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How To Write About Us Page For A Startup Company | Complete Guide

by on Oct 8, 2018 in
Every startup company is required to have an about us page on its official website. Just to show the readers how best they are and where they started the journey by typing a short story on the about us page.

However many startup companies are not that good to make an about us page worth a read, because they are in lack of content writers or copy writers who are required to create an out standing about us page writing good content.

Also there are so many things which one should/have to cover in any type of about us page, and the first thing every inspired reader loves to do is to find out the about us page and learn more about the company.

In addition to make your company get success or the company you are hired to write about us page, you should read these simple yet most effective guidelines for sure 👨

As being one of the best sources to deliver guides on different models of earning money online and living as best as we can: Now we are going to reveal here some hidden secrets of how to perfectly write about us page for a startup company.
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As you know I also give freelance services and because of that I am going to share my experience here which I have gained through writing about us page for a startup company and the team there are happy now.

So, Let's get started:

1. Fill the lack in information

Before starting to create any page, article or news we have to gain some information which is proper and to the point so we can make it a go for creating more lengthy text and paragraphs.

What I suggest you before accepting to create an about us page for a startup company is you should ask them to share the real and basic information with you.

Don't ask this before getting the order, just make sure the order is in your pocket so you will not lose it 💁

  1. Asking for basic and full background info from the company
  2. Ask for real documentations (if required for any legal issue)
  3. Get full information about their history up and downs and what they have done
  4. Know about the owners and lead workers
After getting the order ask for the information and after getting the basic information about such company ask again to get more informative content from them which you can utilize in their contact us page as about us content for startup company is a must have document before writing a single line.

Just to make it worth a read I suggest you to fill the gap in information to make that company be happy with your work.

2. Include quick triggers

This might be shocking to you, but I am not joking here.

I want you to be rich and for that purpose I will do my best to include as best guides as I can. That is why I am asking you to include some quick triggers in the pages 💪

By quick triggers in about us pages I mean to say:
  1. Add bullet points to engage readers & tell what they company is giving as a services
  2. Write about what is the unique point of that company which makes the company unique
  3. People try to find real information, write about real incidents too
  4. Write about the success factors and make them (readers) know how they can be a part of the company
As far as you got the options to introduce the startup company on an about us page you can try different techniques for making the company owner happy and about us page readers too.

3. Give examples

As there are so many good and best about us page examples are freely available on many blogs (you can search for best examples of about us page on Google) I have searched and researched for two days to deliver the best guide on how to write about us page for a startup company.

So, here is what type of examples you should add in about us page:
  1. Before any other example, explain what are others offering and what this startup is best at
  2. Create a data chart to show how the startup company is growing its services and quality too
  3. Inspire readers to read the entire about us page of a startup company by adding examples of other services and the services of that company you are writing for in a way to make the reader think "this company is enough good".
  4. Force people to leave others by giving examples of other's bad customer or user reviews and adding cool reviews of your company
There are more things you can add in about us page examples for a startup company, but to make it unique and totally different you should take a different approach.

4. Add engaging photos

Some says "it is not essential or not required".
Well this is how they fell down to earth's surface instead of flying higher in the business world online or offline.

As in a resume a photo can be a good way to impress the interviewers, we should include a head shot of the company's owner in about us page to make readers to know who is behind the whole company and how he or she looks.

People loves to increase the chances of creating new relationships and when they see a real human behind a startup, they just love to see that person or connect with him/her.

However not just head shots of owners or CEOs can help you create a out standing about us page for a startup company, also you have to add engaging photos like:
  1. Group photo of the company's workers with the owner or CEO
  2. A photo taken while workers were in good modes
  3. A secretly taken photo of workers while they were busy in doing the hard work
  4. Some shots of awards (if that company got them otherwise not necessary)
You should take care of all these images by editing them to look more good and professional or hire a professional photographer to take them again.

5. Add featured services

Why bounce to about us page just to read someone's personal information?

Make that company gets the benefit by adding some featured services in about us page, so that when someone reads that about us page he or she will defiantly check those featured services.

It means the company can get some more sales, users or clients.

Follow these rules:
  1. Try to add quality services or feature a good product
  2. If there is no service or product of that startup, you can add a box to ask the reader what they want
  3. Ask that startup company to tell you about their upcoming projects so you can feature them in about us page
As this is optional you can avoid it or give it a go. Its all up to you.

6. Read other about us pages

There are a lot of established online companies, websites and services who are hitting the sky by creating their best of the best about us pages.

Here I am going to share the list of top 10 best about us pages ever written by many different companies which I think a perfect fit for you to get some inspiration.

So here is the list of best about us pages of this year:
  1. MOZ: The #1 because of their style of storytelling and the technique (which I have suggested about) showing their services
  2. AppTopia: They are showing their mission to make every readers wonder what they are offering and what they are saying, thus they can reduce the bounce rate of the about us page
  3. EngageInteractive: Again the same technique but in a different kind of approach they are showing their basic services in about us page
I think its enough for you to get some inspiration by exploring the best examples of about us pages which are doing it just in right and great ways to convert readers into customers.

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7. Add some social proofs

Adding social proofs to serious business pages is a vital thing which we all should do for must and when it comes to the about us pages and for some startup companies, we should defiantly keep in mind that adding some social proofs will lead the company to have more pure client base with new customers.

As after a visit to homepage 7 out of 10 people tend to read the about us page (if the link is in main menu) to know what is the company and who is behind the company.

Even before buying any item online (at eCommerce stores) buyers firstly reads the about us pages to know the authority and history of the company and what others are saying.

So including the social proofs like testimonials will lead you to get more customers for that startup company you are creating an about us page for.

You can add social proofs like this:
  1. Add testimonials which are collected over social networks (including the name, image and profile link of the reviewer)
  2. Add testimonials and reviews of people that company is receiving through emails
  3. Add links to some positive responses and reviews on different blogs (optional but good)
Just make sure that you are not adding any bad review in about us page as it makes no sense.

Some bloggers and marketers also some experts in marketing says that adding 9 positive and 1 negative review will lead to convince a buyer "but its not true".

People don't want to buy anything when they saw one word bad about that product. So be positive and show just the best inside that startup company.


As one of the professional bloggers, SEO masters and entrepreneurs I can say that this guide is just the thing which you have to read not just for one time but at-least two times for three weeks and you will become a good copywriter with amazing skills to write about us pages for any company, service, product or person.

However, maybe you got some questions about this guide and tips - if yes than you can ask me by commenting below.

Thanks for the read 😍

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