Best Ways to Create Backlinks Like a Pro

As you know Google search engines is nothing but a links store, which have almost all the links from all the web-pages on internet.

Who added that links to Google? and how Google shows the most relevant results to your search queries?

Probably the Websters are those link givers who makes Google proud and Google found more and more links by "backlinking strategies".
As an example:
You have 10 websites, and have one ranking on the first page and first spot for your main keyword in Google search results. What you do to rank other 9 websites?
You'll link all that websites to your main website.

So doing this, Google will think that you have that websites under your network and whenever Google crawls visit your main site they will check all that 9 sites too.

We call it SEO link building tactics, and here I have top 10 backlinks building strategies to share with you.

Why to create backlinks?

Backlinks is a worth doing thing to rank your blog/site and get exposure of traffic flow.

With backlinks you can introduce your work to other unknown and hidden internet surfers, who even don't want to read your content.

You can force many individuals to read your articles whether they like or not, when they see your links on authority websites they will visit your blog/site to know what is your are talking about.

Even your competitors will start visiting your blog/site on a daily basis to know your content and SEO strategies.

Above all of them,

The Google!! Google loves great backlinks and wants you to create some with passion and professionalism elements.

Let's read how we can create back-links the way Google will love :)

Create Some Roundup Articles

To get super quality backlinks, you should try arranging some roundups to ensure you create high-quality roundups, here are some tips:
  • 1.1 Go and research who are the great personalities in your niche and make a list of all of them
  • 1.2 Arrange some questions and do ask for questions to your social followers
  • 1.3 Get their email and contact details, send them questions and tell that you'll link back to their services page or personal blog
If they where professionals, they'll accept your invitation and reply to your questions.

Most of them will reveal their hidden tools and valuable strategies for you and your audience.

Now after publishing the roundup you'll get link backed by news blogs and many other blogs, in case studies many bloggers will mention your roundup and give you link juice for free.

Create content for other websites


Not guest posting,

I want to talk about curated content, its a simple process described below:
Curating content is to collect the best information from around the internet and organize that information in a professional way for a selected audience
After that you can submit that curated content to major curation platforms like and others.

People love to read about things with a tile of Top10 and alike.

On you can easily curate content just by copy and pasting the URLs of web-pages you want to add in your list.

Personally I have tested this on website and got good results.

Walk on web and find broken links

This is a greenish way for creating backlinks easily and for free. I have recovered a topic on how to get backlink from Wikipedia.

Only you have to research broken and dead-links on any website in your niche.

After researching you can let them know that they have some links on their post pages which are not more exist on internet or changed.
  • You can send them a Email with a article link related to that page you found broken links on.
For doing this you have to use some tools or any one you can use easily.

I suggest you to use Chrome extension CheckMyLink and find broken links on any website in your niche or any other.

Get viral links from authoritative blogs

What is viral links?

Its something to fascinate the readers and other bloggers, to get their attention on your content.


Why they'll give you a backlinks? Can you provide them content? Yeah high quality content.

I know,

Its not that easy to create very good content for other just for getting a link.

I also have a solution "Infographics"

Yes! The inforgraphics are a source of information and can be created like you curate content, but in a visual way.

Don't know how to create good infographics?
  • Just choose a topic and start researching on it
  • After that you can choose any online tool to create awesome infographics.
Canva is a great tool to create high quality infographics.

After creating, publish that infographics on your blog/site and tell others that they can add your created infographics to their blog/sites with a backlink to your blog/site.

This is a tested and great working technique for getting backlinks and traffic to your blogs.



You have something to share with me? or any question to ask? Please drop a comment using comment form below and let's chat with me.

I'll answer to all of your questions and listen to your suggestions, thanks for reading :)



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Best Ways to Create Backlinks Like a Pro
Want to know how the pros create backlinks? Read this post and get their secrets to backlink-building like other great heros do and hide that ways from you. - Online Earning, Blogging, Content Marketing
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