you are earning in very low digits. Matters is your earnings are halal or haram?

Think twice before starting any online business.

Thanks for reading this blog post :)