7 Ways to Boost Your Mobile Marketing Effectiveness this Holiday

The holidays are coming—as are opportunities.

Mobile marketing breeds widespread connectivity, and your strategies can be jump-started with a little effort.

This holiday season, retailers are considering mobile marketing’s benefits, invigorating winning strategies straight from the storefront.
Seven Ways to Boost Your Mobile Marketing Effectiveness this Holiday - Image via forbes.com
As you develop your mobile marketing strategy, take advantage of the following tips and tricks.

Companies like Target have utilized mobile marketing strategies during holiday hours, resulting in massive traffic increases.

Sure, every strategy takes time to perfect—but winter cheer is always a good resource to use.

Tip 1: Use Apps to Push Consumers Across Channels

As the holidays near, ready your business apps for cross-channel prompts.

Modern app developers consider cross-channel triggers an incredibly important resource. Leading retailers capable of building cross-channel support across a mobile app succeed.

Establish push notifications, and promote marketing efforts across SMS and email platforms. Your success may depend on your platform’s ability to establish new promotional databases.

Tip 2: Streamline Your Design for Responsiveness

Holiday shoppers are quick to pass crowded stores.

They’re also quick to abandon a slow app. Your mobile platform’s responsiveness should take priority, as a quick, intuitive interface breeds consumer action.

Focus on creating responsive-designed emails, and measure each platform’s performance.

Tip 3: Use QR Codes

QR codes are excellent for launching and reinvigorating mobile marketing efforts.

However, your QR code strategies should be tested in your brick-and-mortar establishment’s exact environment.

Each promotional offer should be streamlined for consistency, and every code should close the gap between the buyer and needed goods and services. If you’re linking consumers to website content, make sure you’ve included a potent call-to-action.

Tip 4: Fill Your Text Campaign with Personality

Too many marketers neglect personality in SMS (short messaging service) campaigns.

The holiday season is about happiness, and such language should fill your texts. Make shoppers feel welcomed, and integrate them with your brand’s positive industry outlook.

Marketing communication channels, when utilized effectively, keep customers close.

Tip 5: Prioritize Local Customers

Last Minute shoppers shop locally.

When invigorating your mobile marketing platform, prioritize local customers for quick sales boosts and empowered information gathering. If needed, use location-based mobile features to heighten your store locator’s efficiency.

Always keep store hours visible, and implement a simple, yet concise, product and service search database. Local customers carry high return potential, and they’re incredibly valuable to your community presence.

Before the season’s final weeks, create area-specific specials to increase local buyer potential.

Tip 6: Feature In-Store WiFi

Wireless connectivity is worth its weight in bills during the holiday season.

Rushing consumers need internet access, and your mobile strategy will benefit from in-store traffic testing.

A solid WiFi connection create new POS system opportunities. It can also-enable deep, intuitive consumer behavior gathering.

Tip 7: Gather Information In-Store

Speaking of behavioral information gathering, zip codes, sales behavior, product preference and demand should be cataloged from a brick-and-mortar perspective.

Remember: Your consumers will shop during the holidays, but the battle isn’t over. Your brand needs long-term relationships to survive, so be sure to utilize on-location information to target potential return customers.

Customer lifetime value is determined by many variables, including communication capabilities, mobile presence, social media presence, demand and purchasing requirements.

While the holidays can certainly inflate sales, information should be your end-game goal.

Bigger numbers lead to bigger information. In the world of mobile marketing, quality information rules the industry.

Guest Contribution by Sophorn Chhay: He is an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generating sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s SMS solution at Trumpia.com he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members.