Google Webmaster Guidelines: To Perfectly Review the Products You Receive for Free from Companies

There is a famous way for getting free products from many online companies to enjoy products and in return you have to review that products on your blog (personal or any blog you have)


Many companies giveaway money and products together to bloggers just for getting their product famous in market.
Google Webmaster Guidelines: To Perfectly Review the Products You Receive for Free from Companies
Its a good technique and a win-win situation for companies and bloggers.

Here's the Google's take on how you can review products like professionals does.

1. Create compelling content

This is what I have covered recently!

Google also wants you to create compelling and unique content to ensure that your blog readers come back to read more information.

Google is suggesting us to create niche blogs rather than creating all-in-one blogs.
provide exclusive content that only you can create due to your unique expertise or resources
Be a master in your niche and follow what Google suggest you.

2. Write a disclosure line

You know?

People wants to know about your relationship with the product provider/owner or creator.

They want the information on "why you review XX product"

As Google said: In many countries there is a law to write disclosure of sponsorship mandatory.

Google also suggests the position for disclosure lines as:
the most useful placement is at the top
Because! Many people may don't read any review without reading the disclosure lines and if you write at starting of blogposts you will get to know that your readers will read the full review.

3. Read how to give a link to source

The main thing which Google wants from your side is add links with nofollow tag.

As you have to give backlinks to product saler's website and other pages.

Google recommends to add a nofollow tag in on any link you are providing to the product supplier.
Links that pass PageRank in exchange for goods or services are against Google guidelines on link schemes
Please NOTE:

This article is a copy of Best practices for reviewing products you've received for free by Google Webmaster Central Blog read that guide for getting more information, Thanks.