Top 7 SEO Tips for Your LinkedIn Company Profile and Page

Top 7 SEO Tips for Your LinkedIn Company Profile and PageLinkedIn is the #1 social network for Recruiters and Jobseekers and also for digital marketing and for the same reason, we call it a professional network.

That's why all the big and small companies consider having a business page or business profile on LinkedIn and optimize that page/profile for better exposure to them.

If you are a company owner, entrepreneur, or digital marketer and looking for easy ways to do SEO for your LinkedIn page then you are in the best article.

As here I will discuss with you really simple and most effective ways to easily optimize your LinkedIn account and get it ready for ranking at top of Google and other search engines too which will help you easily get more exposure and relative people will start taking interest in your company.

So let's get started with the first one:

1. Use Keywords

Really, this is the first priority for any kind of business at LinkedIn and you have to make use of this opportunity by adding rich keywords in the description and other areas.

For example: If your company is about Baby Products then you should add keywords like best baby products, baby product companies and where to buy baby products.

This kind of combination of keywords will help you easily get your company page or profile at top of Google searches.

Just make sure that you are not doing keyword stuffing. Make your company description read-able.

2. Do Backlinking

No! It's not like link-building for websites and blogs.

You have to make it professional by adding links to your company profile and page to your business website and blog (if you have).

You should also add a LinkedIn page URL to your about us and contact us page so that it will do better with your clients and search bots too.

No need to ask other bloggers and website owners to get a link. You can add it to your social media profiles and this will encourage search bots to consider the business page and profile when showing results for a relative keyword.

3. Use Relative Images

People forget to add a branded and attractive photo when creating a LinkedIn business profile or page and that's a huge mistake in LinkedIn marketing strategies.

You must have to upload some really attractive and branded photos. You should add your brand logo for the profile picture and add the brand logo on the cover photo too.

This will help you to get relative people to apply for jobs at your company and boost your rankings at Google because images at LinkedIn really work.

4. Sharing Content

Creating and publishing content at any blogging or social networking site is one of the most exciting things for generating revenue and getting free brand-awareness.

However, at LinkedIn, you can do the same as you do on blogging platforms. You can create content and publish for free and it will circulate at LinkedIn.

You can add your business details in each piece of content or your page link. On the other hand, you can share your website or blog content on your company page and profile so that it will redirect visitors to your site/blog.

5. Send Notes

You don't really have to create a big followers profile and play the number game at LinkedIn.

There's an option to send notes to people who are not following you but worthy to your business and they should be knocked once at-least.

So sending them notes with an add to network invite will help you easily send them a personal message directly to their inbox and tell about your services.

If they accept your invitation and follow you back, you will get a solid network of contacts around your business page and this will help you boost rankings at Google.

6. Ask Your Employees

If you have employees at your company then don't take time to ask them to follow your company page and profile and add their job title in their profiles with linking to your page/profile.

This is the most trusted and tested way to build the trust of LinkedIn users towards your company and help you get better rankings.

You can also ask your former employees to add your company as their experience in their LinkedIn profiles.

7. LinkedIn Advertisement

Last and potentially not least.

If you are serious about your business and want to make your company the next big company of the world by getting the most relative people to work for you and by engaging more trusted persons towards your mission then the most trusted way is to advertise on LinkedIn.

Yes, LinkedIn is providing really amazing advertising solutions from personal messages to lead generation ads.

You can get everything done at LinkedIn and they will help you in regard.

So, it was my basic tips article about how to optimize your LinkedIn page and profile for SEO and boost your company's reputation on a professional network. If you want more or have something to say then please do comment and let's discuss it.