Let non-English Visitors Read Your Blog Using Google Translator

You are a global marketer? or have a international online-business? with a English language blog?

Also if you are a local blogger or webmaster and have many blogs/websites in different languages, then this article is for you.

Because many of the internet users love to read any online content in their native language (in simple words in their mother tongue).
Let non-English Visitors Read Your Blog Using Google Translator
You know we can't create single article in different languages like Wikipedia. Because we don't know more then 2/3 languages.

But! There is a need to add a multi-language plugin in your website/blog. Since we are getting global traffic, and all that people can't read English only or Urdu only blogs. We have to give them the option for translating our content in any language they want to.

Let's read what you can do for people, whose visit your website/blog and leave it just for the sake of native language.

Add Google Website Translator Plugin To your Blog/website

For giving your readers a opportunity with a great language changer, you can use Google's free website translator live on your blog/website. Read how you can do it.

1. Go to this link and click on "Add to your website now".
2. Now add your website or blog URL and click on "Next" button (don't forget to select available language of your website/blog).
3. Now you can select all or some languages for translating your website/blog into. You can change display of translating button, and if your content is in different languages you can check on advance features. After reading Terms and Policy pages click on "Get Code" button.
4. Now copy the generated code and paste into your website/blog.
Its all done.

Now the other language visitors will see a translation button on your blog/website. Which is very good to translate any language into 90+ languages.

Advantages of having Google translator on blog/website

  • Users can translate your content into 90+ languages
  • There is no cost to use it
  • It can detect users speaking other languages than your website/blog
  • It cause no problems in loading time of your website/blog
  • Low size plugin and add-able to any platform
  • You can edit it after adding to your website/blog

Final words

If you want more help then leave a comment. I will guide you from first to last steps. Happy blogging! :_) Image via Language Reach