Minuca Elena in an Exclusive Interview (Expert Roundups Queen)

Hello to all of you, here we are presenting the one and only master of expert roundups around for creating highly engaging and wonderful content.

Yes, She is Minuca Elena and wonder women, who is making her living out of online works and she also provide content writing services to her clients.

After reading her personal blog (was available at minucaelena.com) and reviewing that what she have done and what she offers, we decided to interview her so our readers can benefit from her expertise and experiences.

A walk through and important points of this interview with Minuca Elena are:
Exclusive Interview With Minuca Elena (an expert roundups master)
As she said:
  • Expert roundups are engaging and they bring backlinks and huge traffic
  • We can learn from our clients even being virtual assistants
  • Without a portfolio is it very difficult to get clients for what you offer
  • Freelancing can't give you the passive income, thus one should start own online business
  • We should work until we gets the job done
For a better review about her suggestions and for full interview with Minuca Elena (who is a master of expert roundups and also a content writer) scroll down.

Let's start: 👇

1. Hello Minuca, How are you? 👋

Hi. I am good. Thanks for inviting me on your blog!

2. What type of business you do online for a living?

I am a freelance writer specializing in creating expert roundups. My posts provide quality content, bring huge traffic and get backlinks. I also help bloggers connect with influencers.

3. How you've started your online work?

My first contact with internet marketing was in 2015 when I started working as a VA (virtual assistant) for another blogger. In this period I did different tasks, like research, social media promotion, WordPress editing, and stuff like that. After a year, the collaboration ended so I decided to start my own site and become a freelance writer.

4. What difficulties you've faced in beginning?

My biggest problem was a total lack of trust in my skills. I thought that nobody was going to hire me because I didn’t have a reputation and I didn’t have a portfolio to show. I was determined to succeed and I work very hard for that. The results appeared soon.

5. How you earn money doing Experts Roundups?

I earn money just like other writers do. The only difference is that I focus on expert roundups.

6. Is there a way for others to make money using or doing experts roundups?

A roundup is a very time-consuming type of content. It takes me at least a month to do one, in some cases even 2-3 months. It requires a lot of patience to accept all the rejections, perseverance and networking. It’s not an appropriate idea for people that want to earn money fast.

7. What type of online business or work would you suggest to a newbie?

I think the best type of work for a newbie is being a VA. You get to learn new things while earning an income. Just be careful to actually get paid for your work and not work for somebody that will take advantage of you.

Later when you will have the experience you can start working for yourself. There are lots of different options for earning money online. You can start an Amazon affiliate site, or monetize your site with Adsense, or sell your own products (courses, webinars, and e-books).

It’s important to decide if you want to be a service provider (and chase new clients all the time) or building a business that will bring you a passive income. With the second option, you will have a slow start and you will need to struggle a lot but you can become completely independent, and you can not achieve that with freelancing.

8. Is there any of your big mistake in online career?

I don’t think I did any big mistakes in my online career. The only frustration that, the entire time when I was a VA and later when I started on my own, I used to charge very low prices. I worked so much and still didn’t have enough money. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary step. If you demand high prices as a newbie you will have a very hard time finding customers for your services.

9. What tools do you use to reach out to related influencers and workers?

I don’t use any fancy tools or software. Just email and social media.

10. How you get people agreed to write for your expert roundups?

I just contact a lot of bloggers and I don’t stop until I receive enough answer. Right now I am working on a roundup for which I sent 200 emails and only got 19 answers so far. The response rate is different depending on the niche.

11. Is there any person who has helped you or you got any online course?

Yes, I did 3 months course with Sue Dunlevie from Successful Blogging. I also followed a couple of Zac Johnson’s video courses on Udemy.

12. What is your SEO tip for newbies?

Focus on link building. Remember that any time you get a backlink you also get traffic to your site and exposure for you as a blogger and for your business. Never turn down any invitation to roundups, interviews, podcasts even Facebook like. Although Facebook live session obviously won’t bring you a backlink, it will still give you visibility in front of a new audience.

13. How you manage your time and do you work on schedules?

I’m horrible at time management, unfortunately. I often work on the weekends and until very late at night. If I take a few days off, I feel that everything is falling apart. You need to be prepared for a lot of insecurities as a freelancer and that’s why you can’t afford to slack off at work.

As an employee you can go home after 8 hours of work even if you haven’t finished your tasks for today, you can do them tomorrow and you won’t get fired for that. As a freelancer you need to respect certain deadlines otherwise your clients can ask you for a refund or never contact you again for another project. So even if you worked for 8 hours, if you haven’t finished your tasks, then you need to continue working.

14. A tip or suggestion for AllBlogThings.com's readers:

Start by offering services to others, learn from your customers, improve your skills and later become truly free by working only for yourself.



That was our interview which was exclusive to our readers and it was with one of the best ever expert roundups creator who creates the high converting and useful expert roundups for big and also small business and websites.

If you are in search of something related to expert roundups or thinking to create one for your website, we suggest you to give a try to Minuca Elena.

She is wonderful and give reply to your messages instantly.